T.D. Jakes approves Yoga for Christians

I was amazed to read this article by T.D. Jakes in the Washington Post.

It seems that for T.D. Jakes, yoga can be divorced from its Hindu roots, and the good bishop has a better definition for yoga than that which the Websters dictionary offers.

There is a difference between Christian meditation and yoga. In Christian meditation, you actively consider the Word of God. In yoga, you empty your mind in a process similar to self-hypnosis.

Processes which lead to a passive mind make a person very vulnerable to demonic influence.

I am concerned that here we have a Christian leader with a powerful platform obfuscating the meaning of words and virtually encouraging people to try out something that is powerfully connected to eastern mysticism.

He writes: “If you are embracing or practicing “New Age” eastern spirituality in search of finding an alternative to your current religion, then you have already left the practices and laws that previously governed your religion.”

What if you are embracing New Age eastern spirituality with no intention of replacing your current religion, is that supposed to be O.K.?

Maybe its like saying that masturbation is ok as long as you don’t do it in a spirit of lust.

What is practicing yoga exercises, breath control and contemplative techniques IS in itself a form of eastern spirituality? How can one practice it without seeking it?
Many experts say that you can’t separate these breathing exercises from the spirituality of Hinduism. Possibly because the exercises in themselves constitute an invitation to evil spirits. Remember that the word for “spirit” is the same as the word for “breath” in both Hebrew and Greek.

“For You have forsaken Your people, the house of Jacob, Because they are filled with eastern ways; They are soothsayers like the Philistines, And they are pleased with the children of foreigners. ” (Isaiah 2:6)

T.D. Jakes is not a trinitarian, he subscribes to modalism, which is a part of Oneness Pentecostal theology. Now he is saying that Yoga is O.K., as long as you practice it in a Christian way. It would have been a lot better if he had used terms which are biblical, and defined exactly what he meant, rather than seeking some kind of common ground with practitioners of eastern New Age spirituality.

This Jakes is a man who comes on Christian television all over, gets invited to Hillsong conferences as a featured speaker, and is looked to by many as a great Christian leader. I believe it was Time Magazine that suggested he might be something like another Billy Graham in the making (that in itself might not be such a great endorsement actually).

What we are seeing today is that it is not so much truth that is highly esteemed, but influence. I would say that influence is very dangerous if it is not used in the right way. It is more important to lead people into the right things than it is to lead many people. Much more important.

We are skating on thin ice friends.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Several years ago while deeply entrenched in New Age and practicing my unique “blend” of christianity and Hinduism, I knew someone who claims that Billy Graham hired her to come to his Marco Island condo to ‘heal’ him as she claimed she had the ability to heal although she was not born again….I asked if he got healed and she said he would need more sessions.
    I asked her what she did and it was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo stuff of ‘touching him with her hands as she felt led’…she said he told her that traditional healing had not succeeded so he is ‘open’ to other options.

  2. evstevemd says:

    Lack of discernment in the Church of Jesus is now a plague. The so called great preachers are the mirror in place of Jesus. I sometime get angry when you confront somebody who is doing unscriptural stuffs and he/she says what? Mr. so and so, big televangelist do the same! I always tells them, Don’t tell me such rubbish. If you will say “but Jesus did it” I will understand not any puppet.

    BTW T.D Jakes and some western musicians and big compromisers are influencing many people here in Africa. I wonder why people will imitate Jakes instead of Jesus. Watch for satan’s agents, the antichrists.

    Tit 2:11-12 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live sober

  3. 1 John 2:18 say that many antichrist have gone into the world, and what is the purpose of the antichrist spirit, to be a deceiver, and how does he or she deceive their hearers. By starting out telling the truth, by getting people to lean on them and getting people to believe their teaching and is the only acceptable form of teaching or teachers like them in other words whoever is in their circle of great teachers, is ok to listen to them. These men and women had built empire and shrine and temples to their God called greed and lust, lust for wealth, lust for power, and pride, that they are beyond correction. That they have full revelation of God and need no one to correct them. WHY? Because God has shown them the way through all the mine field of life, they had the answer just order another book for the problem you are facing and just like that your problem is fixed 2 John 2:10 if anyone does not bring the teaching that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God. Do not welcome him or her.May the true Christ protect all of us in the times we live in.

    Blessing in Jesus

  4. warrior daughter says:

    I received a catalog in the mail the other day from a Christian book club. I was absolutely astonished that books are being published called Christian yoga….excuse me ….Go to the root of yoga and it cannot nor will it ever be Christian…..It is inviting the serpent into your body among other things….People wake up !!!!!Do not be misled by others but test all things and walk the narrow path of life in joy for your sins are forgiven and you do not need what the world says you need….

    • I absolutely agree that Yoga can in no way, no how be ‘christianized’…the roots are definitely as far from the principles of christianity as east from the west…
      I used to be deeply involved in Hinduism and a practicing Tantrica. It is, I believe, the closest counterfeit to true christianity there is on the planet full of manifestations and feel good’s to keep one convinced one is on the right path.
      Having been involved in Hinduism like I was, I can usually tell when someone is doing New Age in the church. There is a distinct feel about them…discernment is necessary today more than ever to be able to see with ones spiritual eyes and heart into the eyes and lives of others.
      I know of a man who is head of finances at the largest Baptist church locally that practices Yoga and attends Yoga Laughter beach sessions and no one including the long-time Pastor of said church that this is going on. In fact, the man drinks, goes to bars, dates women and has sex regularly with these women as well and is quite vocal about it. As far as I can see, the main reason this man has the power he does in this mainline church is simply because he is a multi-millionaire and wanted the position in the church.
      This is one of the many problems in the american church, I’m afraid.

  5. pearlofgreatprice says:

    My daughter received an email supposedly that TD Jakes believes in and supports called an 8 second prayer, in an email you are not supposed to break the 8 second chain, and you will be blessed! Superstition is also condemned in the Bible. Sad to see these men, if this is truly backed by him, fall to such garbage and paganism!

  6. Take a look here. These video clips are only the tip of the iceberg. Its very hard to be a friend of the world without being an enemy of God – impossible, actually, according to the Bible.

  7. what do you thing of billy graham?

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