Books and References on Spiritual Warfare

Not everything relevant to the subject of deliverance and spiritual warfare is included on a site such as this. In my view some deliverance ministries are unbalanced and make extreme statements which are not totally true. The truth is extreme enough anyway without making universal statements with no clear foundation in Scripture. Anyway, here are the titles of some books and authors I can recommend on the subject of deliverance.

1. Christian, Set Yourself Free – by Graham Powell. As a full-time evangelist, Graham Powell did have quite some fruit for God even while he himself was tormented by demonic oppression. He talks about his own experience in this book, as well as giving a good summary of the relevant information Christians should understand in order to get free of demonic oppression.

2. Expelling Demons – by Derek Prince. A classic booklet by an outstanding pioneering teacher whose ministry has influenced many of today’s Christian leaders and evangelists for good.

3. Healing through Deliverance – Peter Horrobin. One of the main leaders in the Ellel ministries. That ministry has done a lot to help many in the Body of Christ come into a real freedom in Christ.

Spiritual Warfare

I distrust books full of extra-Scriptural revelations on this subject, especially where the authors themselves have little proven evangelistic fruit. Nevertheless, if you are called to be an intecessor you should learn what you can, but please avoid getting weird. The Scriptures give plenty of material on prayer. We should imitate those whose fruit can be demonstrated.

That None Should Perish – by Ed Silvoso. Excellent battle manual for revival. Solid Scriptural foundation.

Listen to Me, Satan! – by Carlos Annacondia. Written by perhaps one of the world’s greatest revivalists, this book is worth reading. Annacondia has proved that these concepts work.

Let me know of other books you’d like to recommend.

One visitor has recommened Free in Christ – by Pablo Botari. I understand this man is an associate of Carlos Annacondia, a pretty good reference in itself.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Jesus_Iz_Lord says:

    God help us to seek your face and see clearly according to your will and purpose. God to you be all the glory bless and touch every reader on this site father in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  2. Tearz-4-Jesus says:

    Ah a great book i once read was “Mysterious secrets of the dark kingdom”. . .by J.p Timmons and his deliverance ministry. . .its a great book that explains and reveals tons of secrets of the darkside e.g how to pray against them with the power of Jesus.. Why lucifer ended up in hell..who are his companians. .how they work 2 destroy us etc. . .its quite an old book but rare,if any1 can get there hands on it ,itl be a blessing…

  3. I would like to recommend my book, and I’d like to recommend it for two reasons: the first is that it is born of practical experience, and will help others fight physically. Secondly, I believe if my advice were combined, used alongside of scriptural adherence, people would battle quickly and effectively. I would also like to invite you to become a member of both my website and my organization: FIGHT. A COALITION AGAINST EVIL. I’m in the process of trying to Network worldwide, that we may have a way for those who fight to communuicate, and that others who are fighting can find us quickly and effectively. I would be honored if you’d join.

    Rebecca Tacosa Gray

    • warrior daughter says:

      I went to your site and your site embraces all faiths and that is where you fail…You use third eye, charkas, aura layers mixed with some Christian teachings….
      A list of exorcists are catholic priests, a psychic and a man who embraces a false Jesus, lord Buddah,archangel Michael, divine mother, commander Ashtar and many others of spiritual hierarchy…The spirits are in reality demons and not from the Heavenly Father, the One who created you and knows you better than your own self does…
      The site also has catholic teachings that are full of error and are based on man and a smidigon of the Bible…
      This is where you error mightily….You CANNOT be free through these practices and you are being deceived by the very hater of your soul and that is Satan and his demons ….
      You must come unto the true Jesus the Jesus of the Holy Bible and He and He alone will set you free….
      At this moment in time you think you are free but in reality you have bought into more demonic insidious lies….
      I could post more but that would defeat my purpose of this post and that is to warn others…..

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