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  1. pattie farm says:

    I wrote a letter, I received a response it said you would narate and get back to me. I hope you dont think I am crazy or that it was a joke? If you do please pray to the Lord, trust me is not I need help. Please answer or follow up however your ministry works, I am in tremendous pain and my life is upside down. In jesus name I thought your were my hope and help to understand from the Lord , sister Pattie

  2. i dont really know how to say this without sounding crazy. but, here i go. i am under some type of influence/curse of a relative. its been this way for many years. nothing goes right. i backslide and now im struggling to get backto god, but its so hard. my health is under attack, i cant stop eating. is there anyone out there who has overcome this?

    • Morrie,

      You may well be under a curse from a relative.
      Curses are much more prevelent in peoples lives than many realise.
      The good news is that you can be free from any curse because of the blood of Jesus, shed for you.

      Sometimes we need to enforce the rights of God over our lives but if our hearts are not fully His, there remains some room for the devil to claim a foothold.

      I encourage you to surrender completely to the Living God. Go before Him with a contrite heart and ask for the power of curses to be broken. The Lord may well reveal the precise nature of your afflictions.

      Try fasting to gain control over longings of the earthly body.

      God bless,


  3. I request for deliverance from any bondage of the devil and the opening of new opportunities into my life.

  4. john mickelson says:

    my mom ann has advanced ovarian cancer. her heart and blood have bene damaged by treatments. i ask that you pray her cancer to be healed and that her heart and blood is healed. she may be under a satanic curse. so i ask you pray for the curse to be broken and any demons removed causing her cancer. i ask this to be prayed in jesus name.

    • Mark and Lavern Bonds says:

      Sister we will and can pray for your MOM. Here is the truth we have learned.

      Ovarian Cancer is coming out of a woman’s HATRED FOR HERSELF AND HER SEXUALITY. UNCLEAN AND UNLOVING SPIRITS THAT ACCUSE HERin the cleanness of her sexuality can lead into self-bitterness and self-loathing concerning her own sexuality.
      Please talk to your Mom and let her know everything she has ever done can and is forgiven by and through JESUS CHRIST, Let her know he has cast all her sins in the SEA OF FORGETFULNESS, NEVER TO REMEBER NO MORE. Ask her to forgive herself and you star coming against these spirits mentioned and believe in JESUS NAME and command them to go to the dry places of the earth. They must go, but your mom must fall totally oit of agreeance with them and love herself and believe GOD loves her.

      Your Brother and Sister in CHRIST
      Mark and Lavern



    • Siyanda Njena says:

      I greet you in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. What would you say if I told you there is nothing wrong with you or your family, but what is badly wrong with you is your tongue and yout thoughts. Are you a born again christian?? this is a very important question?? Therefor if any man be in Christ, All things are passed away, behold all things become NEW (2 Corithian 5:17. You are a new creation in Christ!! This means everything concerning your past sins and have been wiped away. The devil can no longer hold anything from your past agains you, Glory to God!! The bible again says; Be Not conformed to this world, but be ye Transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). Do you understand this you no longer operate to the level of this world, meaning you no longer thing curses, since curses will lead to DEATH, The Son of man overcame DEATH for you. You only need to cheer up!! Spend more time thinking about God’s blessing over for your life, victory, protection, success, health because that is why Jesus died for us so we could Praise, Worship, and Bless his Name, not worry about Curses HE OVERCAME ON THE CROSS.

  6. Jay Di Napoli says:

    Please pray for me! I’m under this curse right now! My father was already married when he met my mother and he failed to tell her that for nearly two years. Also, my mother was sexually assaulted when she was 14 years old. I feel so helpless. I’m also dealing with the spirit of rejection as well. Please help me to believe and not to doubt.



    • this is what I learned a day ago at a prophetic conference in Dallas. we were taught that the only way to fight the power of principality was by sacrife to God. Sacrifice can be in form of money or what God leads you. In the olden times, they sacrificed animals with no blemish. So, whatever God leads you, give a sacrife to God. That way, the power that is going on in your family is going to be defeated in Jesus name. And remember that you need to be a warrior now, when you’ve agreed with God, be on guard. Stand on the word of God, don’t let anything weaken your faith. Keep believing on God’s report on deliverance. The devil might try to bring up stuff but fight him with a sacrife to God.

    • Gods sunflower says:

      Jay, get a copy of the book “Prepare for War” by Rebecca Brown MD, for starters it would help. I also know what it is like to have intense feelings of rejection on my life. Ask Him(Jesus) to remove the spirit of rejection from your life. It was only recently after a delivence service I attended that I don’t have those feelings anymore. I can honestly say to you that rejection is a spirit and need to be dwelt with accordingly. Your mother too would need deliverence. God is more than able to bring help to those who call upon His name. Again I encourage you Jay to get the book and read it throughly

    • Mark and Lavern Bonds says:

      My wife and I have been deliverance ministers for 6 years running now and Jay is right. Rebecca Browns Book Unbroken Curses will give the insight that you need to truly break the curses that are on your life right now.
      I don’t know what the heck the other person meant by the heresy of the meetings thier going to about giving sacrifices to God. This sounds like a money making meeting not a Bible Believing Spirit filled meeting. JESUS CHRIST WAS OUR SACRIFICE AND THERE IS NO OTHER SACRIFICE THAT WILL EVER PLEASE GOD. The FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST AND THE POWER GIVEN TO US AND THE KNOWLEDGE IS ALL, I MEAN ALL THAT IT TAKES. The book of Duet. chapters 28-30 describe all the curses we can and will get by disobeying God’s word. He said in HOSEA 4:6 (I beleive) My people are destroyed from the lack of knowledge.

      Brother, there is HOPE and deliverance when we are ready to surrender totaly to GOD’s word and his ways.

      Incredibly Amazed at some junk going on out there when GOD’s chosen people are crying out for help.

      Brother and Sister in Christ
      Mark and Lavern

  7. Julius Laggah says:

    I believe, teach and sometimes minister deliverance and I live in Africa. But I have realised that there is an overemphasy on the subject that people are using it to make gain. What do have to say?

  8. I have been to a church because I felt as though something in the spiritual world was bothering me and my kids. I ask is it possible that we have been cursed by my x husband who I believe was involved with an occultist. He looked at me as though I am crazy and said that it wasn’t possible that I could be cursed.
    Now I am convinced that it is true, one of my children has been talking about causing death to people, am I crazy??

    I have been woken up in the night at 4 every day, when I get up I feel as though something is bothering me and my child is also up very many times when I awake. I dont know who to turn to and it seems my church cannot help.

    If anyone can offer advice in some way I would be grateful. God Bless and may he lord send me an answer to my prayers

    • Where do you live? Its a matter of finding stable, God-fearing people near you who actually understand spiritual warfare. They can help you if you also will do your part. Draw near to God, read the Bible a lot and ask God to show you any disobedience that could have given the enemy grounds to attack you. Then repent of it. Believe the promises of God in the Bible, given for your good. Especially read the Psalms. They are good for spiritual warfare.

    • Have you confessed Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? Then you may have to repent and ask for forgiveness for you and your ex-husband. It most defenitely seem as though there could be some demonic presence in your home. Spiritual cleans your home of any occult books, music, pictures, etc. You may need to find a church that operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And you may also need to be filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues; thats power you need to fight back. Also anoint you and your children daily and continue to pray til you find the church that can help with deliverance. Also learn your authority, especially using the Blood of Jesus. There churches that willing to help get you healed delivered and set free

    • I know exactly what will help, it has helped me to, please go to this website http://www.1christianbook.com. I really hope it helps and read all the scriptures possible. You will be okay in


      I am an evangelist and the Lord has put us in a deliverance ministry and we have been given the answers you need for total freedom from satan and his demons. Yes curses are very true and very real and there is HOPE and it is several things that must happen before curses can be broken. It is not just simply repenting and getting saved. God and his word is full of direction and most christians and many Pastors and church goers don’t even realize and are in such denial it is scary. The word of God says in Hosea “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” Please E-mail us if you are still interested and we will gladly assist in getting total deliverance for you and your children. God cares and he is still alive and he still delivers. Please contact us as soon as possible and if you will leave a phone number and we will call you and counsel with you and see what God plans to do. [email protected] May God be with you and we are praying now for you and your deliverance.

    • Gods sunflower says:

      You need to get a copy of the book by Rebecca Brown “He came to set the captives free” and Prepare for War”, it gives in details a lot of what you wrote about. Please read especially Prepare for War”.

      Pages 271-272
      “Unfortunaltly John’s troubles did not end there. Shortly afterwards, he awakened every night from his sleep screaming. He said that, although he could not see him, he knew Mike was present in the room. The invisible Mike would pin John diwn on the bed and sodomize him. John had never participated in any sort of homosexuality at any time in his life, and his horror at what was happening to him threw him into a panic. Although he could see nothing, he clearly felt this retum being penetrated as if someone was physically committing the act. This occurred over and over again. John was a nervous wreck and exhausted from lack of sleep. He and his pastor anointed his house repeatedly. They went through everthing in the house looking for any possile object left there by Mike. Finally, Hohn and his wife moved. Nothing helped. This was when they contacted me.(Rebecca). I had several long talks with John and his pastor, looking for the key. I knew that since anointing the house did not succeed in keeping Mike’s astral prjected spirited out, that either the Lord was permitting this battle for some reason, or, most likely, there was some legal ground for Satan in John’s life. We spent several frustrating weeks searching for the key. Finally, after much prayer, I was lead to ask John more about his parents……..

      God will lead you to the right people to help your family with deliverence.
      God Bless.

    • I want to encourage you that I if you “stand firm in your faith and resist in the devil, he will flee from you”. As a born-agin believer you have the legal right to be free from any oppressive forces. And there is victory through Jesus Christ. Believe me, I have had problems of similar nature. I was a scientific thinking aethiest who then became aware that evil spirtitual forces exist after years of torment and eventual spiritual manefestations. I was then on a quest to find out who God was. I tried many avenues until I felt touched by the true living God. Freedom came when I eventually found a church that understood the truth. If you are in the London, UK area, please look up the following link and you will be taken care of: http://www.ncf.me.uk/. I wish you all the best!

    • I Love Jesus says:

      Ask Jesus to save you, he will deliver you from the curse . He is the only way. Darkness can not stand light, and so the curse will be broken now in the Powerful Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Greater then is in me then that is in the World. Jesus Christ Died to pay for all of your sins, he is our deliverer, ask him now to save you from your sins and wash you clean now in the name of Jesus. Claim the Blood of Jesus every time you feel this way, and Jesus powerful Love will zap away the darkness in your life that you feel. You must ask Jesus to help deliver you and mean it with all of your heart all of your soul and all of your mind. As you do this, your faith will grow in Christ Jesus, and you will see your life change for ever.

      Hold on to the hope I give to you, do not give up and Jesus will see you through, fight for your life with christ ‘s Holy Spirtie ressurated Power that you abtain the moment you ask Jesus to come and live in your Heart and to help save your soul. And refuse to believe anything the dark forces are trying to tell you.

      I will pray for you that the Holy spirite resurreted Powerful anointing of this message will tranfer to your heart in Jesus Christ name immediately.

      God Bless your Home with the mighty Power of Jesus Christ Blood to wash away the curse,

      I love you in Jesus name.

    • I cant give you any advice but Ive had simular events happen to me.. Every night – 3am on the dot for weeks at a time.. Oh and then the fun stuff started 🙂 that lasted for about 6 months before I started getting better at all.. Thought I was going crazy.. Best of luck to you..

  9. Akinyele Oke says:

    I love you to be sending me any new information from your website

  10. What about Deut 24:16? The fact that Jesus did not speak of curses?

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