Smallness of Deaf Community in Australia

Hello dear Christians

I wonder if any of you Christians has wondered about the Signing Deaf population in Australia?

There are about 15,000 signing Deaf and if one split into states, approximately a few thousands in each state. Then again split into age groups, the groups gets smaller. Then split again into interests eg; sports, academics, christians, atheists etc then it gets smaller! Yes we are a minority group, much smaller than the Aboriginal groups even.

I belong to a Church group, named ‘Signs Church’ we meet each week at a hired community hall.

We have a block of land, and it is very hard get going to build a church on our land.

We tithe faithfully but it is hard with a very small group of Christians to raise enough funds for the building.

We have to pay rent on the hall, pay rates on the land, mow the grass of the land, donate to visiting missionaries from overseas, obtain equipment for our church.

We are not giving up, we know our prayers will be answered by the goodness and mercy of our Lord.

Would you Christians out there please pray earnestly for us so that we can build and outreach to the lost deaf souls?

Blessings and Honour on his precious name, Jesus.


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