Speculation that Israel will attack Iran soon

Ahead of an IAEA report on Iran's nuclear program, China, Russia, Germany, and France have all urged calm.

According to the Associated Press, the report will "suggest that Iran made computer models of a nuclear warhead and include satellite imagery of what the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] believes is a large steel container used for nuclear arms-related high explosives tests."



We see more and more news articles indicating that we could be very near to an all out confrontation with Iran.

In Islam, anything is permitted which would seem to advance the cause of Islam. You can lie, cheat, steal and destroy for Islam, according to its teaching, and Allah would be pleased.

So we cannot believe Iran when they say they are not intereted in pursuing nuclear weapons. Of course they are. They have also developed very powerful long range missiles. Its not hard to make a nuclear weapon actually. I'm not an engineer, but I understand its basically a matter of detonating an normal explosion powerful enough to put separate lumps of weapons grade uranium or plutonium together long enough to create a critical mass and an explosion. Can we really believe that Iran, whose leaders see themselves as forerunners to a world-conquering islamic leader, would be happy to be without nuclear weapons in a world where their enemies have them?

Its well-understood that Israel has nukes, and they might be wanting to use them very soon against Iran. I don't think it will actually happen. I don't think Almighty God will allow it. There are also some wonderful Chistian believers in Iran, and I think God has plans to reach out to Iran more with the good news, and not with nuclear weapons.

There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation out there in the press on what the leaders of the western world really want and really plan to do. What they say and what they do are often two different things.

Hopefully no one is stupid enough to actually WANT a nuclear war that could draw in Russia and China, but when egomaniacs get hold of the reins of power anything is possible.

My Response as a Christian

We ought to pray for peace, but more than that – we should pray for the salvation of precious people who live unsaved in a precarious world where war and death could visit them any time.

Instead of laying up for ourselves treasures on earth, even for some kind of "future ministry" we think we might do, its time to consider how we can get active TODAY in prayer, evangelism and making a difference in someone's life for eternity. 

What do YOU think?


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  1. Why is it that we worry about things that are now happening when we as believers know Elohim is in control. The book has already been written. We know the outcome. Why do we attempt to change its ending. We should pray, but not for change. We should pray for deliverance from a world so corrupt.

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