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‘All true philosophers should keep their eyes open. Even if we have never seen a white crow, we should never stop looking for it. And one day, even a skeptic like me could be obliged to accept a phenomenon I did not believe in before. If I did not keep this possibility open I would be dogmatic, and not a true philosopher.’ – Alberto, replying about the existence of the supernatural, in Jostein Gaardner’s bestseller, “Sophie’s World”.

Did you know that the only person who qualifies for the title of skeptic is the one who insists on investigating things – who won’t just take someone else’s word for it? No one has the right to call themselves a skeptic who just blindly accepts things that were told them.

Since so many of today’s journalists and educators are agnostics and/or God-haters, it wouldn’t be hard to follow them into agnosticism or atheism. Someone, somewhere has been leading you. But have you checked out the evidence for and against what they have been feeding you?

Maybe it was a trusted friend, maybe it was a school teacher or a University professor, maybe it was some author or even some celebrity on the tube, and they led you into or confirmed you in an attitude of unbelief. None of those social or academic qualifications guarantees that what they told you is the truth. Its easy to be wrong about God when you’ve experienced very little or nothing of His supernatural power. Jesus said, “Can the blind really lead the blind? Will they not both fall into the ditch?”

Did you accept what they told you without much enquiry – because it suited you to doubt the Biblical message? Did you ever investigate the evidence for yourself – for and against? If you didn’t – you can call yourself an atheist or an agnostic. But you can’t really call yourself a skeptic, because you are simply blindly following something someone told you without checking it out first.

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