Standing and Remaining in God’s Grace

In relation to the page on The Grace of God on this site, I’ve been learning how it’s all by God’s grace from beginning to end! And how important it is to stand and remain in His grace. If possible, could I get some prayer in this regard. God has recently revealed to me that it is His will that I walk in His grace and by His power. This has broken lots of bondage in my life (Going from broken self confidence to God confidence, from lack of peace to peace, from lack of strength to strength, from lack of love to love, from being oppressed by fears and fears of what others think to freedom from this – all by the power of His grace – when I stand in it) and am finding I can walk in freedom when I stand and remain in His grace. Its quite amazing.

I still finding it a struggle, in that often I am tempted during the day (I feel it’s demonic) to come out of this position of grace (through attacks of fear, worry, fear of man, doubt) then I can start getting anxieties, fears etc. and come out of the position of being in His Grace. If possible, could I please get some prayer to be obedient to God and to actually stand in and remain in His grace by faith (walking in it) in a more permanent way. I really want this area of bondage to be broken fully. My name is Daniel. Thank you sooo much. God Bless.

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  1. Dear Daniel, I to suffered from this Spirit. It is a spirit of Fear. Very real & very much a nuscense. The kind of Fear that you need is The Fear of God. Now that you are with him the fear of loosing him has to bE the most frightening thing to consider. He created the universe. The heavens, the Sun moon & StArs. The Earth, Animals, Angels & Menkind. That is who you should fear & revear. He is SO much Bigger than the spirit of fear. Fast & pray Daniel. He is always saying in the bible do not fear. & he promises that he is with us always even to the end of the age. So yes I will Pray for you. And the next time you get that Spirit of fear. Tell yourself, “Greater is HE who is in me; than He who is in the wolrld!”). Your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette. & always remember to seek him first in all things. Amen

  2. Roadrunner says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I really understand where your comming from here, I have been on such a big learning curve since really deciding within my whole being to follow Jesus and have him be the Lord of my life. There are a lot of church people who I don’t think truly follow the Lord in all areas of their life, but once you start seeking Jesus, and only Jesus in your life, once you have a genuine love for the Lord, there is nothing you would not give up in this earthly life. This is where I think the Grace of God’s Spirit starts to gently guide you. At least thats my experience, what is also my experience is the more you try to let Jesus be the Lord of your life and start heading down that narrow path, the more the world will tighten its grip on you, like quicksand the more you struggle to get out, the deeper the sand tries to pull you in.
    The struggle of it all is the kind of personal strength it takes to pull yourself out of this world and its wickedness, and keep out, once you really start to follow the Lord, you will find you are in conflict with pretty much all of the world, and the people in it! This is why we need God’s grace so much, we are so prone to sin, being a saint and Gods child is not something we can do without Gods help.
    But God wants every single person to come to repentance, and will help us, we just have to be willing to follow and make following Jesus a priority above anything else, we have to be willing to carry up our cross and make some sacrafices on the journey.
    I know anyone who has read my comments on this site will probably think I’m just trying to be difficult, but honestly I hate conflict, and this is where I struggle to stand firm in God’s grace because its so exhausting and I find conflict so difficult (I used to be the kind of person that would agree with the other people around me just to avoid the conflict!). But I know it’s worth it, and when I make it into Jesus’s kingdom I won’t be in conflict with anything, so your not alone Daniel, and no one said it would be easy but just hold on and stand firm in Gods grace!

    And remember keep praying and reading God’s word, as christians we are to live in prayer, this is how we stay close to God, and this is where we can find the strength to remain in Gods grace.

    Laura 🙂

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