Spirit of Harlotry – #2- Harlotry vs Wisdom part2

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Okay everyone, this is part2 of Harlotry vs Wisdom.


Part 2- Spirit of Harlotry- Harlotry vs. Wisdom

      Guys I am just sharing with you what I have seen happen in deliverance to hopefully give you a little insight, and you all can process this. I hope this helping some of you who have been involved in deliverance or are dealing with some these issues in your own life make some sense of all of this. It ought to be fun to come to church. Don’t get religious on me now. God intended this to be fun to come to church. It is funny how we do everything else naturally, but when we come to church we have to do something real stupid. Let’s go to church and be stupid, and do stuff we never do anywhere else. Let’s just go to church and do it. I just think that is stupid. I don’t think you ought to be any different in church than you are any place else. If you are you are a hypocrite, quit it. Brother what you see here is what you get everywhere.

     As I have gone down this road of teaching ministering deliverance I have learned there are like four different levels of demonic activity. There are powers, there are principalities, the are rulers, there spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places. I have not really taught on that subject too much because most of the time in the day to day deliverances of people I am usually dealing with the low level demons and then there where usually be a ruler demon or strongman, and hen that principality thing. Usually the principality is over territories, nations and things, but I just learned recently they can actually be over a person and that really made me understand a little bit more after I found that out because they can actually rule a person. This harlot spirit is like the Jezebel spirit in queen Jezebel. Well Queen Jezebel was a ruler, ruler of a nation. She is a ruler. That’s a principality. She’s a princess. Do you see what I am saying? If a princess is a ruler she is a queen so she is even higher. So if that thing becomes a principality it’s a ruler. Okay to clear this up for you let’s just go here. Are you ready to go here? Are you guys enjoying this? Are you glad you came tonight?

     In the garden when Adam and Eve sinned. When God comes and starts bringing the judgment watch this in Genesis 3:16. 16: To the woman He said I will greatly multiply your pain in child birth, and in pain you shall bring forth your children. So one of the curses is the pain of child birth. Now look at the next one. Yet your desire shall be for your husband, do see that? Now you have to think about what that means. Think about that for just a little bit men and ladies. You know it is good to preach to people who are trying to hear God and do the right thing. You know you can preach to a lot of people and they will try and stone you on this. But I am trying to help everybody you know myself included. Okay guys you have got to listen to this. Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you. Is that what it says? Is this about ruler ship. When it talks about the levels it talks about the rulers and powers. It is ruling. It is about authority and rules is what this whole thing is about. When the harlot gets in there, it winds up ruling. Now it says your desire shall be for your husband. Do you know what that means? Anyone know what that means? What do you think that means? That she is going to want him physically? She wants to rule him! She wants to call the shots! It is part of the curse I think. You say how do you know that? Turn to Genesis 4. This is how I know this. Remember when Cain brought his offering and God did not receive it? And his countenance fell. In verse 6 in chapter 4. The Lord said to Cain, Why are you angry? Why has your countenance fallen? 7: If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, Look at this. Sin is crouching at the door. What is crouching at the door? Sin! Now sin is crouching have you ever seen sin crouch? Did you know that sin had a crouch? Do the lions crouch? Waiting to jump. Right! I mean when a lion is crouching.

     I had a demon in a man one time that was a lion spirit. That thing crouched at me and I thought he was going to jump up and kick me in the head. He as a big old dude and he goes to this corner and he is walking back and forth and looking at me like he was stalking me. He was a Karate expert and I am out there going what have I got myself into here. And I am thinking he is about to drop kick me in the head in about two minutes and this was quite a few years back and it scared me. It scared me real bad. I had three big boys and they where all behind me. None of them where out there with me. Three big old guys and they where nervously standing in the background and the Spirit of God came on me and I said in the name of Jesus, and when I did that he went flying through the air and hit the floor and started crying and repenting, but I thought he was going to kick me. But he had a lion tattooed on his shoulder and had a lion spirit from karate to give him strength and speed.

     Anyway if you do not do well sin is crouching at the door. Look at this! It’s desire is for you. Is that what we just read over in Genesis 3? Your desire shall be for your husband. Does it say the same thing here? Now look what God says! But you must master it. In other words you have got to rule over it. Do you see it? Are you seeing this? So this is here. We just haven’t acknowledged it and dealt with it, but we are going to and when we do we are going to see God show up like we never saw before. I think and feel in my spirit that the bad times that everyone has been saying is coming. I think it’s coming. And boy if you don’t love people then you are going to be in trouble because you might have to be living ten to a house pretty soon. You will be living like they do in Mexico. Amen! You are going to have to get along. I am telling you, you better get ready for what’s coming down. I pray God’s going to bless His people during this and show forth His mercy on His people who are walking right, but I think it could be some pretty tuff times.

     Now then, watch out for the speech of a adulteress who flatters you. Watch out! Now this going to come in the form of a lot of things especially in the last days in teaching and things that you hear that is going to entice you away from being obedient to God. Listen it is coming. The flood I have been telling you is coming to take everybody away, the flood of the last days. The words that come out of the serpents mouth. I am telling you it is going to increase and increase. I talk to a little girl today. She was telling me she had a dream. I said oh yeah what was it? She said she had a dream about a flood. Nine year old little girl was telling about her dream about a flood. I thought was interesting. Okay Proverbs chapter 5 now watch this. 1: My son, give attention to my wisdom. Didn’t we just read that in chapter 2. I wonder why he says that again? Probably because between chapter 2 and chapter 5 the people forgot it. It took three chapters and then you forget. You see God repeats things a lot. And sometimes I will go back over things and over things. Because how do you learn something? It is by repetition. Just because you heard it before does not mean you know it. I can tell you if you are not doing it then you don’t know it. Let me say that again, If your aren’t doing it then you don’t know it yet. Jesus said if you abide in my word you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. What truth makes you free? The truth you know. You don’t know it until you do it if you abide in it. You don’t know the truth unless you abide in it which means you do it, and the truth you is what makes you free. It’s not that truth makes you free, but the truth you know makes you free. Because there are lots of people who know truth but they are not free. A lot of people hear truth but they are not free. But you know it when you do it. I know when I flip that light switch the light bulb is coming on. I know that because I have done it.

     Back to Proverbs 5. 1: My son give attention to my wisdom, incline your ear to my understanding. You know what that means? There is a false wisdom and a false understanding. He did not say incline your ear to understanding; he said to my understanding. Meaning there is another understanding and there is another wisdom. That’s the harlot’s understanding and the harlot’s wisdom. The wisdom of this world and it’s not from God. You can get a wrong wisdom and a wrong understanding and think you got the right thing. This whole thing is about deception. I am just going to tell you that everything I am seeing is about deception and how many people try and deceive people all the time. I mean for example somebody trying to sell you something. Try and sell you something and deceiving you into thinking you need it. Right? Deceiving you into thinking something is wrong when it’s not wrong. What did Satan do? He was trying to deceive Eve and telling her that you don’t have what you need. You need more. You don’t have enough you need more. You are missing out. You need 14 cars in your garage. You need two for every day. A morning car and a evening car. You need a morning car and a evening car. You know what I am saying? What does all advertising do? It makes you dissatisfied with what you got so you can get something that you do no need so they can have what they don’t need. Which is take all your money which you do need. Give attention to my understanding, now you have got to remember who wrote this.

     Who wrote this? Solomon wrote this by the wisdom of God. Wisest man to ever live next to Jesus. He had 400 hundred wives and 300 concubines. He was not real smart was he? Think about it. He was deceived, because he had a spirit of harlotry all over him. You think he was somebody who knew about harlotry? I mean 400 wives and 300 concubines. Brother something ain’t right. Something ain’t right with that situation. Do you see what I am saying? This man knows what he is talking about. Because he got seduced by all those foreign wives an foreign women. Now guys I am just trying to address the spiritual aspect of this thing.

     Now then, 2: That you may observe discretion and your lips may reserve knowledge. Now here we go. You have got to get this picture. And you have got to see this thing. 3: The lips of the adulteress drip honey. That harlot spirit working in anyone. Now you have got to listen to this in the spiritual realm as well as physical and all of this. That harlot spirit is going sound so sweet. Oh It’s so good. He is just a good old boy. Oh brother so and so is just a sweet guy. Listen to those smooth words. You know what I am saying? Smoother, they drip honey. Oh they speak so eloquent. Not like they are from Arkansas or Oklahoma. They drip honey and smoother than oil and smoother than oil is her speech. Now brother have you ever tried to catch oil? It is like trying to grasp the wind. It is a little hard to grasp the wind. It is a little hard to catch that stuff isn’t it. If you find something smoother than oil. I don’t know what’s smoother than oil. I don’t know what it could be maybe some synthetic oil. Some synthetic oil by Exxon probably. I am sure there is something out there in the physical that is smoother than oil. He is probably talking about some Exxon synthetic motor oil or something. But it’s smoother than oil. It’s smoother than oil, now get this picture guys. It sounds better than the real thing. It is sweeter and better than the real thing always. That is why it entices you. That is why you fall for it. Because your heart is after your flesh and to please yourself. You know what? God will let that spirit come. Did he let it come to Adam and Eve? Yes! Did he le it come to Jesus? Yes! I will give you this if you bow down to this.

     I will give you this if you give me this. That is the unconditional unloving spirit of love thing in most marriages. I do this for you and I will do this for you and you do this for me and this for me and then if you don’t I will punish you. I will go get drunk! Wreck the car! Look at pornography! I’ll go on a shopping spree. I punish you! Now you watch this now. The harlots speech is smooth and flattering. They use you to get what they want. Why is the harlot spirit doing this? Because it wants something. Looking at natural life, the prostitute does it to get money. Get your hard earned goods. What is the harlot spirit doing? It is trying to steal your life. It is flattering you to get you so it can take you to hell.

I had demon I cast out of a woman in Guadalajara, that was called hell. It was a spirit called hell. She had three spirits one called death, one called hell, and one called the grave. It was a three stranded cord working in this woman. She had a three stranded cord. God says a three stranded cord is not easily broken. Well a demonic three stranded cord is not easily broken. You see it works both ways. We prayed with this woman for over six hours to break these spirits off of her. It took two hours a cord. It took six hours to get that woman delivered. The last one was hell. It kept saying fire, fire. I said what is your name. it said “hell”. I said what is your purpose and it said “to take the girl to hell”. This is real stuff going on out there and the church for the most part has completely ignored this and has refused too address it. Brothers and sisters we have not seen what is coming down the road where we are right now but you better open your eyes and get ready. I don’t mean to be a alarmist but I am blowing the trumpet. Sound the alarm! I guess I am a alarmist. I am alarming people. Wake up! I hope this is starting to get down in your spirit to wake you up as well as myself.

Let’s look at James 3 and we will come back to Proverbs later. Let’s take a look at the real. The best way to expose the false is to know the real. You know it’s like the false is always better than the real. You know some of the Elvis impersonators are better than Elvis. There better! Have you ever seen them? Some of those guys are better. There is one in Branson Missouri that is better than Elvis and I am thinking man he was outside the bathroom window when Elvis died because he has got his spirit and sounds just like him. I am serious man. The impersonator is always better and funnier. Have you ever seen these impressionist who impersonate people. Aren’t they funny. And they are funnier than the real guy. It’s mockery. A impersonator is a mocker. They can sound better. I would rather watch the impersonator than the real one most of the time. They’re cheaper! They won’t cost you near as much to watch them perform.


It is know different with the spirit of harlotry. Now turn to James 3:13. Watch this! True wisdom, now if there is true wisdom that means there is false wisdom. At least that is what it says at the top of my Bible anyway. 13: Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show by his good behavior and his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom. Isn’t that amazing! Wisdom has a gentleness to it. There is gentleness to wisdom. The gentleness of wisdom. If you have bitter, now circle that word bitter thirty times, if you have bitter jealousy, now watch this! If you got bitter jealousy you got trouble. This is right the opposite. The next thing it says right after wisdom. So if you got bitter jealousy. So what would you think bitter jealousy is? It would be the opposite wouldn’t it. It is the opposite of a person with wisdom. So if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition they go together. Bitter jealousy and selfish ambition go hand in hand. If you got bitter jealousy then you have selfish ambition. You want something for yourself. If you got bitter jealousy working then there is something you are not getting that you want, and it is selfish.

Where did it say wisdom would enter? Into your heart. Don’t be arrogant and lie against the truth. One of the Seven Spirits of the Lord is the Spirit of Truth. You are lying against the Spirit of Truth which is wisdom if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart. You are lying! This wisdom, that’s the false wisdom. What wisdom? Bitter jealousy, selfish ambition, arrogance, and lying. That is part of the system operating in the spirit of harlotry. Oh wow I am seeing some more stuff right here. Thank you Lord. The Holy Spirit has seven parts. Not seven different spirits. The Holy Spirit is one but He has seven parts. Did you know that? It is the seven eyes before the throne. It is the seven eyes before the Lord. It is in revelation and it is in Isaiah 11:2. It is the seven Spirits of the Lord, Spirit of Truth, Wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge and the fear of the Lord which is seven Spirits of the Lord. Well if there are seven Spirits of the Lord, I am kind of thinking out loud so y’all just bear with me right here. There is going to be a counterfeit and the harlot spirit is going to have seven. Our it is going to have seven parts to it.

You know what? In the early church they where afraid of that bunch. We don’t go there because if we go there we die. If you lie you die. Man can you imagine that kind of power in a church where someone lied to the pastor. Where the pastor said because you lied to me. You did not lie to me you lied to he Holy Spirit you are going to die. Boom! They fall over dead. Everybody would be falling over dead if that kind of power fell on the church today. Everybody out there is saying we want the power of God. We are not ready for the power of God. I mean God honored the Spirit of God in those guys didn’t He. I mean can you imagine standing up there and somebody coming to you and you ask them did you sell that property for $5k? I sure did. But they sold it for $6k, just a thousand more. And you say you just lied to the Spirit and boom your dead. Do we want the power of God and the Spirit of God. Boy if He comes in the way He did in the early church we would be in trouble wouldn’t we?

I believe God is ready though. This wisdom is not from above. So look where it is from. It’s earthly, that’s the world, it’s natural, that’s the flesh, and it’s demonic. It’s a demonic wisdom. It is a spirit of harlotry; it’s demonic. But you can’t tell anybody in most churches or denominations that, because they don’t think it exist. I tell you what. That is the most amazing thing to me anymore after all I have seen. After all I have seen and heard and people deny that stuff. Lord what is going on. It is amazing! It just flabbergast me. I mean people need to follow me around for about a year and watch this stuff. They would have to either deny the Lord. I don’t know. For where there is jealousy and selfish ambition. If you have got those two things. When you have got that you have got that harlot spirit working. I have never seen this before. I have taught these scriptures before in a lot of subjects but I have never seen it the way I am seeing it. I am really starting to see some of this stuff differently. How to tie this stuff to something you have never seen before really expands on your understanding. Where jealousy and selfish ambition exist what happens? There is disorder.

We have had a few people doing some intercession right now and that was one of the words that came was to make sure we have order. That was a word that came from the intercessors and I definitely here and get a witness in my spirit on that word. And right here we see that disorder is out of order. You have got to have order. You see this is the thing. The body of Christ has been so self centered and so me my and I, that you can never get a army together of Christians to do anything. Anybody ever play team sports? Do you do what you want to do in team sports? If you do then you sit the bench probably, most of the time. I know I did when I was playing team sports. It is amazing how people play football and do everything the coach says, but when it come to spiritual matters and doing things that God is saying through leadership, they won’t do that. Don’t tell me that, but I will do it for a coach, or I will do it for a teacher. I’ll do it for something. I’ll do it for a candy bar.

I mean you guys need to think about it. So how in the world can we ever have a army when people won’t come under or submit to authority and let’s go do what God is telling us to do. Let’s get agreement and do something. But if everybody has a selfish ambition for something for their own self then you will never get anything done because everybody is pulling a hundred different ways. It is called disorder. What we have to look at is church. I think churches has been totally messed up. Everybody is doing the best they can and we are trying to do best we can. But I am looking at army mode. I am not looking at church mode. I am looking Joshua, Moses stuff. I don’t know why but that is just the way I see it because I see the war. I see the war on a day to day basis that the church leadership as whole refuses to address especially from a leadership position.


Somebody sent me a email this week about a doctor, whose name is Rebecca Brown, and she is a very controversial person because she writes about the truth. So she is very controversial. Here is the deal, if you are going to be in the public eye brother. Look at Sarah Pallin for example. If you do anything that is not according to the norm of anything you are going to be controversial. We are controversial enough in the circles that we run in, but if I was in the public eye or national media, I would be very controversial. But let me just tell you that Jesus very controversial especially among the religious leadership and churches of His day, but anyway back in the 1980’s I read some books by Rebecca Brown that where about deliverance and preparing for war which was years ago before I knew any of this. And I thought wow! This is some wild stuff. Well I have been doing this now and seeing this now for about ten or twelve years. And everybody thinks she is a little off the wall because she is talking about stuff hat most people do not ever see, but I have seen it.

But somebody sent me a email about a conversation her husband saw in a vision of Satan and God in heaven discussing what is going on, and what is getting ready to come down. And it lines up everything I have been hearing. I will have to send that email out to some of you if you guys are wanting to see it. If you are not on my email list you need to get on my email list. You need to read this brother it will make you want to repent. So brothers if you have jealousy and selfish ambition brothers working in your life, get rid of it. If you are selfishly ambitious on anything, money, ministry, or whatever you better get rid of it. Jealousy there is disorder, every evil thing. In other words those two things lead to every possible evil thing. The whole pot is there then those to things are present or operating in someone’s life. But the wisdom from above, first is pure, only the pure in heart will see the Lord. Then it’s peaceable. It’s gentle. It is reasonable, it makes sense. It is full of mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment. Good fruit, unwavering, it is not double minded. Have you ever had a problem where you just go back and forth and back and forth. It has no hypocrisy. And the seed, whose fruit is righteousness, is sown in peace by those who make peace. You have got to have the peace of God to get the seed.

Okay this harlot will be full of bitter jealousy. And a lot of times it will be jealous of you if it is operating in some around you. You see it a lot in marriages. People are jealous of one another. Bitter jealousy, I mean there is a proper jealousy for your husband and for your wife. That is a proper thing there, but you know what I am saying. But bitter jealousy is whole different thing. It is tied a lot of times to un forgiveness. Selfish ambition in their heart, selfish ambition is all about what I want. It is what do I want. It is not about what do you need. There is peace around those who sow the word, whose fruit is righteousness. In other words if you bear the fruit of righteousness, you are going to have peace operating in your life.

Okay then lets go back to Proverbs 5:4. It shows you the good part of the harlot up front, but in the end she is bitter as wormwood. In the end! When does the wormwood come in the Bible? In Revelation. In the end. The star whose name is wormwood. It actually says a great star. Which I think might be Satan when he was cast out of heaven. That is what I think that is. The great star, it did not say just a star. Does that make any sense to anyone? His name is wormwood and he has a key to the bottomless pit. And it does the thing to the waters in Revelation. So here is the way the harlot works. In the beginning it’s good but in the end it is bad. You know the way God works? In the beginning it looks bad but in the end it’s good. It is right the opposite. It is not what goes now, but what goes on after. It is right the opposite and it is always that way. Look at the book of Job and Job’s life. In the end you see the patience of God and what He did. It was not to good up front, but in the end it was good. So everybody bows down for the good up front, and they get the bad in the end. Let’s bow down for the bad up front and get the good in the end. And it not even bad up front, but we may think it is or it may appear to be bad sometimes.

In Revelation it talks about the flood of the last days coming and we know that is the words coming, and here it is. In the end she is bitter as wormwood and she is sharp as two edged sword. It is a two edged sword but it is the wrong sword. It is the wrong word. Okay sharp as two edged sword, her feet go down to death. There it is again, and this is what I see when I m dealing with this particular area in people. Her steps take hold of sheol. Sheol means hell, grave and the pit and Hades sometimes. That is what that harlot spirit is going to lead you to. I am telling you, that you can not go down this road and come out okay. This is the lie that you can do this and you will not die. That’s the lie of the harlot. That is the lie of Satan in the garden. You can et off the tree and it will not kill you. It is the same thing.

Now watch this. Now watch this in verse 6. I looked this word up. She does not ponder the path of life. What is the path of life? We are talking eternal life. The harlot spirit does not ponder not even give any attention to eternal life and things of eternal value. No thinking about it. I will just do what I want to do. Ponder means to properly role flat. That is to prepare a road. The harlot does not prepare a road to eternal life. John the Baptist came and prepared the way of the Lord. That is the name of this ministry. Preparing the Way. The harlot will not prepare by pondering. Other definitions are to prepare a road, to revolve, or to weigh mentally. She will not think about it. Oh I’ll think about it tomorrow like Scarlet Ohara in Gone with the wind. Oh I’ll think about it some other time. Tomorrow is another day. I won’t ponder it today.

Well you might not make it to tomorrow. Look at this, Her ways are unstable. In other words there is your double minded man. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Watch this! And she does not know it. This is what I have found as we have begun to deal with this problem in the church body. The people generally do not even know it is there. They don’t recognize it in themselves. They don’t know it. I looked up the word know in the Hebrew and this is funny. Have you ever looked that word up? Do you know what that word means? Yada yada yada. Have you ever heard people go yada, yada , yada. She doesn’t even know it. And the Jewish word is yada, yada, yada. I think that is funny. Here is what it means. Properly to ascertain by seeing. In other words she does not see it. She does not know it. When I pray for people they will tell me later that they did not see it. I did not know it before when this spirit was operating. I couldn’t see it. I prayed for somebody this week and that is what they told me. But the Lord showed it to them and then they said now I see it. Then they called me back the next day and things have already started changing with this person. Other definitions for know in Hebrew are observations, care, recognition, regard, have respect, understand, have understanding.

Have you ever seen the I don’t care attitude. Where someone says I don’t care. I don’t know. I have had spirits say I don’t know. Well if you don’t know then who does. Don’t you know your name. I don’t know. Well if you don’t know then I know who you are then. I will tell you who you are. Your harlot then come out. She does not know. I don’t care, that’s the harlot attitude. It’s a harlot spirit. Now then my sons listen to me. Do not depart from the words of my mouth. Here we go watch this! Keep your way far from her. Do not go near the door of her house.

Let me say this while I have got this on my mind. The harlot builds a house and she will build it in you, and in the book of Joshua what was the first thing that they got ready to do when they got ready to go into the promise land. They ran into a city called Jericho didn’t they? What was in the city of Jericho? Rahab the harlot wasn’t she? Now don’t you think it is kind of interesting that they had to deal with the harlot and get her saved before they could take the land. The first thing they did was they went into the harlot’s house which they where told not to do in Proverbs, but they went into the harlot’s house and the whole house got saved and the city came down, because of the harlot getting saved. The whole city came down because the house of the harlot got saved and they took the land because of that. Without that, they would have never taken the city.

You know where the harlot’s house was built? It was built on the wall of the city. Where she can see. Ahhh! I see that old boy. He looks hungry. I’ll go after him. Are you guys learning anything? You are going to see some more stuff as we go on. Okay back to Proverbs. Do not go near the door of her house. When we where praying for this one person they could see the door to this house and they kept saying I do not want to go there, I don’t want to go by the door. Or you will give your vigor to others. Now if you go to the harlot’s house then you are going to see the harlot right? Well why would you give your vigor to others? Whose the others? The enemy. That is who you give your vigor to. They will steal your vigor, and you years to the cruel one. That is them. And strangers will be filled with your strength.

So what happens when you go down this road and you go into this harlot thing and start operating in spiritual harlotry? Then it begins to steal everything you got, because everything you got becomes hers. Because you become one with this spirit of harlotry. It is right the opposite. She just takes everything away from you and you become one. I don’t know how it is in your house you know but it’s like what is mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. I have this scattering approach. I have my stuff scattered. My daughter in law calls it clutter. And my wife will come and put it up where I can never find it. I never know where anything is. Where’s my bill fold? My wife will say well I put it up. Where is this? It’s like I will know where I put something and when I go back to get it, it will be gone.

So here is what happens when you start operating in this harlotry thing it takes everything you have. You know what it does to you? It wears you out. You are tired. You are worn out. It steals everything you have. The thief enters into the house to steal kill and destroy. The thief is the same thing as the harlot. Your hard earned goods will go to the house of the alien. The alien, strangers, others, and cruel one are all referring to the powers of darkness. Verse 11: And you groan at your final end when your flesh and your body are consumed. The final end is that wormwood and it is death, and your flesh and your body is consumed. There’s your diseases. I believe this is connected to some of the healing issues, and I believe we are going to see people start getting healed. I believe this is a real key on getting people healed. When peoples hearts start to go after God instead of everything else then you can go in and say boo devil and boo sickness and it will go. I believe God is going to start showing that to us. I do not think we have come to God with all our heart for the most part. I don’t think we have guys. I am serious guys. I think we love too many things more, but God is refining us. Blessed are the ears that hearing the things that you are hearing.

Turn to Numbers 5:20 I am going to give you the back ground on this passage in Proverbs 5:11 where the flesh and body is consumed. In Numbers 5:20 it is talking about a man who has a spirit of jealousy on him who has become jealous over his wife. The man is jealous because he thinks his wife has committed adultery so he is a little upset. So they go to the priest and they go through this thing and she drinks this water. So lets pick up the story in verse 20. 20: If you however, have gone astray, being under the authority of your husband. You see there is a harlot authority thing. And if you have defiled yourself and a man other than your husband has had intercourse with you. 21: Then the priest shall have the woman swear with a oath of the curse and the priest shall say to the woman, The Lord make you a curse and an oath among your people by the Lord’s making your thigh waste away and your abdomen swell. 22: And this water that brings the a curse shall go into your stomach and make your abdomen swell and your thigh waste away. And the woman shall say amen. So she has taken this water. She has said I have not committed adultery. I have been under the authority. And I will take a curse on myself if I have. And the curse is this. If she has and it’s true then her abdomen would swell, swelling diseases, inflammation, and her thigh would waste away. So there are your wasting diseases. Those are diseases like cancer. And diseases that cause swelling and inflammation such as arthritis and things like that. So do you see the diseases here. 23: The priest shall then write these diseases on a scroll, and he shall wash them off into the water of bitterness. The end of the harlot is bitterness and wormwood. Do you see all this stuff. It is amazing how all of this stuff ties together. Guys I could not go into these scriptures and try and make this stuff up. Only God can do this. Because I do not know that much. 24: Then he shall make he woman drink the water of bitterness that brings a curse so that the water which brings a curse will go into her and cause bitterness. So you know what is going to happen with harlotry. A person that is in harlotry will have bitterness. There will be a curse of bitterness on them. In the end she is bitter as wormwood. The people that go into her will be bitter and so will the harlot be bitter. And you will become one with her and you will be bitter. You will have a curse of bitterness. So when I go have to pray with someone who has arthritis I go looking for bitterness. And I am looking for harlotry and all those kind of things. And we know that if she is committing adultery then she is mad at her husband about something because she did not get what she wanted or he is not doing something he should have done so she goes out and does something. And this could be the same with a man or woman but this is the way it is in the Bible so I am reading what He has got. 25: And the priest shall take a handful of the grain offering, of jealousy, from the woman’s hand, and he shall wave the grain offering before the Lord and bring it to the altar. 26: And the priest shall take a hand full of the grain offering as a memorial offering. Now verse 27: When he has made her drink the water, then it shall come about if she has defiled herself and has been unfaithful to her husband, that the water which brings a curse. Water which brings a curse! You know the water is the word. And out of the serpents mouth comes water like a flood in Revelation to cause the woman to be swept away with the flood. So it is the voice of the harlot that will cause it to be swept away which in the end is bitter as wormwood. That is what that is all saying. That’s in the last days and that’s in Revelation. See the water brings the curse. The water is the word. And that is what Satan pours out of his mouth. Which causes the water to become bitter and wormwood. That’s the bitter rivers in the last days. Don’t look for lake Ray Hubbard to have a star fall in it and the water get bitter. That is not what it is talking about. Do you all see this. The whole world needs to hear this. I am going to close right here and will pick up next week where we left off.

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