Sponsored Evangelism

Most Christians understand the need to share their faith with family and people that they care about but few take the bold steps to action their beliefs. The task of evangelism often gets left up to pastors or the "evangelists" – after all, they are the ones called to share the Gospel. But why are there so few full time evangelists within the church?

There are many people within the church who are called to the specific ministry of "evangelist" and they struggle to get out and do a great deal of "evangelism" because they are busy running businesses or working secular jobs so that they can pay their rent or mortgage and put food on the table for their families. They try to get out on the streets regularly but their best energy and time is spent doing their regular day jobs. So is there a solution to the evangelists’ dilema? Can they or should they be stepping out in faith, quitting their jobs and hitting the streets with full time evangelism? Most Churches have numerous paid positions like pastors, youth pastors, administrators, worship leaders etc.. but few or perhaps none have full-time evangelists that they employ to witness on the streets in their local area. Why is this? Is it dangerous to pay an evangelist? Would it attract evangelists for the wrong reasons? These issues and more are raised in this interesting article which explores a new concept of evangelism: Sponsored Evangelism.

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