You’re not my Friend…

One of my greatest Blessings is my son Jens (Danish form of James) Christian Immanuel who has just recently turned three years old. He teaches me more than any adult I know.

Visual aid to those who don’t understand Jesus

I have been trying to post how I try to explain Christ Jesus to those who ask. This is my visual aid: Take a Bottle of dark Cola of any kind and a Clear class of water, the water is to represent Jesus, Clear truthful Pure, light and refreshing. The bottle of Cola is You. Full of sin & darkness nothing can clearly be seen through it the truth of it is it isn’t like water at all.

Rejoice & do not tire of doing Good

Today I received a letter from a Dear sister in Christ Jesus. It Shocked me. She & I have bEen eager to pray for another Dear one in our Lord. She spoke of asking more to pray for our dear one and one gave her an answer of why should I, I don’t know them and they aren’t from here why should you pray for them. Then another one had their own problems and didn’t have the time. I had to Wonder if this was not the Good samaritan story on-line all over again. I know as believers we are to lift eachother up and to carry eachothers burdens. To rejoice with eachother and to mourn with eachother.

Learning, understanding and searching deeper meaning of the word of God and getting closer to my maker!

Thanks lots for this site! I found it today after searching for long on confusion on topics like deliverance, curses and how can one be free from these bondages! My life has been in circles and have gone to various depths searching for the causes behind but to no avail, non were found until I challenged myself. I said to myself, all academics, skills and trainings I am successful but why am I not in the word and where exactly am I missing?

My late cat and my smartphone

On October 5, I learned that my cat, Belle, was very ill with a liver disorder. I was heartbroken. The vet and I agreed to put her to sleep the next afternoon. Around noon the next day, I was holding her on my bed and loving her. My smartphone was about two feet away on my nightstand.

When I pray to God, I always ask for a sign from Him. That day I was praying, very desperate for Him. I asked for a sign as usual and finished praying.

Blessings for us !!

I would like to give a little background as to why i ended up praying for a new home..


“Right Mind in Wrong Body” – This was the topic of one of the popular talk show (non-spiritual) hosted by a famous host. Few homosexuals and advisors were invited. They discussed as to how a Man’s mind is traped in Women’s body, so she is attracted to women & a Woman’s mind trapped in Man’s body, hence he is attracted to man.There were others who were attracted to both sexes.The talk ended leaving the homosexuals with self pity as they were BORN THAT WAY!

Need to Know

Is being homosexual a sin against GOD even if your naturally born that way! Are u too assigned to go to hell??? Isn’t God of LOVE?? I need to know this in order to set my life right nd on track! I never can get a honest answer.all I can get is what the bible says! I need facts and a bigger success story on why its not of GOD to be!! I need help nd deliverance today,now!!!!

How to Receive A Miracle


Pastor Caspar McCloud


Why We Worship


Why We Worship


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