Street preachers fined $2625 for handing out tracts in the Gold Coast, Australia

I just received this by email and thought I should publish it here on my site as I know these guys and have joined them on occasions both in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.


Legal Fees

As you may be aware, the freedom of spreading the gospel of Christ, which can be enjoyed in most places in the world, has been severely impeded in recent months at the Gold Coast (Australia).

First of all it was with the police who seemed to set it their mission to stop Christians from preaching the gospel, but after some media coverage they backed down from their stance.

But since then, the Gold Coast City Council has taken their place, attempting to stop Christians from not only preaching, but also simply handing out gospel tracts.

The way they are doing this is by fining anyone who does either of those things, $375 each! Since Operation 513 runs weekly outreaches in Surfers Paradise at the Gold Coast, our team was affected. We have received 7 fines for $375 each, totalling $2,625!

This is unacceptable that a council would restrict the freedom Australian's possess under the Australian Constitution and Anti-Discrimination Act of QLD to speak or write about their religion.

What is even worse is that those seven people already fined by the council have not even broken any of the council's laws! They have tried to argue that the handing out of gospel tracts advertises a business, commercial or trade activity. However, none of the gospel tracts handed out contain any mention of any sort of business or even Church! This was explained to the council, but they were not interested and instead proceeded to issue the fines. (Click here to read more about the fines on the battle log)

Therefore, we see this as an important matter that must be addressed. We are appealing all seven fines and this means we have to go to court. Having legal representation does not come cheap, so that is why we need your help. If you could assist in donating any amount of money, we would be extremely grateful.

This is something very important to get involved in. For the outcome of this case will have its effect not just on the team at the Gold Coast, and not just all Christians who live at the Gold Coast, but its impacts will be felt by all Christians around Australia. For if the Gold Coast City Council is allowed to stop Christians talking about Christ, what is saying it will not spread to other places in this land?

Please prayerfully consider whether you can support us financially as we appeal the fines in court and so defend the rights of Christians here at the Gold Coast.

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(Please forward this email on to your friends and family to let them know what is happening at the Gold Coast)

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  1. crustydownunder says:

    As sad as it seems. I believe you must bring charges against the council itself. Discrimination against persons on religious grounds. Unlawfully imposing a fine. I would certainly get the media involved and bring as much hype to the issue as possible. Also, while the media watch on, I would have a thousand people handing out gospel tracts. As long as no one is forced to take a tract, and is offered one if they like, I can’t see a problem. This is a free country and no one can stop you preaching whatever you like from a street corner during daylight hours. Go for it. Send a message to the government of this country that we want our Nation back. They work for the people, not us for them. I guess we have no one to blame but ourselves as a nation. We voted to keep the same 2 parties in power. What we need is an honest, and open christian government before it is too late. We must at the very least get all Australian Christians voting for family first party. I think it maybe the only way to save our country. (I don’t think Fred Nile, CDP, has the legs).

  2. There is nothing in the Australian Constitution which permits the operation of any of these local governments. These guys are just accustomed to sending invoices which you have no choice but to pay.

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