I am asking all prayer warriors to come to gether and really take a stand in faith against this spirit called Suicide.Our Military branches in the United States is facing the worst suicide rate they have ever seen in all 5 military branches,the N.F.L is now being hit with profootball players taking their lives and now almost every city in the United States is saying that Suicide is so far out of control but very few people want to admit and except it  that this is a spirit.I wrote my testimoney on this web sight called Suicide,so if you are hurting inside please read the pages on deliverance by MICHAEL on this web sight about how to be deliverd.If any one wants to they can order my book called SUICIDE SPIRIT,to get a better understanding of this spirit.But please every one start reaching out because I am getting so many e mails of people in desperate need of a touch of Gods love.Suicide isnt the answer to lifes problems,Jesus Christ is your answer to life.So please every one I ask you to really start praying for your villages,cities,states,and country.Now matter where you live and nomatter who you are, you can make a big impact in some ones life that is hurting just by praying for them.Jesus Christ loves all humans and this very sad problem  that needs to be addressed quickly because so many are taking their lives.Thanks Tim    If you want you can go to my web sight and order the book Suicide Spirit

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