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I am a 39 year old single mom and just recently got laid off from my job. I have been dating a gentleman who asked me to marry him recently. A very sweet and kind person he is who without his help I don’t think my kids and I would have made it. Well, recently I found out that he has still been involved with his ex she even called me and gave vivid accounts of their most recent activities. He has apologized and apologized and is very insistent that he only wants to marry me. I have forgiven him and I am praying about the situation but I can not shake it and I must admit my walk with Christ is still very new and I truly want to do everything he ask me to do. I have been saved as long as I can remember but it was not until I got older that I truly understood what it meant to be a woman of God and I have never been so hurt and confused in my life. I am living in a new city and I don’t know very many people. My old friends are not Christians and I don’t feel they will give any good advice. Please can someone reach out with some advice for me.

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  1. If the relationship has pretty much begun in lack of honesty (on a major issue), it would probably be best to end it now & focus on your walk with the Lord more deeply. It’s great that you have forgiven him, however if you’re not able to quite shake it (as you’ve said) than that might be your answer from the Lord to it all. Many times when the Holy Spirit has already given us the answer to something & perhaps we have missed it or have blatantly disobeyed Him (which would be sin) than He will allow for lack of peace within ourselves. This is important to be able to discern rightly when learning to hear God’s voice clearly (Ps.85:8). He may have already given you His answer on this, but you have not recognized it. I would suggest praying to Him about it again & He will confirm it with you. Just make sure if you’ve asked Him something, that you’re looking for Him. Many times people ask things of the Lord & than do not pay attention. So, what happens is they assume He hasn’t answered them. God speaks all the time, but sometimes what He wants to speak to us about isn’t what we want to speak or hear about because we’re focused on other things we deem more important. But the Lord knows what we need at every point in our lives. It may be best to instead go into prayer more with the questions…what do you want to talk to me about today Lord? And, how might I please you? Times can seem rough when it may appear you’re alone but you’re not…the Lord is always with you. This period in your life that may look as if you have no other, may be a set up by God to allow Him to work deeply with you to show you all that you can have in Him (2Cor. 12:9; Isa. 54:5; Col. 3:5-11; Deut. 31:6; Ps. 29:11; 119:66).

  2. Holyroller_11 says:

    When you don;t know whatto do,Then Do Nothing,Wait on the Lord,

    • lookingforhope2011 says:

      That’s great advice. As im in the same situation different circumstances. As we worry we want to do something to make things better. Ain’t gonna happen! Like Holy Roller said. Be still and wait. There will come a point when in the natural your back is against the wall. We have to wait until God removes that wall. Im there now. So now I have to wait. In the meantime stay fervent in prayer and immersed in the Word.

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