Hearing voices

Hello all,

I have been hearing voices which i believe to be demons for nearly 5 months now. I was leading an immoral lifestyle which is what i believe gave them the right to cunningly try to destroy me.

Thankfully, my family stepped in and took me in. As soon as i stopped using drugs and renounced all my worldy and sinful ways, the volume of the voices receded. It has been receding now and they are just audible, but are still able to cause me distress.

Possessed after Deliverance!

Nothing in the Bible has been or will be disproved. Critics have been silenced through the ages because the Bible has been proved to be right in all that it states, incredible! Why? because it is written through inspiration and revelation from God.
How safe can it get! Glory to God!

2Ti 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
2Ti 3:17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

Needing help

I have recently recommited my life to Christ, as I fell away from my faith for a few years. I have struggled with health issues, anxiety and anger, and a few months ago seperated from my husband due to his alcoholism. He was not a Christian.

In the past 3 months, he has gone through treatment, has been sober for 90 days, and started attending church, and I believe he is close to making the decision to be born again in Christ.

You can be free from fear!

Hello to all you fellow believers. This is me going into a strong offensive position instead of weak defense for a change.
I hope this blesses you and spurs many thoughtful replies, sincere prayers, and above all what I would like to see from this post is an ALL OUT WAR BEGIN AGAINST THE SPIRIT OF FEAR.

Demonic influence

I have a question – my partner was sexually abused as a child and brutally raped later in life. She has self harned ever since. Is she demonically influenced. She professes to be a Christian but I’ve never seen any evidence of it!

Dealing with demonic influence…NOT possession

On Nov. 9th, 2010 I discovered I had demons in my apartment. They seduced me into thinking they were friendly and good…and then by the grace of God I discovered the truth. I have a recording studio…and one day I heard voices other than my own on the tracks I had recorded. Unfortunately, I welcomed these evil spirits and for lack of a better word, I “entertained” them.


My walk with God the past few days has REALLY shown me what idols I refused to give to God.
I am asking everyone who reads this to reflect, look at your life, and see if their are any idols separating you from our Lord.
If you find any, REPENT with all of your heart and in your prayers!
Shalom, Joshua

Determination / self loathing / shattered confidence / homosexuality / trust

Determination / self loathing / shattered confidence / homosexuality / trust
I normally don’t like to talk about myself, I figured it’s acceptable on this site and that’s what it’s here for.
I love God, and I know that life is full of trials, but I think I might just need some encouragement.
I am looking for deliverance to these five issues and I hope God sees how desperate I am just by getting on these forums and talking about it.

This is Not Good for me…

I need people to confort me… I have been worried and worried about fruitless things such as the 2011 May 21 rumor, and 2012, and it needs to stop.

It’s not that I’m just worried, it has been getting to me emotionally recently, mentally unabling me.

I love God, and I love Jesus, but this is just…

I need some calming down, and a hoard of people to tell me these doomsday predictions aren’t real are what I really need…

Thank you so much…


Dream has left me uncertain

I hope this is the correct forum for my story.
I’ve been troubled by a dream/s I had almost a year ago, when I first became a Christian.


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