Simplicity of Faith

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  1. childofjesus says:

    Romans 10:17 – “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
    Each day let us meditate on the Word of God so that our faith becomes strong, and that we may resist the devil just like Jesus who said “It is written……(while he was tested in the wilderness, Mathew 4:1-11)
    Mathew 28:18 – And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. John 20:21 – Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.
    Jesus came into this world with the authority of God and did everything with God’s power. Same authority he gives us to destroy all the works of the devil. Are we using this authority which is so freely given to us in Jesus’ Name ?

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