Son needs deliverance from demon


I need prayer for my son Stephen.his life is a mess and he just does not care about the bad choices he is making.He is 27 and still lives at home.when he was 17 he was a very responsible person,had a good job.paid for his own car and insurance.

He went into the Navy in 2001,got out in 2002.He has not been the same since,he got involved in drugs and alcohol and a very bad crowd.he had to spend time in jail for weed but he has been out for 2 years .he is now going to school into auto mechanics,he is almost finished.

Stephen acts like he cannot work but he screams and I mean screams at the top of his lungs when he has no money for cigarettes ,bums gas money and cigs off his brother .He is refusing to take responsiblity for his actions like pay for his speeding tickets because to him it is everybody elses fault.

for the last year he has been having these delusions that this certain girl is in love with him and he with her but he does not really know this girl.He thinks God revealed this to him in a dream.

This girl is married now and he will not believe this .He gets very out of control when I confront him about this or any of his irresponsible behavior.

at certain points he said he would kill himself or even threatened me and said I was the devil.

His 2 brothers are fed up with his very childish behavior and he got into a fight with his brother and we had to call the police.

what I just realized after reading some of your website is this delusion of the girl is a demon communicating with Stephen and creating all this havoc in his life and and ours.

It is a stronghold because after he gets done screaming like a 3 year old he says you do not know the stress I am under and he mentions this girl. and this girl is not real and he refuses to believe that.

So please pray for Stephen’s deliverance from this demon and others that are tormenting him and they are trying to torment us because it is horrible to have to deal with a grown person that acts like a 3 year old when he can’t get what he wants,money and cigs.

we are binding up that lying spirit that is pretending to be his fantasy girl and we are praying for the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to him.that God will bring Salvation because I know that God has a Plan for Stephen.

Thank You for your prayers!

I believe and signs shall follow after those who BELIEVE!

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