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I wasnt going to share this but so many christians are taking their lives that I really feel the need to share this.Several years ago when I was dabbling heavy in to occultism and demonic powers I saw like a beutiful being stand before me saying its to bad my child that God made you so worth less and you cant seem to have any thing go right in life that I want you to know I feel your pain and I love you but because of the things you have done in life God sees no value in you so go ahead and just commit suicide.Well this spirit appeared to me several more times than I went over and saw my girl friend one moring totalley straight and she said Tim today is a good day to die so we went in her bath room and she put her hand over mine and I held the razor and she pulled back with great force and my wrist was slit wide open and blood was going every where.Well she was all excitted and I was just in shock so she said lets do it again so we did it again and again.Well there was so much blood every where than she said you cant stay here because that would be murder they would accuse me of so I drove around with blood going every where.Well I ended up in the emergency room not knowing how I got there but the Doctor said I was only 2 minutes away from bleeding to death.Well after I got out of the psychiatric ward I attempted suicide several more times.Than I cried out to God and Christ revealed himself to me and restored me mentalley,emtionalley and spiritualley.Wll a short time later I got saved but this spirit kept coming to me trying to convince me how sorry he was that God made me so worth less and how my life meant nothing.See I was very familar with demonic spirits because of all the evil I was in but this spirit was so differnt than other spirits because he said I love you.Well I ended up writting a book called SUICIDE SPIRIT,because my 22 year battle with this spirit was diffecult but one thing I learned is Jesus Christ isnt a religion or a figure he is the actual loving God that died for our sins.Tim

What do YOU think?



  1. Wendy Braylee says:

    I have recently had suicidal thoughts, this past weekend. I have God in my heart and have been asking him for a prayer that I would like answered. I know it is in his Will, I also read in this website that having patience is important. This past weekend I was an emotional train wreck about this prayer I have been asking and I was led astray by evil, when I got home I prayed to God to help me with the thoughts I have been having, after I prayed to him I felt a sense of relief. I know the evil spirits had been trying to draw me away from God, But I know I have God in my heart that I could never be drawn away from his love. So TimT I know the feeling you were going through. I am glad you have found God. God is awesome!!! I know there alot of people out there who do not have God in their heart and I do pray for them to find God in their heart. This site is by far the best site I have found about praying. Awesome site!

    • I have been attacked by this spirit more than a few times. After years of crying out to God for help,I finally realized (through many teachings and through scripture) that I have authority over him! The Bible says we can extinguish all the fiery darts the enemy throws with our shield of faith. Our faith in who God says we are! Faith that ” greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world”.Faith that knows that the only weapon Satan has is deception, and that we only become his prey when we believe him. Read Luke 10:18, and believe it. When the devil spews his garbage into your mind, rebuke him with scripture and in Jesus name (authority, that He has conferred to you!)
      I still have this spirit hit me, usually at times when I am feeling bad anyway( make it seem more believable) But the attacks are becoming fewer and shorter now that I know the Truth!!

      p.s. sometimes deliverance is in order

  2. The devil uses tricks to make one feel worthless and hopeless. These evil demons attack the weak, infirm, the ill….and even attempts to convince a person that their loved ones would be “better off” without them. All lies!!!!!
    “Though I walk in the midst of trouble you will revive me”. Psalm 138:7

    There is a trend of malicious slander and harassment that weakens allowing the devil to attempt to take a precious soul. Thank God, Tim, for your story and bravery! Praise God’s Power, Promises, Plans, Prize, Purpose and Presence in our lives. Thank you, Tim.

  3. lady-in-red says:

    Hi Tim, your testimony is so relevant. The devil usually camouflages as an angel of light and people need to know this! but how can they know this- that’s the big question, there are so many churches & ministries yet the impact of the gospel is not felt!- why?

    I’m into evangelism & my heart weeps daily, so much to say & do but very few committed hands!

    Young people/adolescents/teens, usually don’t go or like church, don’t visit xtian sites, don’t watch xtian drama or messages on T.V.-whats the way 4ward?- go to where they hang out & have church!- you may get arrested, but there is always a high price to pay for a soul!- ask Apostle paul!

    Here in Africa, suicide wasn’t so rampant but wlth so much poverty, disease etc, young people feel they have no hope or future.

    God will make a way for us to reach them. Tanks again for your testimony.

  4. Yes I can do that for you.I wasnt expecting the # of e mails or responses I have recieved.I knew Suicide was bad but just last week a 17 year old boy took his life but what surprised every one is he was going to a christian school.Can you please tell me what I need to do to up load my testimoney to you so you can put it on your web sight?

    • Hi Tim,

      One way is to write it out in full – tell the story. Run it through a spell-checker or get someone who is strong with English to correct any grammatical or spelling areas before its published. Then you can use the yellow "Add Your Testimony" link above.

      Put in a title, copy the text in, choose categories from the drop-down, and press SAVE. That should work.


      If you have a friend with a video camera, you could ask him to film you sharing your testimony. Make sure you use a tripod to keep the footage from shaking.

      Or if you go to ebay and buy yourself a flip camera, you can hold it up you yourself and just talk. You can then upload directly into youtube.

      Once in youtube, let us know, I can embed the link into a page here so people can view it on this site as well as on youtube.

      There's so many kids contemplating suicide its really important that you get this out.



      • You are so correct,I am just amazed by what I am hearing on a daily basis now.So many people are taking their life now.Just 2 weeks agao and N.F.L player took his life and I was so hurt when a young 11 year old girl took her life just a week ago.It is so troubling watching so many take their lives and yet so many survivors of a suicide attempted said that an angel said it was ok.Thank you for your encouragement and this friendship that Christ is building between us.Have a blessed day Tim

      • I’m so encouraged by this conversation and the effort to fight against this 🙂 God bless you guys.
        Will pray into this.

        • I am believing for many miricles to take place by writting the book called Suicide Spirit,I have recieved 2 confirmations that 2 people that were going to take their life arent now because they read the book.My heart is so broken because so many men,woman and childern are just giving up daily now.I was so crushed that a 11 year old girl took her life because some one called her stupid,than a 17 year old boy hung himself because he got a b – on a test.I am so hurt that so many people dont realize they value in them any more.A man that was only 42 took his life because he lost his job and couldnt find another one in 6 months.I am getting countless stories in now from around the world and all I can do is weep for the survivors.I am praying with so many that my book sales because there isnt one single book like it because it goes in to great detail about how the anti christ appears as an angel of light.So please pray that it sales good all over.Thank you………Tim

  5. You've got some good things to share. I'd love to hear a video version of your story. Let me know if you can do that – we could post it up on the site.

    Teen Suicide is a major problem here in Australia and I think it is in much of the western world. You need to do all you can to get your story out and help encourage people to live and to know the goodness of God!

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