Sunee’s story of encountering with Jesus



by Vachiravan Vanlaeiad

Sunee is a Bangkokian. She was born and has lived in Bangkok until she is now 85 years of age (in 2010). She had married with a Chinese guy named Hau. Despite he was a family man with highly rigid and conservative personality; he was very faithful to Sunee. As a result, Sunee and Hau had altogether 15 children (3 boys and 12 girls). This caused her family life extremely difficult, having to feed those small mouths. She had to do everything to help her husband support their big family. She had worked all day and all night while taking care of her kids (with their ages ranging from 4 to 25). Besides, in the former time almost of her babies had been delivered by midwives through old, traditional ways of giving birth. These plus her quiet and serious personality might afflict her with 4th stage uterine cancer.

Sunee’s first symptoms of cancer were detected by abnormal blood flowing from her vagina when she was 45 years old. She then went to Rajvithi Hospital to have a biopsy. The result showed that she had 4th stage cancer of the uterus. The doctors tried their best to give intensive treatments to her (25 times of radiation treatment, etc.). And she had been in and out of the hospital innumerable times for more than one year until she was 47 years old. Finally, the doctors had told her that her case was hopeless and that it would be better for her to die at home, being surrounded by her loved ones.

Her children had then taken her home and prepared for her funeral rite. One went to inform their relatives and family friends, and one went to buy some flowers as well as incense and candles using in the funeral. While all her other children were busy with crying and funeral preparation which would take place at a Buddhist temple, Sunee was in deep sleep all the time…she was in serious coma. During unconsciousness or sleeping, she had a dream or she herself had already died (she was not sure) and her spirit had wandered into a place. The place looked like a foggy village full of many villagers. She tried to greet them along the way but they did not answer or respond to her greetings. She even went inside some houses to greet the dwellers; however nobody made any response to her also. It seemed they could not see her. She did not know the place nor recognize anyone. While walking aimlessly along the way inside that village, she unexpectedly found a long-bearded man in white cloak. Fortunately, she could recognize that he was Jesus Christ since one of her daughters, her family’s first Christian, had told her about Him. She was so overwhelmed with gladness that she started telling everybody along the way to go hear Him talk. As usual, nobody made any sign of hearing or seeing her. This time she made the decision to head back to the opposite direction to go home.

When she recovered or woke up, she found that many people had stood around her bed praying for her. These were her Christian daughter’s friends from church. This daughter had always taken her brothers and sisters in Christ to her home to pray and read the Bible. Even though she did not like these strange people, however, her generous heart had commanded her to order one of her sons to take care of them.

After gaining consciousness, Sunee’s children had also brought her to the same hospital. Upon seeing her, all doctors and medical personnel were greatly surprised. Some of them even greet her with an odd sentence: “Are you still alive?” However, she had been in the hospital for 9 days. Then her health was so improved that she had been discharged.

After coming back home, she had gained more strength as days went by. One day she felt so strong that she could walk and do her normal chores. As soon as she could walk, first place she went was the Evangelical Center of Romyen Church which was located nearby her house. Sunee then had not wasted even a second to open her heart and mind accepting Jesus Christ as her God and her personal Savior and Helper. However, she had never told anybody about her dream. She testified about her encounter with Jesus after having waited for more than ten years in order to make sure that she had been completely healed of cancer. As a result, her husband and all her children and grandchildren had placed their trust in Jesus.

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