Stomach Cancer Healed through Fasting and Prayer

For a long time I had been troubled with stomach problems. It seemed
I could not digest food of any kind.
Every time I ate I was in pain and at
last I went to the hospital. In spite of
the treatment and the medicine, my
condition became worse and worse.
Fearing the problem was serious, I
went to a famous hospital for an examination. At the
conclusion of the examination the doctor called my
guardian and had a serious talk with him. When I asked him about it later he told me that it was difficult to
cure cancer in the advanced stages. I knew that there
was no hope, and I was in the depths of despair.

As I began to think about my past life, I regretted all
the evil I had done. I wished that I had worshipped and
served God. Now I had lost all hope to live and dejected I waited to die. At this time I sought to draw
close to God. I had no hope to save my body, but I
wanted my soul to be at peace with God.

At first I could eat a little chicken soup, then only
watery food, and finally even when I drank medicine, I
vomited. I lost so much weight that my bones were ex-
posed. I was in great pain, and a large lump appeared
in my abdomen. I tried all types of Chinese medicines,
but with no relief. I learned later that the last hospital
where I was examined even wrote a death declaration.
When I explained all this to my eldest son, who is a
pastor, he advised me to go to the Full Gospel Prayer
Mountain and seek God. I took his advice and allowed
him to take me to the prayer mountain. As I listened to
the people testifying of their healings from tuberculosis, stomach trouble, cancer of the uterus, stomach
cancer, and other miracles, I began to have hope that I
might live and that God would heal me also.

Because of the stomach cancer it was easy for me to
fast, but after ten days I began to have an appetite. My
mind was clear. I was free from the depression and felt
refreshed. I had confidence that Jesus had healed me,
for daily I became stronger.

How thankful I am to Christ that I live again.
Because He gave me new life, I dedicated that life to
His service and will serve Him until He calls me to
heaven. Hallelujah!

-Sang Min Jin

285 Jaungnung Dong, Sangbuk Ku

Seoul, Korea

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  1. the only 100% sure way to be healed of cancer is to believe 100% tha last words of the 5th verse of Isaiah 53

  2. Michelle says:

    AMEN!!! praise the lord for he is good I thank you o fath r god that you’ve healed millions worldwide and I pray that my mother will be healed of her stage four stomach cancer as well as she is also one of your beloved children. You are the one true kind and you are our ever loving father in heaven o lord . I command her cancer to die and perish and never return and it shall be plucked out from its roots and cast into the sea!!! In Jesus name, I believe it and receive , AMEN

  3. Gods sunflower says:

    Beautiful testimony of the wonderful healing power of our Lord and Saviour

    • Shepherd Ncube says:

      Amen, glory be to the Lord for the healing. No disease is greater than the name of Jesus which has been given all power in heaven and on earth. We just need to believe. thank you for the testimony, we see our Saviour, our Redeemer, healer, light of the world, creator of everything, without Him nothing was created. I say again Amen.

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