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Okay, I wanted to share something AWESOME with you all that just happened to me about 20 minutes or so ago. First let me give some backstory.

The past few days I’ve been reading the website that Michael had posted in the America Prophecy thread. I’d been watching the videos on there from David Eells and reading some of his material. David would share testimonies of how the Lord has always been faithful in he and his family’s life and how they’ve never had to go to the doctor because the Lord has always healed them. He’d also share testimonies of the Lord even healing some of his machines, allowing him to drive his car for a week which was on empty, etc. His testimonies/videos/books have really been uplifting for me and my faith has really begun to strengthen in the Lord. So I decided to think outside of the box a bit and consider what God could do for me if I asked Him. So I began to think about my eyes. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 5 and contacts since I was 11. So my eyesight is very bad. My prescription for contacts is a -8.00 in my left eye and -7.50 in my right eye. Most people I’ve talked to who wear contacts usually aren’t any worse than between a -1.00 and a – 3.00. So my eyes seem to be worse than most people’s, lol. So I got to thinking how awesome it would be if God could heal my eyes and not have to wear glasses or contacts anymore. So I prayed to God saying that since He was able to bring sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf, He could heal my eyes as well. After I prayed, I told Him I believed that they were healed the moment I asked without any doubt. Last night I decided that I would step out in my faith a bit and go without glasses today at all. So that is what I did. I went the entire morning, noon, afternoon, and part of the evening without wearing glasses. It was rough doing that because I would have to get REALLY close to my laptop to read it, lol.

So after sitting on my couch for awhile and watching one of David’s videos, I started thinking about my eyes and I had the idea of seeing if I could read some text. So I paused the video and started staring at a paragraph that was on my screen on his website. It was all blurry of course and I couldn’t read any of it. It was all gibberish to me, lol. But I decided to see what would happen. So I stared at the top line for awhile and decided to ask the Lord to help me read the text since my eyes were healed. Some of it I think I had already seen a bit of when I went to pause my video so I started focusing on like the last 2 words of the line that I know I hadn’t seen. I stared at it awhile, commanding my eyes to read it in the name of Jesus since they were healed, lol. I’m not kidding, after staring awhile, the very last word slowly came into focus (the word was wisdom if I can remember correctly) and I was amazed. I’m like “oh my gosh”. Keep in mind, I couldn’t read any of these words. I kept my laptop plenty far away from my eyes that no words would be readable to me. And this last word came into focus. So I decided I wanted to read the next line. It took me awhile, but God would reveal about 2-3 words at a time to me while I was still being bold and commanding my eyes to read the words and believing they were already healed. After reading a few, the whole paragraph would go back into one big blur again. Then I would focus on the next few words (sometimes this would take several minutes), still commanding them in the name of Jesus to read the words, telling God that because my eyes were healed I should be able to read them adn such, haha. So after staring and praying some more, the next few words would slowly come into focus. At one point the ENTIRE rest of the paragraph came into focus but I think I was afraid of it blurring again that I only caught a few words, lol (btw, I wanted to mention that while the words came into focus, everything else around me was still a blur. It was just the words that I would start to see. It was incredible and it’s almost impossible to explain what it was like without someone experiencing this. And I didn’t move my laptop forward at all. I just trusted in God to reveal the words to me) and I was so amazed and excited. After reading the entire paragraph I just thanked God for the miracle that just took place literally in front of my eyes, lol. I know this was Him. So I decided I wanted to try it again and went to a different link where the words were slightly bigger so I moved the laptop further away from my eyes and repeated the entire process. This time an entire line would come into focus after I would pray and command my eyes to read. Then it would go out of focus again until I concentrated and repeated the step on the next line. Btw, my eyes were burning and watering through all of this, lol. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I decided to trust God and kept on. My dad got home eventually (he was still in teh garage at this point) and I commanded my eyes to read the last line before he came in the door because my eyes were all watery and I wanted to wipe them before he came in, lol. So eventually the line indeed came into focus and I was able to read it right before he came in. And then it went out of focus again after I finished.

This was such an amazing miracle and it really made me experience what God could do right on the spot when you ask Him. I did end up putting my glasses on because my dad wanted me to drive him somewhere and I’m not anywhere ready to drive without them yet, lol. But I fully trust God that my eyes were healed the moment I asked Him as He proved tonight. It’s just a matter of trust and patience before my vision is fully manifested. But through His amazing power, I was able to read 2 paragraphs that I NEVER would’ve been able to read without my contacts or glasses before. What an experience!!

What do YOU think?



  1. That is awesome about Anita Hill! God is amazing and it’s a huge faith booster to hear testimonies like that.

    I totally understand about sharing a miracle ‘in progress’ and the audience thing as well and I thank you for the advice. I’ve only shared it so far with this forum (I got excited, haha) and my sister and dad. The biggest hurdle right now for me is putting my complete trust and faith in God while dealing with their disbelief and criticism of me for refusing to wear my contacts or glasses. I can already tell a difference after a few days but I know that the manifestation of my healed eyes may take up to a few weeks, give or take a few days. I’m definitely being tried right now because my family has been harsh with me, calling what I’m doing ridiculous and stupid. Also, my eyes are not ready for driving yet (that could take a couple weeks for all I know! It’s going to be on God’s timing, not mine) and they keep asking me “what if you get called for an interview?” “You can’t drive” “What if you get pulled over?”. And it’s been putting doubts and temptations in my head at times to just give up and put my glasses back on and try again later because my family is just going to stand in my way. But I’m determined to walk in faith and trust that God will take care of me and my situation. He knows my situation with my family, He knows I can’t drive yet with still blurred vision, etc. All I can do right now is have patience and praise God that He HAS healed my eyes (with no doubts) and wait for the full vision to be manifested. I would like to ask you all to pray for me as well. Pray that I remain strong in my trust in God and not let my family’s doubts pull me away from God’s promised healing. And also pray that I have a quick ‘recovery’ (that I’ll be able to have my full vision quickly and soon).

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    Hi Sara,

    Thanks for sharing your testimony! God is faithful to honor His Word at all times. Often we face the obvious without realizing the need to look beyond. I have seen many miracles, yet I still wear glasses. I do believe if I were to be serious about overcoming that, it too, would fall. It is a battle I have put off.

    I know a lady, Anita Hill, who was legally blind, yet today needs no glasses. The Lord healed her of 16 diagnosed conditions and she wrote a book, Out of Many Waters She shared with our church how she was at the eye doctors and they were amazed at the physical shape of her eyes. The saw an abnormal condition that should have obstructed vision, but Ms. Anita saw clearly. The Lord used her to minister healing to my wife from her chemical sensitivities.

    A word from experience is that whenever we have shared a testimony ‘in progress’ it brings out the doubts and skepticisms of those around us. I have learned to hold a testimony as precious between me and the Lord until the work is complete and accomplished. You may find people volunteering reasons why God isn’t doing anything with your eyes or whatever doubt comes to their mind. Focus on God’s Word for you and let Him lead you to the completeness of your healing. I admire your faith and your realization that it needs to be exercised. May the Lord complete this good work in you!

    Another thing that happens when I share testimony of a work in progress, it can add an element of performance. We now have an audience in the back of our minds to please. This can propel us to complete a work we have begun with the Lord, or it can make us feel pressured to receive our healing for the sake of those watching.

    I encourage you to savor this healing in progress between you and God and perhaps a close friend or two who can stand in faith and prayer believing for you. You go girl!

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