Son Saved through faith

Son’s Life Saved after shooting

My name is Brenda Lenning and I am a missionary evangelist in Alabama. I am also a mother of 3 children. This testimony is dedicated to mothers of lost children .

August 28 1997 was a typical day except it was my grandaughter Michelle’s birthday. Her dad Rodney which is my oldest son had come to my job just to spend the day with me. Late that afternoon he left and went over to a friend’s house, as soon as he arrived he was informed that they all had been invited to a cookout at a neighbor’s house which I was aqquainted with. I felt very grieved in my spirit and I told him not to go. He did not take my advise he went anyway – he said, “Oh mama everything is going to be allright.” I warned him not to go again. I become very busy at home and didn’t think about it again. Then at 7.45p.m my phone rang and it was Rodney. My daughter answered my phone so he told her just to tell me that he would be over at my house in about 15 minutes so he could call Michelle and wish her a happy birthday. At 8.00 p.m. there was a knock on my door, my daughter answered the door it was a friend of Rodney’s and she was screaming for me. I ask her what was wrong and she said Rodney had been shot. I went into shock for a few seconds then my faith kicked in and I knew I had to get to him so I could take authority over the enemy of death.

As I approached the area I could see the rescue team with him and the police would not let me near him. They were working on him as he was bleeding very badly. The man who had shot him was still holding others hostage so I could not get to my son. I knew if he was going to die then I wanted to be with him. I just kept standing on the word of God Jeremiah 31 verses 16 and 17 and rebuking the spirit of death if I had had given into doubt one second he would have been gone, lost forever. He was in a backslidden condition at this time. They took him to a lifeflight helicopter. While in the helicopter he died and the police took pictures to prove it, but God brought him back to life and they proceeded on to the hospital. While on the way to the hospital I got down on my knees and I prayed all the way standing in faith for my son.

The chaplain’s met us at the entrance of the hospital and we were then took to where the doctors explained to us about his wound. He was shot at close range with a double barrel sawed off shotgun. It was loaded with bird shot as it hit his body it was 1 inch from his heart. The xrays showed the pellets going all thru his major organs I was informed that they did not give much hope at all of making it through surgery. And if he did he would have to wear a colostome bag for the rest of his life. I knew my son had too much pride to have to live with that. They took him into surgery and we went to the waiting area. My pastor and another minister friend came a short while later as we were getting ready to pray I felt my son’s spirit leaving his body I knew I had to get a hold of God. I remember getting up in the devil’s face and telling him he could not have him. I was crying out to God with a mothers heart. I felt the peace of God when it came over me I knew my son was going to be okay. The phone rang and it was the nurse in surgery. He had lost half of his liver but he was still breathing.

In a little while the doctors came down and talked with me and this is what they said. “Mama, God gave your son back his life.” He had quit breathing again on the operating table, when they opened him up they said something had formed a pocket and it looked like a hand it had caught 90% of the birdshot. Only ten percent had hit his liver the only organ in the body that can rebuild itself. He was then taken to intensive care where he stayed on the ventilator for 24 hours then was moved to a room he went home on the 5th day.
Praise God!

I hope this will encourage mothers everywhere. God bless.

Mother and son are doing well

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