Support with prayer for a Godly Spouse

Please help me with prayer. I am 36 and still single. The last relationshiop I had was 7 years ago. I have been waiting on the Lord since then with prayers and fasting.


I need prayers because I am getting discouraged and trying to hold on to God’s promises.


I pray that everyone out there who feels lonely will be comforted in Jesus name. I know and believe that our prayers have been answered


What do YOU think?



  1. InaNaka says:

    Oh my….Good Lord what a Goofus…

    After I poured my heart into my previous reply….and posted it 🙁 I noticed that the original question was posted way back on 08/31/2010. Oh, well,,,I guess I was thinking, since it was listed as a recent comment and Funani had posted just today, that it was current. Hmmm…there must be a lesson for me here somewhere!

    Anyway…..Zoe…if you are still out there and looking for a husband…my reply still holds true!

    I would like to know, if you are still around…and if not prying,,,,what is your status re: a husband?

    God bless sister…

    Hanging my head in historical shame…

    • Beloved says:

      Chin Up!!! Even if the original post was nearly a year ago,the original poster is not the only one who would read the reply! Plenty of people interested in said topic would read the entire thread too.
      Your heartfelt reply could contain the very words that some other dear sister needed to hear. A lot of old post are “resurrected” when there is a new reply, and I believe it to be to the benefit of new readers!
      Remember: *there are no coincidences* So,be blessed for being a blessing! No head hanging for you, Child of the Most High God!!!!
      With and In His Love,
      P.s. I really enjoyed reading your post,real interesting,and I’m already married!

  2. (update) , I’m looking for you Zoe and wondering how you are doing.If you see this please pm me!


    Be of Good Cheer! God wants you to have all his blessings n promises!
    I was a little sad by the previous post and hope you don’t get sad ’bout it too.
    He created us and we should be married if its a blessing and what we want to do.
    I think God wants us to be happy with a partner like Adam was. God made
    Eve so Adam would not be lonely.

    God Bless,

  3. Hang in there sister I know right now getting married seems like its the most important thing but too many married people wish they were not. And anyway we do not worship Gos so that he gives us the things we want or esle no Christian would be poor or sad or lonely, but what is important is that through what we go through and as we wait we do not forget that God is God no matter what and we need to hold on till Jesus comes.

    I’m praying for God to heal my marriage but as I wait I ve given control back to God and whether Im happy i my marriage or not, God remains God and I want to see my saviour when he comes.

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