Other Testimonies

Financial Miracles – A single mother meditates on God’s promises and receives financial miracles to escape debt and buy a townhouse.

Tammy Gibson – shares how after knowing God’s goodness she backslid and came to despair of life and hope. Had it not been for God’s touch she would have died, but now she thanks God for his mercy and grace.

Financial Miracle in Singapore

Feeling Loss – Rocky Chambers shares how God answered a prayer for a lost necklace that meant a lot to him.

Working with Catholic Charismatics – Bill shares his concerns about what is happening amongst some Catholic Charismatics.

Healed of Diabetes through Prayer – A routine blood sugar test during pregnancy revealed a diabetic condition. However, after prayer, this went away.

Finding Work – a man writes how the Lord helped him out of depression and unemployment through his conversion to Christ.

Woken Up – a lady shares with us how facing the trial of her father’s death and helped her wake up and confirm her faith in God.

Answered Prayer for Mother’s Medical Needs – this story reveals how the Lord in His mercy can arrange favor with men in the medical system.

God’s Presence Confirmed – this is a simple story of how God confirmed His presence to a young girl.

Other Testimonies has moved here.

Other Testimonies has moved here.

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