Strong Revulsions against God – the power behind Atheism

Strong Revulsions against God
by Paul Ross

The atheist says that he/she doesn’t believe in God due to a lack of evidence and the Bible says that atheism is the end result of a suppression (Romans 1: 18); so here it seems we have an impasse. In the world of Psychiatry suppression is defined as a conscious exclusion of unacceptable desires, thoughts, or memories from the mind; so in this sense the active rejection of God may be a phenomena happening at the subconscious level – existing but without one’s awareness – so as to provide comfort against the unwelcoming idea of a Creator that would directly challenge the exalted moral self-autonomous rule of a created being.

According to the Bible, the gravitation towards atheism is directly empowered, undergirded and fueled by psychological reasons and motives – whether they be subconscious conscious unconscious – that in turn provide powerful impulses and barriers against God at every level of expression. If this is true then the adoption of atheism as a worldview and philosophical position is a disease and sickness that manifests itself through strong impulses and unconscious conscious subconscious urges in rejection and revulsion against God, and this means that the adoption of atheism is not the end result of enlightenment, rationality, reason and intelligence but rather the end result of disorder and rebellion, manifesting in delusion and gut-instinct-knee jerk-revolt against a Creator.

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