Spirit of Infirmity comes out

On Friday, the Lord delivered me from a demonic spirit (I believe it was a spirit of infirmity) during a prayer meeting. The day before the prayer meeting, I told him I was tired of being oppressed by the devil and that I wanted to be well. Then on Friday after dinner, before the prayer meeting, He gave me a dream/vision of one of the ladies at our prayer meeting praying deliverance for me. So I called her and asked her if they could pray for me after praise and worship. It had started manifesting when she was prophesying, but then kind of got “stuck” I cant think of a better word than that. Then when they anointed me with oil and started praying, it manifested in a huge way. I was throne to the floor and screams were coming out of my mouth. The whole time though, even through the screaming, I had a feeling of peace that the Lord was taking care of everything and that all would be fine. After the spirit was gone, my whole body had the “shakes”. The only way I can describe it is it felt like after giving birth to each of my children, my legs and body would shake, and that is what happened, and also two of the woman who had been praying during the deliverance also had the shakes. But the men did not. Paltalk Nic: Song of the Lamb

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