Sociopathy and the power elite.

Psychologists like to put everything in a nice tidy box. They have a clinical explanation for everything under the sun.

Consider the “illness” known as sociopathy. The dictionary definition of a sociopath is:

“a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behaviour is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

Now, maybe I am being silly here but it seems to me that a person so described is no more than what you might call nasty, a rotter, a cad, a bad egg or an unpleasant sort.

Is there really any difference between a sociopath and a bad sort? I’m not sure there is.

I read recently that a study of sociopathy estimated up to 4% of society “suffered” from the illness. This is the reason we get our bus-stops smashed, houses burgled, streets used as rubbish tips, and every other social ill you could think of.

This is the most common result of sociopathy but if a sociopath happens to be a politician or a member of the aristocracy, the effects of their antisocial behaviour take on new and dangerous dimensions.

A sociopathical politician could for instance, start a war on the basis of some hidden agenda. Surely that could not happen. It does.

There is a link between the morally bankrupt and success.

How many times do you hear of individuals who will stop at nothing to get to the top?
People who are ruthless in their pursuit of wealth?

The world is full of successful people who will rise to power by fair means or foul. In fact the secret of their success is that they are not hindered by and kind of normal moral restraints as you or I may be.

Given that it is easier for a sociopath to achieve the highest levels of success it stands to reason that there will be higher incidences of sociopathy among the power elite.

This helps us to understand why wars are started, economic piracy is conducted on a global scale and plans are being drawn up to reduce the population of the world.

We are told that such ruthless self promotion is a purely natural occurrence, the survival of the fittest.

Jesus said “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.”

Those sociopaths who are desperate for world domination already have their reward, ours is waiting for us in heaven.

What do YOU think?



  1. says:

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  2. breeze123 says:

    In answer to all the many questions coming from women who are married to sociopaths. As someone who has been there herself, please allow me to share what I have learnt. As women, being more emotionally wired, we are natural care givers, God willed it that way and it is wonderful and supposed to be a blessing and a priveledge. We give of ourselves easily and freely and often lack the wisdom and decernment in choosing in whom we will invest our emotions, time and energy. If we happen to be Christians, it gets even worse! We then believe that we have been called to ‘save’ the entire world. And most often, our husbands. Through many trials and tribulations I have learnt valuable lessons and principles. Today I am in an extremely happy and fulfilling marriage with a wonderful man. We have been married for 13 years now, and when I look back on my ‘previous life’ it seems unreal. Like it was a movie I once saw. Like it never happened to me. God healed my emotions and my life and I praise Him for that! This is what I have learnt:

    1. We are not responsible for other people’s emotions or happiness. Don’t try and change/fix another person’s life, you will fail miserably. We are however responsible for our own lives/actions/feelings/hapiness.
    2. ALL the choices we make, have consequences. God does not miraculously remove them! You marry an unbeliever/for the wrong reasons/the wrong person, you will have to live with your choice. There is however forgiveness and redemtion for our wrong choices. We do not have to suffer for the rest of our lifes because we made a bad choice.
    3. We teach people how to treat us. It’s all in the way we “market’ ourselves. You behave like an easy pushover/doormat/”I’m eager to please”, that is how people will treat you. (and probably use and abuse you)
    4. Learn to say “NO.” Don’t be a people pleaser, be a GOD pleaser! Set boundaries first of all for yourself,(respecting other people’s boundaries) and also for others. (expecting them to respect yours and holding them to it.)
    5. Do not remove/conceal the consequences of other peoples/your husband’s evil behaviour. Thereby you are ENABELING them/him to carry on in their wrong and abusive ways. Remember, whatsoever we sow, we will reap!
    6. Never sacrifice/compromise your values, beliefs, principles for ANYONE.
    7. If you are doing ALL the bending in your marriage, something is WRONG! There is two people in a marriage and the needs of TWO people need to be catered for!
    8. Do not be fooled by kind and sweet words full of (false) promises. We ARE what we DO. If kind words are (consistantly) backed up by actions, it is real. If the actions don’t follow, it is lies, deciet and manipulation. Most women take YEARS to figure this one out!
    9. Forgiveness and reconciliation are two different things. We can sincerely forgive someone without letting them back into our lives. WISDOM and decernment is needed here! We can ONLY reconcile with someone when and IF they show true remorse for their share in the pain, AND if and when they are TRULY willing to take responsibilty for their part and take the neccessary steps to grow and change. NO remorse, NO change, NO reconciliation. Unless you feel up to going another round… (see point 8 above!)
    10. Prayer is a blessing and a powerful tool but we cannot just pray and do NOTHING. Faith requires ACTION! In other words: face the facts, see your life for what it realy is and be willing to do whatever it takes to turn things around.

    A wise man once said: “Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing.” I know so many women who are stuck in terribly abusive and destructive relationships/marriages. Many of them are “waiting for God to do something.” God made us free moral agents thus allowing us our own choices. He also gave us a sound mind and made wisdom available to us, if we ask Him. If you choose to stay in such a marriage, you will have to live with that choice. And if you choose to leave, you will have to live with that too. Choose the consequence you would rather live with and take charge of your life today! It is up to you. My best wishes to all women out there that find themselves in this predicament. May God lead and guide you and give you the wisdom, courage and strength to take back your lives!

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom. I am sure this will help some ladies get their lives in Godly order and help bring peace and healing to many!

    • says:

      Reading through some VERY old post I ran across this comment by breeze123 on Tue, 12/01/2009

      Those of you. who have been here from “the beginning” and even “way back” to the inception of CF, have probably read this a long time ago..but, if there are actually others here, who haven’t read this I mean, then check it out.

      Steps 1-10 really stand out as good advice. I have some favorites steps, but dont let that distract from the others because ALL of them or TRULY profound and valuable. My favs are 5-10, with 8-9 getting the highest honors!

      This is personally relevent to me and I think it should be mandatory reading for anyone who desires a healthy relationship, is considering moving into a new relationship or is facing this sort of thing right now – in their current relationship.

      Quoted from the orig post: “The dictionary definition of a sociopath is: “a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behaviour is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

      One should never-ever do the “arranged marriage” or “blind commitment” thing with anyone unless you’ve been able to take the time to “really” get to know them – that is – getting to know the person you’re willing/wanting to commit the rest of your life!

      I’ve learned some people have mental issues that don’t “show up” or “manifest” when you see them only occasionally and can be easily hidden. If you can’t spend time with someone, even in conversation, stay far far away and don’t look back. If someone loves you, but won’t see you or talk to you at all…then odds are high they are hiding something! They could be hiding their demons on spiritual level or even (as this original post points out) they could currently have or be “hiding” a pathological neurosis i/e DID/MPD, sociopathic, narcissistic behavior or other.

      If they are hiding something that they are un-willing to discuss with you or unwilling/unable to face themselves!

      Whether it’s:
      1) spiritual oppression-demonization
      2) neuro-pathos,
      3) past hidden sin
      4) present-current ((ongoing)) sin!
      5) something else…

      Regardless, if they don’t trust you enough to be open with you about it or if they are unwilling to give it up for you, then that’s your answer. That tells you where their heart is…and that they are choosing “it” over you!

      Don’t feel bad or blame yourself…it’s their decision, not yours!. I’m not saying to hide your love away, withhold your affection or reject them… just be aware…as it’s only reasonable and fair to have full disclosure before making a committment….anything else would be foolish. I believe if you really love someone (my feelings anyway), you will accept them how they are and where they are “as long a there’s open honest disclosure and communication about ALL things”.

      I just thought this was a great nugget, blast from the past.

      God Bless,

  3. My son has stole from me TWICE,large amonts of money,and send horrible emails as me to my friends trying to ruin my relationships with them. He even said when he lived with his mom,she raped him! This is NOT true,as he went back on his own decision to live with her! He can even fake PTSD. He is 17 now,I feel like the son I am supposed to have has DIED. He has had over 1 year to write me an apology letter but can’t and won’t. They can feel remorse or LOVE or give LOVE. I did raise him to have Christian morals to. I have given up on him. He has told SO MANY LIES. He wanted me to get something for his birthday I found out. He stopped by the office where I used to live and left his cell phne no and his birth-date on a “post-it” note,like NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. I found some old pictures he took of himself on my computer. His eyes are FLAT LOOKING-no expression. I am starting to think all sociopaths are POSSESED. He could not think of what his lies to me about his mom did to me! All he cared about was the “entertainment value”. He lies until you believe it-he is relentless.
    I did not deserve this. If I was to ever see him again,he would wonder why I am so hurt and angry at him! He went back to her in May 08′,but not before stealing 500.00 from my bank card! THAT was the 2nd time. When he would tell me the lies he would always stare at me for the reaction-that’s cause they don’t feel anything. His eyes are cold as a great white sharks eyes. He is NOT SORRY. These people are to be avoided-they are vicious dogs that can not be rehabilitated-EVER.

  4. i wish i had gone to college then maybe i would have know what a sociopath looks like and it would have saved me 5 years of unbelievable abuse. He was so cunning and crafty that I can’t believe I was duped at the level i was. However, I only want to say if you suspect someone is a sociopath and you can avoid them entirely, please do so. You will save yourself a lot of heartache.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Lord, through my father passing away in May and other circumstances, has lead me AWAY from a very damaging 2-1/2 year relationship with a probable adult ADHD (the hyperactivity goes away) and sociopathic behaviors in the SAME MAN. It’s amazing, shocking, and very, very sad to realize this almost 54-year-old man could quite possibly go on this way until his demise, which, I guess, could come if he really hurts the wrong woman. I’m just amazed I could not see this sooner. Of course have many visits with our pastor, and I’m SO THANKFUL God DID put things in my way (including some extra pounds on my part which, of course, did not “jive” with the sociopath’s schedule!) to keep me from marrying this man. His M.O. is to meet ’em, sleep with ’em to determine if he’s “compatible” in that way, and then marry ’em in 6 months. It’s truly a Jekyll/Hyde type personality – so scary!

    I’m also very saddened as to what happened to him years ago that led him to this point. It’s so very sad. I will make every effort and pray a lot that God does not allow me to be alone with this person again UNTIL and UNLESS he would realize he’s in extreme danger and be awakened to get help.

    God IS mightier than this man’s illness. God CAN, COULD, WOULD, WILL DO what is necessary to get this man’s attention if we will only believe that God will touch his life. Ya’ll pray for Tom, ok? And for my safety. Appreciate forums like this. 🙂

  6. food4thought says:

    Sociopathy is the medicalized term for people who are Evil.

    Doctors are not going to use the word Evil, they think in terms of illness. Sociopathy is not an illness: It is people who instead by the Force of Good are led by the Force of Evil.

    Study it, the material that is out there, and decide for yourself what “no conscience”, “no remorse”, “markedly antisocial” and “incapable of love and friendship” really means.

    To put it politically incorrectly: they are Satan’s Spawn plain and simple.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is 100% correct..To be missing a conscience.No remorse or empathy for doing harm.No shame..Constantly doing reckless and careless things to try and awaken the soul..It is clear..A sociopath is evil.When no one can explain why this condition happens..Why it exists or how it is treated.We must assume it is a condition that was brought in through birth..Not lending itself to be defined by any genetic association..A new born innocent brought into this world missing the”chip” for human conditioning…I imagine..That soul,for whatever reason has died inside a body..The shell continued to move on.The brain still functions..the heart beats..But, that is it..I iimagine the only legacy a sociopath can truly leave for our world.. is the proof that good and evil do coexist here on earth..

  7. TooInvolved says:

    Your blog piece seems to minimize sociopathy, although perhaps that isn’t your intent. But it is not the same as just being a “bad sort.”

    One can be a bod sort but eventually grow up and change his/her ways. But sociopaths lack the part of the brain (physically) that allows them to feel empathy, guilt or remorse. They lie, cheat and steal, with no guilt whatsoever.

    Read up on them and you will see.

  8. It is true that being around a sociopath is like living with the devil. My brother was engaged to one. She was the most charming, seemingly sweet, innocent person…for a while. Then she became manipulative and pure decietful. She destroyed any relationship she could. One night she called me on the phone and didnt know I was sitting with my boyfriend. She called him right after we got off the phone and he put her on speaker and she lied about what I had just said. Then one night we were arguing about that incident on the phone. She was standing near my brother and started crying saying ” you don’t want me to be part of your family?? Why would you say that” The thing is, I didn’t say anything like that!! My brother quickly took the phone from her and told me never to come around again. I could write a book on all her lies. Also she lied about her past. When I first met her she laid on the charm and made me feel sorry for her claiming she was raped by her brothers as a child and thats how she lost her virginity. Later when she first met someone else she did the same thing, but instead said her first boyfriend raped and took her virginity. She told a rape story to every new person she met immediatly. She finally left my brother for his good friend after cheating on him for a while. But then told everyone he left her for HER BEST friend, because several months later my brother got a new girlfriend who talked to her a few times. Another thing is she lays on the “Christianity”. She prays before meals, talks about God, but then swears to God when she is telling a blatant lie. She would also say things to hurt my feelings but then as someone came around she would act like nothing happened. She had a phycotic break down in the car one day when her, I and my brother were on a busy highway. She tried to pull the parking break up and kill us all. My brother had to hold her head against the window to stop her and I had to hold down the door lock because she began trying to jump out of the car. Later she told people that my brother abused her that day in the car, (she had no marks, he didn’t even hurt her) she told this story but left out the whole part that I was there too in the back seat. One day she is going to kill someone, I just feel it. I was around her for years, and I never saw any true human emmotion.

  9. Hermien du Toit says:

    As the daughter of a sociopath, allow me to shed some light on the topic. Trashing bus stops and burgling houses is NOT the typical behavior of a sociopath. They are much craftier, much more deceitful and most of us has probably have some contact with one or are working or living with one. Sociopaths are usually not common thieves or criminals, although they sometimes can be. Sociopaths are also not always the powerful CEO or the mass murderer or the ‘dirty politician.’ They are people who look like you and me. They are mostly highly intelligent and are experts in human behavior. They can mimic any and all human emotions. Even produce tears if need be. They have superficial charm with which they are able to con the smartest amongst us. They are our fathers, brothers, friends,co-workers, employers, priests and pastors. These individuals are extremely manipulative, completely narcissistic, domineering, habitual liars, usually sexually promiscuous, have violent tempers and use flattery as a means of pulling you into their webs of deceit. Their main goal in life is to rule over and to be worshiped. The have no boundaries and do not respect other people’s boundaries at all. In fact, other people are mainly a tool to a sociopath. A tool to get what he/she wants. At any and ALL costs. Not all sociopaths will break the law. In fact, that is what makes them so dangerous: they normally stay within the parameters of the law but the damage they do to those who live with them, work with them or have any kind of relationship with them, is horrendous. And it is, unfortunately, not punishable by law! My mother has always covered for my father. She has never been able to see him for what and who he is. She is always finding excuses for his behavior,refusing to expose him. He has had numerous affairs over the more than 30 years of their marriage, he has never been able to keep a job for more than six months at a time (I have been in 12 schools!!!), he has a violent temper and will do NOTHING for himself. My mother is his servant. He lies as easily and as regularly as you and me breath. He is extremely critical of EVERYONE except himself and will not tolerate ANY criticism from anyone. He has no relationship with people outside of how it will benefit him. He is impulsive and made absolutely NO providence for the future for himself and my mom and therefore the financial burden is now on my husband and I… One of the many women he has been involved with over the years are now even living with him and my mom… I could go on and on but suffice to say that living with a sociopath is living with Satan himself. I feel so very sorry for ANYONE that has to put up with the extremely damaging behavior of a sociopath. The damage my father has done to me, my psyche, my sense of self, my marriage and my children will probably never be known. Burglars and thieves are usually (sooner or later in any case) caught and put behind bars for at least a length of time. It is not against the law to be a sociopath, therefore these poisonous people get to live amongst us and prey on innocent people and eventually destroy them. I have broken off ALL contact with my father and although it is difficult for me, I know it is the right thing to do. I am a committed Christian and I believe with ALL my heart that amongst other things, we were put on this planet NOT to excuse or condone evil, but to limit it, to destroy it.

    • Like you say, we are all connected in some way or other with this “condition”

      It is amazing that doctors will even consider it an ilness when,in your words, “Living with a sociopath is like living with satan himself”

      Praise God that He is able to bring us through the most difficult times when we hold fast.

      God bless,

    • This is a very pressing account- thank you for your trouble in presenting this. The thought that comes to me is that ‘by the grace of God there is me’. In facing such trauma we feel overwhelmed. Surely it seems impossible that there is any remedy.

      How wonderful it would be for you for the power of God to be unleashed to transform your dad- what a witness and testimony to you and for you and those who have suffered through this.

      I have experienced that the Lord does work these things but first, we need to be released from the bitter brew which has built up within.


      • Anonymous says:

        Is there repair for a sociopath? What does that look like? My husband has been summarized as a sociopath but is willing to get counseling for himself. So i am confused if this is just more manipulation or God at work?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for your account on your experience. I am in a similiar situation. My husband has been summarized by my counselor and i as a sociopath. He has a less then desirable past history with many blemishes. He has said that he is willing to go to counseling for himself and our marriage which we are seperated right now. I feel at peace with going to counseling to repair our marriage but my struggle is that am i being manipulated by my husband or is God leading him to repair? If a sociopath is evil doesn’t God allow an out from evil.

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