ok.first of all dont freak out ,dont call cops i am NOT going to kill my self right now and i DO NOT plan on it.I have a friend and for the sake of privacy I am not going to the friend is going through a death in her family and she is really sad right now.She asked me the other day if I had ever tried to commit suicide?I told her NO because I think that it wouldnt solve anything because the people who still care and love me would have to go through the same feelings I had.I know it is not a lot of info but I would love for people to pray that God will completely take over this situation and guide me whenever I am with her.Please also pray that God will show Himself to her so that she can know that He is there.Thank you so much.
The Hopeful

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  1. Timothy Luke says:

    Look up the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and other hotlines and see what kind of information they can give you on helping your friend….

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