Suicide isnt the answer

 PAGE 36  of the book called suicide spirit.So many Christians are on the fence, and they don’t get their

prayers answered. They have no real joy, they live in constant

defeat, but they don’t want to humble themselves and get right

with God. I find it so sad that many Christians want the blessings

of God, but don’t want to humble themselves and seek God’s face.

Many times in life I have battled with feelings of worthlessness,

condemnation, hurt and depression, but the worst by far

was the awful feeling of loneliness. I have actually sat in church

meditating on committing suicide; thinking of different ways to

take my own life……………….This came from my book Suicide Spirit.People of all ages God sees your pain and he knows all about it.If you are contiplating taking your life please seek help right away.So many woman have been sexualley abused and have not been truely loved and honored.So many men have been disgraced and cut down but I am here to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you and your life does have a purpose.Every one I know has been hurt but that doesnt take away the pain of what you have gone threw so please realize you are not alone.If you want to you can go to  and e mail me so we can pray for you.Thanks Tim

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