Song about trusting God through trials

Rough draft of my new song which was birthed from my recent experiences in God. Please excuse my voice, I am not a musician, just a worshipper. The words are below:
Trials won’t speak to me about who You are
I won’t let them talk to me and spread their lies
You are loving God, the One whom to me is good
Trials’ loud voices always make You misunderstood
So, I choose to trust You Lord
Not my mind, my emotions, my soul
So, I choose to trust in my heart
From this trust help me not depart
I trust You
I trust You
I trust You when trials rage
I trust You when in heartache
I trust You when I don’t understand
With all my heart
I will trust in You, my God

What do YOU think?


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  1. I love the verse you posted in Revelations! It really related to man from Ft Worth who professed to be a minister/contractor yet betrayed me in the most heinous way and sent me into personal bankruptcy while I was dying of a serious illness! But God took vengence on him and a year later he filed bankruptcy. Thank Jesus my bankruptcy attorney did not file my corporation inton bankruptcy! Its all I have as my testimony:

    VICTORY is the Lords!!!

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