sometimes I fall down, and oh thank you Jesus! you lift me up!

I have a story to tell today, one that I am very sad to tell and am not very proud of myself for. My sister and I have been having difficulty getting along of late, and I must confess of late, it is because I refuse to be abused by her verbally anylonger. This is not what I confess, the fact that I let my pride take hold and turned her words back onto her, that, is what I do confess, for no matter what she has said or done, no one deserves abuse, not even her. And oh Jesus, he really would not like that about what i did to her. I really need to make limits. As a chid she bullied me with words. And as an adult i have cme to see that she expects me to just allow her to keep bullying me. Yet when I say stop, or please stop, you are not helping me. She gets worse. So I lost my cool and reacted as wrongly as I could. I know that Jesus can resolve this and I am asking for your prayers and help here, I am not afraid of appologizing, I just dont want her to think that I will accept her abuse any longer. She said some things that were true, but they are between me and jesus, and she claims to be a christian, yet belittled me for being one? I believe she is very very confused and full of anger. Any help and prayers would be a blessing to me for I do love my sister, and have prayed for her and her family for years. In jesus name I ask and thank you all, love your fumbling sister, Annette

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  1. This was put on my Facebook by my husband’s niece. I thought it might interest you.

    Good devotion this a.m. I am inspired and blessed by my friends who are currently going through difficult trials and the testimony of faith they share/show.

    Our faith is not meant to get us out of a hard place or change our painful condition. Rather, it is meant to reveal God’s faithfulness to us in the midst of our dire situation. God does at times change our trying
    circumstances. But more often, he doesn’t – because he wants to change us!

    We simply can’t trust God’s power fully until we experience it in the midst of our crisis. This was the case with the three Hebrew children. They saw Christ only when they were in the midst of the fiery furnace. And Daniel experienced God’s power and grace when he was thrust into the lions’ den. If they had suddenly been pulled out of their circumstances, they never would have known the full grace of God’s miracle-working power. And the Lord would not have been magnified before the ungodly.

    We think we’re witnessing great miracles whenever God ends our storms and crises. But we can easily miss the lesson of faith in such times — the lesson that says God will remain faithful to us through our hard times. He wants to raise us above our trials through faith, so we can say, “My God can do the impossible. He’s a deliverer, and he’s going to see me through.”

  2. Annette1016 says:

    I have been trying to find the right time to speak with her, but the anger she is throwing my way cant be breached at this time, but I am lifting her up in prayer, and the truth is I have forgiven her, I just hope she will forgive me my short comings. especially where. I wont take abuse anylonger. But I will be kinder and gentler in how I speak with her, for she is my sister and has something wrong wrong in her heart to act so cruel.

  3. childofjesus says:

    2 cor 5:18 -” And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;”

    Author Henri Nouwen, in his book ‘The Return of the Prodigal son’, suggests that all Christians, at some point in their walk of faith, are represented by each of the three main characters. At times we are the wayward child in need of repentance and forgiveness. At other times we are the big brother who wants to hold on to resentment and withhold forgiveness. But as we mature, we become like the father, whose highest desire is to have all his children reconciled.
    Nouwen ends the book with these words: “As I look at my own aging hands, I know that they have given to me to stretch out to all who suffer, to rest upon the shoulders of all who come, and to offer the blessing that emerges from the immensity of God’s Love.”
    What role are you playing in your family story ? Do you need the courage to repent and seek forgiveness ? Or do you need the compassion to extend forgiveness ?
    God has given His children the “ministry of reconciliation”. Now would be a good time to start.
    ——By Julie Ackerman Link

    Lord, grant me the courage to confess my faults to those I’ve offended, and the grace to accept the confessions of those who have offended me, May I become a minister of reconciliation to bless my family on Your behalf. Amen

  4. Jesus loves you, and will forgive you if you ask, and are willing to stop sinning. I know how tough it felt… but know that God is with you, and He wants you to forgive her from the heart. It might seem hard, but with God, all things are possible. Ask Him to give you the strength to forgive her, and the necessary faith to believe that everything you ask for is possible.

    Forgive, and you will be forgiven. (Luke 7:37)

    “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. (Matthew 21:22)

    Jesus Himself went through this kind of abuse. He was hated, rejected, belittled, and persecuted, but God loved Him, and promised us that He loves us aswell. He understands your situation perfectly, and He can comfort you and help you.

    Pray for your sister, that she accepts Jesus into her heart. She really needs His salvation, and it will give you both joy.

    God can help you and deliver you.

    Love and prayers,

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