starting a fire

I have been watching derek prince,and hearing his talk on spirits,also I have watched others casting out all these so called spirits and see why so much confusion,1st,the claim that spirits are left overs from another time in the world before adam,cannot ever be proven,the bible says,make full proof of thy ministry. 2nd I watched a man who a spirit was being called out of,move an objest in front of him,as not to fall on it while the rev,was wrestling with the spirit in words,no sense that a demonic man would be so concerned of where he fell during the process. 3rd. mr prince said, a christian woman had many spirits and a nicotine spirit has already been cast out.earlier. yet,how can demons some stay and some go.If the power of Jesus used in a believer,why would he do the job half done? To say,demons are not devils but are sometihing else is insane,these things are ETs or ghosts of another world, these are fallen angels thrown out of heaven with satan,no more,no less. and all are under foot of a blood bought Spirit filled child of God. Books by the truck load are everywhere,but the inside info came from where,not the bible, 1 time Jesus asked the name of a spirit,he said legion,not a proper name,but a discription of the amount. before the 70s none of this was preached,teached or otherwise,sure there are demon possesed people,but not all this emotional names such as hate,fear,anger,pity, habits,all this is under santication.but it is popular because it is impressive to people who don;t know any better. they flock to shows of preachers looking for someone with power,that they themselves are looking proof, hoping for a miracle for themselves. I know I will get hammered here,but it is deception of a type,used by people who believe it,but that doesn’t make it right.when sanctification of the HolyGhost is removed and replaced with progressive,then the door is open for this kind of ministry. I am sure it pays well,but keeps the confused returning like at the dr.s office for a casting out of another spirit,on a regular scale. mr prince sounds like a trible witch doctor,I’m sorry to say,this is a popular thing, H.Rs version

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