Spirit of Harlotry – #2- Harlotry vs Wisdom part1

     This second teaching my father did on the spirit of harlotry was so long I am going to break it up into two segments. Hopefully this will make it easier to go through.


Okay last week I started with introduction to Spirit of Harlotry. This week will be a continuation that will take us a little deeper on the subject of Spiritual Harlotry. Turn to Proverbs 2:1 My son, if you will receive my words, that means do it, when it says receive it that means to do it. And treasure my commandments within you, that is in your heart. Now watch this 2: Make your ear attentive to wisdom. You know what? To hear the Spirit of God and to receive wisdom you have to make your self do it. Don’t just say I am going to sit right here and let the wisdom of God just come flowing through my brain. It just doesn’t work that way. You got to work. He says make your ear listen. Ear listen! You ever make your kids do something? You know what you have to do usually? I had to make the boys three times today move the soccer ball away from my window before it went through that window today. Three times I had to make them move somewhere else. I had to make them. Do you know what I am saying? Make your ear attentive because a lot of times we do not make ourselves do something we are supposed to do. You have to make yourself hear. It is called discipline and you have to discipline yourself. Have you ever talked to somebody and have to work at listening to them? You know what I am talking about. Husbands you know what I am talking about. Make your ear attentive and pay attention to wisdom. You have to listen for wisdom if you are going to hear it or you will miss it. Because you won’t even know when it comes.

Incline your heart to understanding 3: For if you cry for discernment. It says cry for discernment. I mean that means get serious. We are not serious. We go to Mexico and often times those people are screaming, “Lord”! That guy, that transvestite, you could hear him from Bloomington to Minneapolis. Robby I do not know if you heard him but you could hear that guy, and the pastors wife was saying yeah I heard him crying out and his voice changed all three times and it sounded like three different people. He was crying screaming and doing everything he could to get our attention and God’s. Man guys we are not serious enough. That is why we don’t have the understanding and wisdom. Lift up your voice for understanding. You see wisdom and understanding are two of the seven Spirits or characteristics of God.


4: If you seek for her as silver; and search for her as for hidden treasure

But if you do not have the right thing you will go looking for anything. Just give me a man as long as he has got hair on his head and two legs I don’t care. I am just looking for a man. People go looking for the wrong thing. Look for the wisdom of God. Okay ladies look for the wisdom of God those of you who are not married. Look for that first. Get the right thing first. And then you will discover the knowledge of God. That is the third of the seven Spirits. So there are four things right here in first couple of verses. Knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and fear of the Lord are four things right there that you have to seek for. It does not come automatically. Do you see that? So people are thinking all of this stuff is going to be dumped on you.

Okay guys do you see this bible. I m not saying this to brag, but you have to seek. I did not get this by laying around watching ball games all day. You have to seek for it. It does not come by osmosis. It did not just one day pour into my brain. I have sought this and I have sought the Lord. So if you seek Him you will find Him. If you cry out for it then you will begin to get it. So this is what you have got to do. The bible says ask, seek, and knock and you will find. For the Lord gives wisdom. I have a word written right here and it is called passion. You have got to have passion. That is one thing I learned about in Guatemala. I met a man down there who was passionate about his pharmaceutical business and he was. He was also passionate about the Lord. But Manuel was talking about how you have to have passion in what you do. That is so true and yet most people do not have passion about anything. They may have passionate about a chocolate milkshake at Braums maybe.

Anyway 6:for the Lord gives wisdom from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. 7: He stores up sound wisdom for the upright. In other words you start building up a account. You get a account built up. The Lord begins to build a account up for you. Now why do you store something up? You store something up so its there when you need it. You put it in storage so you will have it when you need it. So He is going to build this memory bank of wisdom in you so you can pull it forth when you need it.

For the upright, or the righteous people, He is a shield to those who walk in integrity. In other words there is protection for you as the wisdom of God comes to your life. It 8: guards the paths of justice. And He preserves the way of the Godly ones. In other words you start discerning the way to walk. Then you will discern righteousness and justice. When He starts preserving your way, 9: then you start getting discernment on what’s righteousness and justice, and equity in every good course. 10: For wisdom will enter your heart instead of the harlot. Wisdom will enter your heart, wisdom is the Holy Spirit. Wisdom comes in by the from of the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom will enter your heart and knowledge, which is the Holy Spirit to, It will be pleasant to your soul. A lot of people will say man! I do not want to know that. In other words knowledge is not pleasant to them. Don’t tell me that! Well okay, then just be stupid then. If knowledge is not pleasant to you than you can choose to remain stupid. Look guys not all knowledge is real fun. It is not fun to know that you are a harlot. You know what I am saying? 11: Discretion will guard you and understanding will watch over you. In other words when this starts happening. The Spirit of God starts watching over you and guarding you. I mean there is protection and wisdom is going to let you know when something is out of whack. In other words you are going to get the flag.

Here is the purpose! 12: To deliver you from the way of evil, from the man who speaks perverse things. In other words it will deliver you from people who the powers of darkness are using to get you to go the wrong direction. It will deliver you from the people the Devil is using to get you to go the wrong direction. From the man who speaks perverse things, do you see that? The harlot spirit works through this. Always through this the mouth, or sometimes through this the eyes. You know those seductive eyes.

The first demon I cast out was a man that started batting his eyes at me and blowing kisses at me. It about freaked me out. It grossed me out too. He was blowing kisses at me and winking seductively at me. I am going, Marsha did you see that? That dude is blowing kisses at me. What is wrong with this picture! I am serious guys. I do not lie. I should right a book one of these days and nobody will probably ever believe it. I should right a book with all the things I have seen and heard. If you would have seen that first deliverance encounter I had it would have made you want to throw up. Almost made me. He was 6’ 4” had a beard and weighed 300 lbs. He was out their batting his eyes at me and blowing kisses at me man. Come out! You mean devil, and go somewhere else! It was serious man. That was some serious stuff. You remember that Marsha? That was our first deliverance encounter. Oh that was amazing. If I could have that on film we could sell that and make a million dollars. The first deliverance session we ever had. Have y’all heard that story about the bear? The guy comes up like a grizzly bear growling at me. Oh wow! Scared me! It was bad. Little did I know where I was getting ready to go after that night. That has been about eleven years ago or twelve years ago. I am not for sure but it has been a long time ago. I did not know where the Lord was taking me after that. It was probably for the best.

Proverbs 2 verse12: To deliver you from the way of evil, from the man who speaks perverse things. 13: From those who leave the paths of uprightness; In other words, they were walking right. In other words the harlot goes after those that are making their ways right. So if you are doing the right thing, guess what? It is coming after you. I am telling you it is coming after you. Have you guys ever seen movies or have you ever driven by parts of Dallas and seen the street walkers. You know how that operates, they are out looking or hunting aren’t they? I am telling you guys that harlot spirit hunts. So when it is talking about harlotry it is giving you a picture in the physical realm of this spiritual thing that we are talking about here. I am talking about spiritual but we are looking at it physically, but it can come in all kinds of forms of physical things but its spiritual to try and seduce you from the Lord.

To walk in the ways of darkness

Have any of you ever seen the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?

Every time you see strange or strangers it is talking about the powers of darkness. That is who the strangers are. From the adulteress who flatters with her words. Now this is the harlot spirit that works in the false teachers and the false prophets of the days we are in already. It’s perverse words; its flattery with the words. In other words you are going to see this as we go on. The harlot spirit works through flattery, seduction, anything it can to get you to buy in to what they are saying.

They will make you think that you are the best thing that ever hit the earth. Because it will flatter you, and it will do everything it can to just make you receive what they are saying. I mean that harlot when she goes out after you. She is going to make you think you are Brad Pitt, even if you are the armpit. She will say anything to seduce you, or whatever it takes to tell you it is okay to go down her path. This is the way this harlot spirit works in the spiritual realm. It will say oh man you can have money, you can have this, or you can do this or you can eat off that tree. It can make you wise blah blah blah blah. It is all flattery. 17: that leaves the companion of her youth. That leaves the companion of her youth like her husband, or Jesus, your former love. Remember from whence you have fallen, you have forgotten your first love. You guys know what I am saying? So that harlot spirit will lead you away from your first love. We will see this as we go on that the spirit of harlotry will lead you away and you become one with that spirit and you become a harlot. That is the purpose of that thing. That is what it is supposed to do.

Now brothers and sisters if you learn this and get this in your spirit it will change your life and it will change your marriage. If both husband and wife and see this message and get this in your spirit and repent of this in your life then that harlot spirit will leave. You can get this thing out but brother you have got to see it for what it is. I was praying for somebody and they did not see it but they knew this thing was operating in their life. Men you know how you know something but you don’t really know why it’s that way. You kind of know something true but you have never been able to prove it’s true. But when you finally see it and it was revealed to this person as I was praying for this her. She went oh my goodness, I see it now and I have never seen it before. I will show all of you this hear in a minute what I am talking about.

She forgets the covenant of her God

When you came to Jesus guess what you did?

When I got saved, I remember this. I was sitting there and God and I where having a conversation. It was good. I had never heard God before. And after I came to the Lord I heard this voice in my head saying man this is easy. All you have to do is believe and you can do what you want to do. I went ah man that sounds cool. You know what that voice I was hearing was? It was the harlot. I did not know that then, but I heard it. Then I heard “Pour out your booze” and I went “I like this other thing better“! You know what I mean? This other thing is a lot more fun than this. And so I went ah man and I got the half gallon of J&B scotch and started going “Oh Lord say it ain’t so“. “Please say it is not this way“! I am thinking Lord I hope it is not this way, but it was. So then I had to quit cussing and all those good things I used to do. And now almost thirty years later I am going back and thinking over all these things I did not know what was going on then but God has shown me and now I see it and it is just amazing.

God is about to give us some revelation we have never seen before. I am telling you guys if y’all can just hang with this thing, but you have got to get the fear of man off of you brother. Because they will call you everything under the sun but a good old boy when you start going down this road. I am telling you all that this is the real deal brothers and sisters.

Back to Proverbs 2 in verse 17 and she forgets the covenant of her God. 18: For her house sinks down to death. Now here is the deal. Wisdom builds a house. The harlot builds a house. It’s always a the counterfeit They always do the same thing but it is a different house. Now Wisdom is building a house, and when I was praying with the person the other day on this issue of harlotry. You know when God began to reveal this spirit of harlotry that had been operating in their life. You know where it was when they saw it finally? It was in a house. They saw this spirit sitting inside of a house. She saw it inside a house. She described to me what I am reading right here to you in Proverbs. She described exactly what we are reading and I said to her I know what it is. Because I had read and studied these scriptures. Her house sinks down to death, and her tracks lead to the dead. Remember Matthew 7 where the wise man builds his house upon the rock and the foolish man builds his house upon the sand.

You see the foolish man is the harlot it is the same thing. It is all the same thing. But they all are building a house and one comes down. It is the same house here. All of this is the same thing and we have never put that picture together most of the time. God is saying the same thing but He is saying it so many different ways so you can get the picture and not miss it. That way you do not have to go in and guess at what the scripture is saying. Brothers and sisters I know what the scripture is saying right here. For somebody to try and argue with me on this would be pointless. God has been revealing this to me for over thirty years and I have seen this proved out in ministry now for probably the last 12 to 15 years. I have dealt with these issues and have watched God prove His word right in front of my eyes time and time again.

Her tracks lead to the dead. That is why when I pray for people I watched this thing for years and could not understand how it worked until this year. One of the demons that would manifest a lot when I prayed for people would be mockery. And I would see the mockery and it would always be in the legs. Most all of the time it would be in the legs. I do not know how many times I have dealt with this and I would be like why in the world is that thing in the legs. Well the mockery spirit is part of this system and it talks about her feet and her path and all of these scriptures and that demon leads them down the wrong path. That is how that spirit works. I had a girl in Seliah, the youth pastors daughter, and that demon when it got ready to leave said just let me have her legs. I will leave every other part of her body but just let me have her legs. It wanted her legs to lead her back down the wrong road. That’s the way it works. It is to take you where you don’t want to go.

That’s why when I say when I am talking about this stuff we are not just spouting words here. We know what we are talking about. If you can get this it is going to change your life and it is going to change your marriage to.19: None who go to her return again. You go to that thing and you hook up with that thing and you don’t ever get back. Once that thing traps you and I am telling you this stuff is generational in most people and most families. It comes right on down the line. And people don’t even know it. And when they deal with it they don’t see it. They think they are okay and they don’t know what is going on until God reveals it to them.

I was praying for somebody else this week and all of the sudden the lights came on with a issue. Nor do they reach the path of life. Look guys we have to take this Bible seriously; If you go down that road it says you don’t reach the path of life. Now how serious do you think that is? You know we cast the demons out and that is just part of it, but you know I am concerned more and more as I preach and teach, about the eternal life of people. That is what I am concerned about. This not just about getting delivered from demons, but I am talking about eternal life issues guys. There is more to eternal life than what we have been taught. I am telling you, and there are many people who are going to miss it because they have bought into a foolish virgin gospel that promotes harlotry in the church. It is more serious than what anybody knows. I don’t know if you feel that, but I am trying to get this across to you. I don’t want to see myself in hell or anybody else. That is how serious this stuff is. I am getting this thing in my spirit about evangelism and snatching people out of the fire that I can not stop. There are not enough years left to do what I want to do. Guys you have got to get this message and get the picture and go get the people out of the fire. It is bad. It is so bad right now in America and all over right now.

But do you see that in verse 19 that they don’t reach the path of life. What do you think that means

? Strait is the way and narrow is the gate that leads to life. They don’t get there. That thing will stop you from going there and you think you are okay because it’s a deceiver and a flatterer. Do you all hear what I am saying? Listen the Lord put this on my heart to preach this. I am just preaching what God gave me and as I am going through this I am just learning more and more. I have preached some of this stuff before but it just keeps getting deeper and more revealing as the Spirit moves on this. 20:So you will walk in the way of good men and you will keep to the paths of the righteous. 21: For the upright will live in the land and the blameless will remain in it. In other words if you don’t go after this thing, you will be upright and you will be blameless, but if you go after it you will not be upright or righteous and you will not be blameless and He is coming back for what kind of bride? A blameless bride! A blameless bride is one who is not connected to the spirit of harlotry because if you are connected with it, you re not blameless anymore. Do you see what I am saying?

Brothers, I think I am getting more serious about the word and things now than I have ever been. It’s like when I first got going, I was radical. They had to lock me up for about five years. I was radical in this word. And I did not know anything then. I was dangerous. It’s like having a white belt in Karate. Thinking you know something and you go out and get your brains beat out. I almost did get my brains beat out a time or two.

Anyway, The blameless will remain in it; 21 But the wicked will be cut off from the land, and the treacherous will be uprooted with it. You know what treacherous means in the Greek? When you look that word treacherous up and see how it is used in context; it is always used with respect to divorce, harlotry, and adultery. That is where you will see that word used. That is context you will see that word used in. So it is talking about adultery and harlotry there. Do you see what I am saying? When you hook up with this spirit of harlotry and begin to walk down this road turn to 1 Corinthians 6: 15-16. And I am going to take this slow and go through this thing until everybody gets it. And I recommend that you get the c.d.’s on this or the DVD’s and go through this thing and get this in your heart and spirit. Now watch this in 1 Corinthians 6:15-16. 15: Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Should I then take away the members of Christ and make them members of a harlot? May it never be! 16: Or do you not know that the one who joins himself to the harlot is one body with her? For He says the two shall become one flesh. So when you hook up with this spirit of harlotry, it is a spirit to spirit thing and brother you get it and you become one with it and it is one with you.

That is why when I have prayed for people when this spirit would manifest often times the demon would come up and when I asked who the spirit was, it would give me the name of the woman. “My name is Maria” No you are not! “Yes it is”. No you are a devil. “ No I am Maria”. It was so enter twined with the person because it had become one with the person. When a person goes down the road of spiritual harlotry the become one with that spirit of harlotry and you have to separate that spirit from the person in order to get them free. Do you see what I am talking about here? It has been this way with about everybody I have dealt with in this area, and when I first started coming across this issue it would really puzzle me. Because I could not figure out why the demon would give me the name of the person. I wondering what on earth is going on? It was because this person had become one with this spirit. The person has to break covenant with it to separate themselves from it and then that person can be set free once they have repented and separated themselves from it.

A lot of times in deliverance when spirits manifest they won’t do any talking, but other times demons will manifest and begin to speak and have names like anger, bitterness, lust, fornication. They have names that are synonymous with their function normally. Sometimes they have weird names. Like in witch craft they will have really weird names. But in typical stuff they will be named by the function and how they operate in a person. Like cursing, I have asked what is your name? And the spirit responds “cursing”. You know cusses and says nasty things to me. The spirit of murder will say things like “I am going to kill you“.

Do you realize you made a blood covenant? You made a covenant to do what He said. Harlots forget the covenant. I don’t have a covenant here. It’s not a covenant. I can do what I want to do. Men and women both, I am using marriage as a example here, but I am saying there is a covenant we have made here with God. Turn to Deuteronomy 8: 11 Beware lest you forget the Lord your God by not keeping His commandments and His ordinances and His statutes which I am commanding you today. When you quit keeping the commandments of God, you forget God. Right then you have forgot His covenant, and now you become a harlot. That is how you do it. Just sit there and hear somebody preach you don’t have to do that. I know the Bible says that but you don’t have to do that. You just forgot God and you are on your way to becoming a harlot. That is the smooth words of the harlot saying it. Totally opposite of what this is saying isn’t it? But you hear it preached you don’t have to do that. . So everything we have been reading has been talking about wisdom, knowledge, and understanding which is what keeps you from the harlot. Without the wisdom of God and the Spirit of God operating you will get fooled every time. Look at this guys, the harlot forgets the covenant of her God. Now this woman here was connected to God, but she has forgotten the covenant. When you make a marriage vow you make a covenant don’t you? You forget your covenant and you go out and become a harlot. You forgot your covenant. When you make covenant it is obedience to a covenant. How do you forget the Lord? You know how you forget the covenant? Think about it. You don’t do it. If you made a covenant and you forget it; it means you don’ do it. Look! Did any body ever see that movie? It is about two guys and they are trying to find the rich woman so they can get their money from them. And they are nicest guys and boy everybody loves them but they are dirty rotten scoundrels. They are con artist! And so that harlot spirit working through people is a con artist. See here in it has been speaking about from the man who speaks perverse things but in verse 16 it says to deliver you from the strange woman. There it is. That is what it is talking about is this harlot spirit. The strange woman! , so the harlot spirit is going to get you to walk in the ways that are going to lead to darkness. Guys and gals I am telling you this is where we are, and people do not know it, and I am going to show you that part to. 14: Who delight in doing evil, that is talking about the perverse men, and rejoice in the perversity of evil. In other words they like it. 15: Whose paths are crooked, In other words their paths are not straight. And who are devious, In other words, its deceptive. This thing is deceptive. It is very deceptive which means it is going to sound really good. A deceiver has to sound good. A con artist is somebody everybody likes. People love a con artist. That is why they are so good. Did you know that? If you go and look at con artist they will sit there and stab you in the back and just shake your hand. While you are just thinking they are best thing or person in the world. That is the way a con artist works. Do you all know what I am talking about or not? That is the way it works brother. . Notice the emphasis here on her, because as you study this you will see that wisdom is the opposite of the harlot. It is right the opposite, and the harlot is always going to make you think it’s the wisdom of God. It is going to sound like the real thing. 5: Then you will discern the fear of the Lord, and the fear of the Lord is just the beginning of wisdom. That is just the beginning and we do not even have the beginning right most of the time. Brother you are going to see as we go on through here that you can not avoid the harlot if you don’t have the wisdom. You will get trapped by the harlot every time, if you do not have the wisdom of God; you will get the wrong thing. If you do not have the right thing you will get the wrong thing. The best way to keep from getting the wrong thing is to get the right thing. Get the right thing and you won’t need the wrong thing.

But when this spirit of harlotry manifested in this particular girl, it said it’s name was Maria which just so happened to be the name of the girl. But thing about it was the way it manifested, it was very obvious it was not that girl. It would have similarities but it was entirely different from the person and would have a very haughty personality trait about it. It would be closely tied to spirits of mockery within the person as well. When it really connected, it will usually go by the name of the person. I have seen this happen about five times in deliverance sessions.

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