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Spontaneous Deliverance – a youth shares how God spontaneously and unexpectedly delivered him while he was contemplating suicide.

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  1. Brother Jeff says:

    First – Greetings to you in the name of who there is no other! “Jesus”! It seems like my life has been filled with trial after trail especially within the last few years. I often think why? I don’t see that I have a calling, gift or anything that the enemy would seem to be a threat. But now, I think that there is something there that Christ wants for me to do. I must be truthful, I have not maintained the Faith and Decipline that I should for a man professing Christ which is very much of my problem. the only thing that I can do is to ask for His forgiveness for my lack of any area the grieves Him. Christ does not deserve to be treated in the way that we often treat Him. I am guilty of this. The Word says “The Truth Shall Set You Free”! So, I accept my Freedom by confessing my faults and my ignorance and ask this evening that “Christ Forgives Me”! When you find the time in your prayers please speak my name and that Christ will continue to show His “Grace & Mercy” in times of troubles and not. (By the way, I often want to right books and I have started some but not completed. One of the titles is “Grace, Mercy & ME”! Because if were not for His Grace & Mercy I would be no more! May Christ continue to Bless you in every area of your life.

    Your Brother In Christ

    Brother Jeff

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