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About a week ago I was writing my prayer list for the evening, which has started to be one of my practices, and as I was writing the names for those that I personally know whom are lost, I put down a name of a Dear friend of mines older brother. I had never put his name down before, but I just did it. Then that same day I had had e-mailed that same friend to check on her Father ( The same Jerry Dolinski that I have sent in a prayer request for) and so that I could give an update on his progress. Also I basically wanted to see how well she was holding up. Then later I had received an answer to my e-mail from her and she told me that her pastor came to her Dad’s home to pray over him and her whole Family was there, except for her little sister. who lives out of state. She informed me that her whole Family accepted the Lord as their savior the night Before! Her Brother was among Them! I realized right then and there that God had answered my prayer even before I had opened my mouth to Pray! i was filled with Tears of great Joy and I just couldn’t wait to tell everyone on this site about It! It took time because I couldn’t open my old account on this site, so I opened this new Account! All I can say is,”Praise the Lord Christ Jesus, for he has done Great things, and he still is doing Them!” I hope that this true story gives others the lift they need to get closer to the Lord in prayer. Just seek him, he Loves to be Found! Love in Christ Jesus, your sis, Annette

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  1. henry jose says:

    God’s way are truly mysterious and spellbounding, he has selected the unworthy, great sinners and the downtrodden from time immemorial to do his work, his nature is love, what is greater than the God’s gift of salvation? it is the greatest reward we get eventhough we are not even worthy to spell it. God is the greatest, praise be to god.

  2. Captainmathew says:

    When one who is in Lord joins his or her destination in Lord The Heaven rejoices along the saints remaining in this world! In this case, he or she earned few more souls to Lord! Amen! Let us rejoice more as our names are written in The Heaven! (Luke 10 : 20)
    God Bless!

  3. lookingforhope2011 says:

    That is great news annette! Praise the Lord!

  4. Captainmathew says:

    Yes, certainly this experience once again authenticate that our Lord hear the Prayers of those who wait on Him! I too have number of experiences to justify this fact. Praise The Lord

    • Annette1016 says:

      Dearest brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, I am writing to let you know that the man Jerry Dolinski. Whom i had brought up and asked for you all to pray for has passed away last night . Today i ask that you pray that his family and friends be comforted for though he lost his life in this battle his family as well as he found Jesus our king. So he went from this life to life with the Lord and I thank you all for it would have not happened. Without your faithful prayers. He has one daughter who was not there the night that his whole family was saved, yet, I will ask that you all lift up Donna and ask for her salvation as well. May God bless and keep you all and continue the good work that he started in us all. Thank you all, Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

      • Timothy Luke says:

        It is certainly good news to hear Jerry is with the Lord. May God comfort and lead his family to the fulness of His blessings and may Donna find her Lord and Savior soon. In Jesus’ name. amen.

        • Annette1016 says:

          Thank You Timothy thank You Dearly!

        • myLordJesus says:

          It is always a Blessing to hear someone got saved and has now went on home to be with his Savior…Praise God! Praise God, Praise God!

          God Bless,
          Michelle Lamb

      • childofjesus says:

        We thank you for calling Jerry to our Eternal home. May his family find Your peace and comfort.We thank you for bringing his entire family unto You…we pray for Donna, that she may also receive your amazing grace and be saved…In Jesus name, we pray…Amen.

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