St Malachy.

AS I see the Catholic Religion is not Christian but Babylonian Apostate religion As the world was watching JP2 dying I stumbled about ST Malachy Prophecy… said the next would be the olive… and it was… very interesting . Malachy in 1139 AD went to Rome to give an account of the affairs of his diocese to the pope, Innocent II, who promised him two palliums for the sees of Armagh (Malachy’s birthplace) and Cashel. While in Rome, Malachy received the strange vision of the future wherein was unfolded before his mind the long list of illustrious pontiffs who were to rule the church until the end of the age. Malachy wrote down the vision and gave it to Innocent II and the document remained in the Vatican archives until its discovery in 1595. An interesting side note here is that while on his last trip to Rome in 1148AD, Malachy accurately predicted the place and time of his own death: Clairvaux, France on All Souls Day in November of 1148AD.

The vision was first published by Arnold de Wyon and ever since there has been much discussion as to whether the vision is a genuine prophecy. Malachy’s vision was a detailed listing of the last 112 pontiffs from his time forward until the end. the 112th or last Pope concerns the end of the age. Malachy’s prophecy says “in the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman who will feed his flock amid many tribulations after which the 7 hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.”

Some believe this man to be newly appointed cardnial from Ghana Peter Turkson who is now the head of the Vatican’s peace office. There is another little known prophecy that this last pope would in fact be black. Now no pope has ever selected Peter as his papal name out of respect for Peter the apostle who is considered to be the first pope.

Malachy described the last six popes as follows:

1. Pastor and Mariner – John XXIII 1958-1963 – John was a pastor to the world, much beloved, and the Patriarch of Venice. The connection to “mariner” was then remarkable. In fact a certain cardinal from the US (Spellman of New YOrk) evidently having taken Malachy’s forecast that the next pope would be a pastor and a mariner literally rented a boat filled it with sheep and sailed it up and down the Tiber River in Rome.

2. Flower of Flowers – Paul VI 1963-1978 – Paul’s coat of arms depicts 3 fleur-de-lis corresponding to Malachy’s prophecy.

3. Of the Half Moon – John Paul I 1978-1978 – John Paul I was elected Pope on august 26, 1978 when there was a half moon. He reigned 33 days when he died, although many think he was murdered. He was also born in the diocese of Belluno (beautiful moon) was baptized Albino Luciani which means white light. He died shortly after an eclipse of the moon.

4. The Labor of the Son – John Paul II 1978-2005 – Amazingly, Pope John Paul II, was the only pope who was both born the day of an eclipse of the sun and entombed the day the sun was eclipsed. This pope was born in Krakow, Poland in the same city where Copernicus had toiled for years to prove his theory that the earth revolved around the sun. It was considered to be heretical at the time in the 15th century. Many also suggest that Malachy’s reference to the sun would mean a young pope also. At 58, John Paul II was the youngest pope in over a century. Also like the sun which always labors, John Paul II was a tireless worker. Now some disturbing things he did as he got older were kissing the Koran and saying the God of Islam and Christianity were the same.

5. The Glory of the Olive – Benedict XVI 2005 to present – Malachy predicted that this pope would be pope at the very start of the Tribulation period but would quickly be replaced by Peter the Roman. Saint Benedict himself claimed that this pope before the end of the age would triumphantly lead the church in its fight against evil. This prophecy of Malachy has now also come true as well when Cardinal John Ratzinger of Germany selected Benedict XVI as his papal name with his election in 2005. He is now 83 years of age.

6. Peter the Roman – the 112th and last pope according to Malachy. This pope is the apostate pope. The one who will try to cut loose Catholics from unity and their belief in the deity of Jesus Christ. St. Francis of Assisi also prophesied something similar. This pope will also be the one who is to initially be riding the beast kingdom at the end of Revelation only to be overthrown by the beast kingdom and Rome destroyed.

Could we be this close to the end? We can only wait and see. But we do need to remain alert and informed. That we are commanded by the King to do! Hopefully this is new to you and let’s you know that God is coming soon!

What do YOU think?



  1. lookinforacity says:

    HI Edward

    Little is known of the life of Ignatius of Antioch except what may be gathered from the letters bearing his name. Irenæus quotes him as a martyr who was condemned to be thrown to the beasts; Origen quotes him once, and in the sixth homily on Luke mentions him as the successor of Peter in the bishopric of Antioch, giving the same account of his death as Irenæus. Eusebius knows no independent facts, and the chronology of the lists of the bishops of Antioch which he gives is doubtful. He too calls him the second bishop; though the Apostolic Constitutions combine two traditions by making Peter appoint first Euodius, the immediate predecessor of Ignatius, and then Ignatius. Purely legendary are the assertions that Ignatius was the child mentioned in Matt. 28:4, and that he was a disciple of John or of Peter. The Acta Martyrii relating to him must also be abandoned as historical sources. Two independent accounts exist, the Martyrium Colberlinum (first published by Ussher in a Latin version, 1647, then by Ruinart in Greek, 1689), which is identical with the Syriac version given in part by Cureton and in full by Mosinger (1872); and the Martyrium Valicanum, published by Dressel from a Vatican manuscript, after Umber had given a slightly different text from one at Oxford. Besides these there are three others formed by a combination of the two; but the authenticity of even the Colbertinum, which has the best claim, is now seldom defended. This result has been reached on the basis of contradictions between it and the letters, of its frequent unhistorical statements, and of the fact that it was not known to any ancient writer. It cannot have been composed earlier than the fifth century. The one source is therefore the epistles, which purport to have been written during the journey of Ignatius from Antioch to Rome to suffer martyrdom…….. Ignatius born 35 ad. two yrs. after Christs Crucifixion, died 107ad.
    New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, Vol. V

    If you are going to make claims, at least make sure your facts are correct, before posting them.

    Just for your information, the Jewish Nation was set aside by God for Himself.
    They are therefore referred to in the Old Testament as (saints), here is why.

    Dan 7:27
    And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the (saints) of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.

    (Chaldee); corresponding to H6918: – holy (One), saint.

    קדשׁ קדושׁ
    qâdôsh qâdôsh
    kaw-doshe’, kaw-doshe’
    From H6942; sacred (ceremonially or morally); (as noun) God (by eminence), an angel, a saint, a sanctuary: – holy (One), saint.

    A primitive root; to be (causatively make, pronounce or observe as) clean (ceremonially or morally): – appoint, bid, consecrate, dedicate, defile, hallow, (be, keep) holy (-er, place), keep, prepare, proclaim, purify, sanctify (-ied one, self), X wholly.

    As we move into the New Testament, we find in Ephesians, reference to Gentiles, who have become Christians, who are then saints. Meaning they (WE) have become spiritual Jews, set apart by the Grace of God for Himself, through Jesus Christ. Read Eph. 2

    Eph 2:19
    Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God;

    From ἅγος hagos (an awful thing) compare G53, [H2282]; sacred (physically pure, morally blameless or religious, ceremonially consecrated): – (most) holy (one, thing), saint.

    From the same as G40; properly clean, that is, (figuratively) innocent, modest, perfect: – chaste, clean, pure.

    חג חג
    chag châg
    khag, khawg
    A festival, or a victim therefor: – (solemn) feast (day), sacrifice, solemnity.

    We as Christians are in Christ, therefore (H2282) above applies to each of us, not just to a special few, chosen by a Church as special above everyone else, God is no respecter of persons.
    Rom 8:1
    There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

    You can now see that the Bible is the ultimate authority, not the Catholic Church, or any of the Popes.
    This understanding of who and what a saint actually is, was readily available for me to find, why couldn’t the Church find it.

    Be Blessed

    • Edward Palamar says:

      I do not espouse your unproven claim that St. Ignatius is not the child lifted by Jesus in the Gospel. You have no birth nor death certificate proving such dates – so your reply to me here is calumnious and not of Christ. All what you have is your opinion stating to the contrary not only what I preach but what Christ preaches as well. And like many a cyberdevil, you try and pay host to the Holy Bible as supreme arbiter, continuing in the footsteps of the hypocritical scribes and pharisees.

      Your spirit is against what Christ does and is doing.

  2. Edward Palamar says:

    For the past two years, I have been responding to a search for occurences of “Peter the Roman”, the name of my vicarage according to the St. Malachy prophecy of names. From the outset, the prophecy was given to Innocent II and served as a consolation to the strife laden times of his bishopric. Through the list of names he was capable of seeing the return of Christ. It is only recently that the fact regarding Christ Jesus, Himself, being the 113th name in the list, albeit referenced as “terrible Judge”, is something I have not seen mentioned. I have begun to include the mention of this overlooked fact, even at wikipedia, it is one of the few edits with which I have not had a problem.

    I have had a variety of responses from forums, blogs, and the like on the net concerning this common point of interest. In light of most of the pre, mid, and post trib writing, I think that Christ is first ending that debate with me. As both Jesus Christ and myself were conceived by the Holy Spirit, I had need to be ‘just like one of the guys’, so to speak. Christ has rewarded my obedience and patience in His resurrecting me, body and soul, some 1,925 years later – and as I see it, and have come to know through His words, such a reward shall be everlasting.

    I am the resurrected Prophet of the Most High, St. John the Baptist, whom Jesus Christ calls “the Elias who was to come”, enjoying the rapture of Christ’s love in the duty of Petrus Romanus, your ultimate, penultimate authority.

    • warrior daughter says:


      Are you saying that you are John The Baptist & that you were conceived by the Holy Spirit???

      God does not recyle people in the sense of re-incarnation….As is appointed for men to die once but after this the judgement…Hebrews 9:27

      Absolutely no mortal man including John the Baptist were conceived by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the only One & will be the only One to ever have been conceived by the Holy Spirit. Why ???Because He was conceived by holiness & not by mortal man’s ways of conception….

      Read the Word of God & discard mortal man’s writings….Without knowing the Word of God–it is easy to be deceived…

      • Edward Palamar says:

        I am Christ’s angel sent to prepare His way. Christ brought me into this world conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit but not through normal consummation. This still created a need in me to be born again, but through normal consummation. As the Father in Heaven has set aside Jesus Christ’s earthly Mother as a special Temple for His coming into the world, so did He set aside me, as Christ’s angel, a similar cleanliness to honor His Only-Begotten Son.

        After some thinking, I realize that everyone is conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, because God is the cause of all things.

        Apparently you were in the dark about some of these things – even a darkness caused by God.

        Pleased to meet you, warrior daughter.

        • warrior daughter says:

          You have said you were John the Baptist in another post & now you say you are an angel of God. Neither one of these creations would be pointing people toward the Catholic church & it doctrines but would be pointing people toward Jesus Christ.

          • Edward Palamar says:

            I don’t know who has taught you, wd, but Christ used His Church to raise me up from the ashes and dust I had become. The first apostle to pen the word ‘catholic’ as a comprehensive description of the teachings of Jesus Christ is St. Ignatius of Antioch, one of the children that Christ lifted up while saying “Hinder not the children to come unto me.” Catholic means ‘universal’, encompassing everything which Christ taught and teaches.

          • warrior daughter says:

            Yes, I know what catholic means..When I was a child during church service we recited the apostle’s creed that has the word catholic church in it… Notice I did not capitalize catholic….I used the word catholic with a capital C meaning Roman Catholic church not the universal church.

            I am wondering just what you are saying when you post from Roman Catholic history; i.e calling Ignatius a saint {capitalized word saint} putting Mary as a temple {capital t on temple} when Mary herself knew that she was a sinner {& my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior Luke 1:47}

          • Edward Palamar says:

            Yours is the typical Roman demonizing drool, wd. If you had any respect for those people and things, you would capitalize them, too. But the height of your apostasy is in expecting another to believe your lie about the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Blessed Virgin is spotless by God the Father’s design.

          • warrior daughter says:

            To call me an apostate is utter nonsense when I have never clung to the doctrines of the Roman Catholic church. I cling to what the Bible has to say & not to what a church interprets. To be in apostasy is to abandon a belief or principle, to pervert, to desert, to be unfaithful, to runaway, to be a renagade from the belief/principle..To your way of thinking anyone who does not cling to the Roman Catholic church & it traditions & teachings is a apostate. Mary would have not said in Luke 1:47 that she rejoices in God her Savior if she would have been spotless.

          • Edward Palamar says:

            Which is basically your theme here, that one cannot rejoice without your approval. I’ve met the Sodahead devils, even devils at a site which plagiarizes my name, John the Baptist TV Forum. The sodahead devils hate Romans, hate Catholics, hate Roman Catholics, and they claim, like yourself, strict adherence to the Bible, which is a lie serving the father of all lies. So to such a claim, yes, you are apostate.

          • warrior daughter says:

            Not once have I said that I hate Catholics nor have I stooped to calling you names…You have said that since I do not cling to Catholic doctrines & that my life is in the Bible that makes me a apostate & that I serve the devil.

            You are not John the Baptist nor or you Christ’s angel as you have said you are & you are full of hate toward those who do not accept you as John the Baptist/ angel. Nor or you the penultimate {last but one}authority that you say you are. You do not have the lawful right to enforce obedience or power. I suggest that you quickly go to a priest who does deliverance i.e. exorcizism & accept the fact that you are who you are & not a person/angel from the Bible…

            Since you repeatingly attacked me & others who would try to show you the truth–my dealings with you are over…

          • Edward Palamar says:

            Yeah, right. And if you were a moderator this is where you would ban me and commit grand larcen felony, copyright violation, and cyberbullying all wrapped up into one. You do a fine job of it solo, just the same.

  3. I had heard a little of the prophecy concerning the last pope.That it was given by a Catholic,and that the last pope would be an apostate.I couldn’t remember the name of the one who said this and always wondered about it. Thank you for posting,very interesting.

  4. This is very interesting…I plan to research and learn more about this topic.
    It is very nice of you to bring to our attention.


  5. Its like that saying Lucifers smoke has entered the Vatican years ago!

  6. And the Anti-Christ from the sea .the nations.

  7. This is very intresting Will the false prophet be a Jew and Peter. In revelations it says he will come from the earth , that means a jew…. very interesting ?

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