Justin’s Mask-erade – a testimony of salvation

Justin’s Mask-erade

Revival in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia

Revival in a small coastal town in Australia

The following article is an account of a revival that was reported in Outreach Magazine when Pastor Peter Earle, the Principal of the School of Ministries led a bible college team to Yeppoon. (Editor’s note: It is true that this story is now 10 years old. Still it is very encouraging and can inspire us to believe for God to do such great things again in Australia.)


No obstacle too great.—My personal testimony.

As a first time writer, especially when in words of non fiction, I find myself assuming an even greater measure of accountability in their structure.

Redeemed from the Miry Pit of Bulimia

Redeemed from the Miry Pit of Bulimia

Marie Notcheva

Through Him all things truly are possible. This is my story of how Jesus Christ broke the chains of a 17-year bondage to bulimia when I truly repented and turned from this idol. The same hope and freedom is available to you if you know Him as Savior and Lord.


Chuck Kruder is revealing how Jesus healed him of many diseases and how God revealed Himself in his life.

Saved from Alcohol

*Jonathan* If he took away 99% of my desire for booze and left 1% up to me, that would be enough for me to get drunk on.

Delivered from Homosexuality

Cameron a Youth reveals about how he got deliverance from homosexual through Jesus

Testimony of Matt Goodwin

Around March of last year (2003) my wife convinced me to go to [a church] youth program. My first thought was we are not youth age how can we attend? She said it was actually for youth and young adults our age, so I said ok let try it. When I went there I saw things that I never imagined. 13, 14, 15 year old kids dancing waving there hands in the air and shouting to God. At first I thought, well gee these kids are crazy, but after a while I knew that they just really loved Jesus and weren’t afraid to show it and down deep I had to respect that even if I thought it was wierd.

Julie Set Free from Alcohol

I am sending my testimony and hope you will be able to use it.

I was about twelve when I started drinking with my friends at school, we drank wherever we could, putting make up on to buy alcohol from the shop, drinking at friends houses, at thirteen we went to the discos and pubs even though we were under age no one ever said anything, I guess we looked older than we were. We drank until we couldn’t stand, before we hit the pubs we would buy bottles to share, often being sick, it was a laugh or so we thought.

Val Pitmann

Val Pittman had bitter childhood … her father started abusing her and her older sister sexually. Satan started setting up hold in her life and she had to look at dirty books at the age of five. When she turned to Christ she got healing and is now leading a wonderful life.


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