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Lately all I see & hear from Kids, TV, & Professed Christians, that we are all gay and that Love should be accepted no matter if its man with man or woman with woman. I just want to clarify what I understand God to say about this subject. I know in Genesis that God could not find a mate for Adam and that Adam was both Male & female So god caused Adam to go into a deep sleep And Took thE woman out of Adam.

Is Mary as taught by Roman Catholics the Way to Salvation?

Roman Catholics have for centuries had a concept of Mary, the mother of Jesus, which goes far beyond, and even contradicts what the Bible says about her.

Pope John Paul II states in his book 'Theotokos' pg 234: "On Calvary, Mary united herself to the sacrifice of her Son and made her own maternal contribution to the work of salvation, which took the form of labor pains, the birth of the new humanity."


For a long time I would have this pain in my pelvic area and bottom. It began when I was 19yrs old (2006) and it didn’t end until I found the solution to my problem. The pain in my pelvis was bearable at times and I tolerated it for a long time. However, the pain in my bottom would be so sharp, so severe that I cried and couldn’t even sit down. I really felt like I needed to go to the hospital ASAP when I felt that pain, but I couldn’t move. All I could do was lie down on my side and cry. My menstrual cycle was all out of wack. I would bleed for longer periods of time than normal.

The Generational Prayers

“The Generational Prayers,” from The Holy Spirit and Christian Testimonies by C. Marie

The time came when “Lisa Oglen” made a request to God and asked Him for a baby. Then a few months later, “Lisa” wholeheartedly believed that she had a divine moment with the Holy Spirit. From within, she clearly understood that she was about to conceive a female, and that her baby would depend on her, as she would be absolutely responsible for her child.

Dealing with Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholics who believe the doctrines of their church authorities believe that it is impossible to have a saving relationship with Christ without the Sacraments of their Church – such as the Mass, Penance etc. True or false?

If Roman Catholics truly believe that God’s grace only comes through their rituals administered by their priests with “Holy Orders” then are they preaching another gospel? And if they believe the wafer they administer is fully Jesus Christ, are they preaching another Jesus?

There is nothing greater than our God!

The Great I AM, the Great El-Shaddai. Jehova Nissi. It is high time to stop chasing after empty, meaningless things in this world, and to pursue the Lord Our God with all our strength, might and soul, and to find rest in Jesus. Only He can provide true rest to the soul, we’re only fooling ourselves by having a semi-consecrated or half hearted relationship with Jesus. He wants ALL of us, and His will is good, because in Him we find life, and life to the full. We find fullness of peace, fullness of joy, fullness of love, rest and true satisfaction.

The Prodigal daughter

From The Holy Spirit and Christian Testimonies by C. Marie, www.theholyspiritacts.com

The Comforted

“The Comforted”
From “The Holy Spirit and Christian Testimonies by C. Marie, www.theholyspiritacts.com

“Victoria Sands” belonged to a large family who raised their own households according to their personal specific preferences. They had little to no patience for people who did not meet the standards of what they declared to have been the overall worth of a person.

Healed From HIV

I am giving this testimony, so that many may increase in faith as I did. About three weeks ago I took my child for an HIV test. My Child had been having unprotected sex without my knowledge and I wanted to make sure my Baby was ok. So we went for STD and HIV test just to make sure. Nearly, a week after the test, I recieved the worst call of my life.On my way to work, the Dr. stated that the the HIV test for my child was postive and I needed to take my only child to the infectious disease doctor, I nearly fainted. In an instand my focus and life changed. I went into prayer mode right away.

Testimony of baptism, blessed and filled.

Just wanted to share with everyone a short testimony.

I was baptized today and I was really excited to show my devotion to our Lord.

It was a few hours ago at the Arkansas river a short walk from my house.
Walkers were watching and we didn’t care. Thought it would be something good for them to see. John thought that we needed witnesses for a baptism but I wasn’t really sure. I know there isn’t a formula. Regardless they were there!


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