Spiritual Power – Getting the Right Stuff

Jesus said, "For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this
mountain, ‘Be removed and cast into the sea’ and does not doubt in his heart,
but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever
he says
." (Mark 11:23). It is amazing to have the power to have "what
you say" and this power is available to "whoever believes".

The operation of spiritual power requires faith. It may be faith in God, or
faith in something else linked to the power of the devil, but faith is always
involved. This verse says ‘whoever’. There is power in our words when we believe
in our hearts and don’t doubt.

To seek spiritual power outside of a submissive relationship to Jesus Christ
is to practice witchcraft. The practice of witchcraft is increasing in these
last days. If you have been practicing witchcraft you will come to know that
there is a heavy price to pay. The practice of occultism demands rituals and
sacrifices on an ever-increasing basis. The fact that it sometimes works does
not make it right. Witchcraft in all its forms operates by the power of demons
who are liars and deceivers. This kind of power will eventually destroy you
unless you truly repent. There is deliverance in Jesus even from witchcraft,
but you must be very sincere with God to have any chance of freedom.

Christians, if we humble ourselves before God and focus on Jesus we will have
the victory over every kind of witchcraft. Do not allow yourself to be distracted
from Christ – be it through the things of the world, or through the more subtle
trap of legalism, through which Satan wishes to put us in a relationship with
a set of rules and not with Christ who alone can make us what we ought to be.
(Read Galatians 3:1-5).

Christians – you are in God’s army. Use your weapons!

For the Christian, someone who belongs to Jesus Christ and is submitted to
Him, spiritual power is a command, not an option. "Be strong in
the Lord and in the power of His might" (Ephesians 6:10). "Be filled
with the Spirit" (Ephesians 5:18). "But wait in the city until you
are clothed with power from on high"( Luke 24:49). "Imitate me as
I imitate Christ". (1 Corinthians 11:1; Philippians 3:17). "In my
name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues" (Mark
16:17). "Heal the sick" (Matthew 10:8). "Teach them to obey all
I commanded you" (Matthew 28:19). "As He sent me, so I send you"

(John 20:21).

To have true spiritual power as God wants us to have, one needs what Pentecostal
Christians call "The Baptism in the Holy Spirit". Read more about
it here. You must pray
and use the Word of God in these last days. People are dying out there. Its
time for war.

Seek the Spiritual Power that God Wants to Give

The great need of the church today is Kingdom power. I have known a measure
of that power in my life. It is something you experience, and it is something
that works. It is not political power, or even the authority to rule over others
(that kind of power is different and is not wise for us to seek after it – let
God appoint you if He wants to). The spiritual power we should seek is the power
to reveal Christ as Savior, Lord and Healer and to influence people to repent.
It is the power to defeat demons in their work of defiling human beings with
sin and sickness. The Holy Spirit will work powerfully to convict people of
sin and lead them to repentance if we let Him convict us and lead us to repentance
first. God will give us power to defeat demons if we are willing to obey Him.
But what is God actually asking from us?

God wants us to love Him and others. We can express this love in praise and
worship towards God, and in acts of mercy and truth towards others. Building
on that foundation, we can pray and fast for the revelation of the power
of God in and through our lives. Fasting (not eating) is a way to humble ourselves,
hear the voice of God and express strong desire towards God. It multiplies the
power of our prayers. Fasting was practiced by all the great Bible saints and
by the apostles and prophets as well. It is a major key to spiritual power.

God wants us to "eagerly desire spiritual gifts" (1 Corinthians 14:1)
– but these gifts only work effectively in the context of the moving of the
power of God. Spiritual gifts are helpful to reveal God and bring others closer
to Him. They are not given to make us look powerful, clever or important.
They are given to glorify Jesus Christ.

Spiritual power is a key to waking up sleeping Christians. It is an essential
ingredient in successful evangelism. I challenge all Christians to go after
that power that Jesus promised. "You will receive power" after the
Holy Spirit comes upon you.

Spiritual Authority

There are at least two kinds of spiritual authority. One is authority over
demons, and the other is authority over other people. Every true Christian has
authority over demons by walking and speaking "in the name of Jesus".
The only time we don’t have authority over demons is when for whatever reason,
we are somehow submitting to their influence. The best way to avoid this
is to practice meditation on the Word of God.

The spiritual authority that goes with leadership in human affairs is a very
dangerous thing to covet. God always puts a person through many trials to effectively
prepare them to handle this kind of authority. God requires an account regarding
the people He gave us authority to lead (Hebrews 13:17-19). Humility comes before
exaltation – pride comes before a fall.

If we seek influence or position for ourselves, and use manipulation or other
fleshly tactics to obtain it, we are playing with fire, and making a serious
mistake. Let God promote you. Whatever influence you obtain through the power
of the flesh must be maintained by the power of the flesh. A leader who has
been promoted by God is not insecure about his position. A leader who has used
manipulation to obtain his position is very often manipulative and controlling
in exercising that leadership.

Paul told Timothy not to appoint novices to positions of spiritual authority,
lest they become proud and fall into the condemnation of the devil.

Even though we may greatly desire to be used by God, it is best to wait upon
God and allow Him to call us up higher, rather than trying to promote ourselves.
Anyway, high positions carry high responsibilities, and to serve in these positions
faithfully requires much sacrifice and suffering. I’m not rushing after these
things any more – the only way I will do it is by the clear invitation of God.

Many who are first shall be last, and the last first. Don’t seek spiritual
authority – seek intimacy of relationship with God. He will then give grace
to get through the trials you must endure to carry the spiritual authority you
must carry for His glory and not your own.

Michael Roderick

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  1. may God keep us in Spiritual powers which will lead us to encourage us to grow spiritually and pray that God will send Jesus to us to take us home

  2. Meshach Okposi says:

    My problems lies on money because I don’t really have time for my self, I leave house early morning and come back late with peanut money so I need financial help

  3. Michael Stilson says:

    Thank you Michael. You see i have been sorta searching for what i am supposed to do. I have time but i feel it has been pressing on me more and more that i must think and hurry. You see i am only 14 but i have much resposibility coming in my life. At the age of 13 i strayed away from God. My girlfriend and I practiced sexual relations and she is now pregnant. In August i will be a dad but i will have no child to raise. My parents are working in the military and our family is moving away from my current home, Ohio, to Colorado. I will be there until i graduate. I wish i could stay and raise my baby and keep my relationship with my girlfriend strong but i am forced to move. AT first i did not see the reason God would not want me with her, but it is now i see that i am to stop from sinning with her. I am being sent to colorado away from my baby but i think its meant to be a place where i will explore God’s truths and grow deeper and closer to him. You see i am not one to search for power, but i never knew if when in the bible Jesus said, “With the faith of a mustard seed you may move a mountain.” I did not know whether the actual moving was physicall as in picking up a mountain or if it was speaking as in a mountain being a non-believing person and you moving(Changing his mind) into believing in God, but now i know that it is what you believe and throught God i will gain whatever powers he wants me to have to bring others to him. I will bring my faith to the world… I will start with my girlfriend who is catholic christian but does not go to church or believe in all the words of Jesus… I will persuade her that my moving away is meant to be and that things will work out through the spirit. It is a difficult subject with her because she does not show proper respect to me when addressing my faith. I am off to start reading the bible. I have not read the bible in so long that it is deeply sad. I will now read until i go to church. Thank you. I do not know why but i wouldn’t mind you emailing me back a reply. I would like someone to discuss things with.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for having the courage to share with us your situation. Even though you have sinned, it doesn’t mean that everything will end badly. In fact, start praying for your child and you never know how God will bless and work with the child and your girlfriend.

    • Hi Michael, I wish I can see you face to face, hold your hands and tell you straight that it will be alright. Yes, you missed it by leaving God’s principles of holines, but what matters most is that you are truly repentant today and decided to make a change of ways. Unfortunately, we have to live withthe consequences of our sins even after God has forgiven us, as a deterent from further engagement in them. However, God doesnt not abandon his people and will not abandon you. He will help ypu all the way, though it will be difficult and lonely sometimes.
      If you have to maintain a relationship (faith in God) with God, you must go ahead and discuss it with your girlfriend even though she shouts at you. There is no option to that. Avoiding it could mean accepting her ways and defiance of God (the true way) and a contuation of the sins that led to the baby.
      if you have to leave Ohio, go ahead and do so, but dont stop mailing, calling or visiting your friend from time to time. (dont leave her to suffer alone)
      If you really love her, and the two of your share same beliefs and can live the rest of your lives together, then plan on starting work s soon, so that you can raise enough to marry her as soon as income permits. On the other hand, I think you are still too young to get in the family way now.

      Beyond all, seek godly counsel from a good church leader somewhere around your neighbourhood. I will be praying for you and believe the best for you. My greatest hapiness is that you are returned to God.
      God cares!

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