Similarities to pagan religons?

Can anyone give me an in-depth explanation of why there are similarities between some pagan religions and Christianity? Like the virgin birth, similarities of moses’ story, the miracle of parting the water, baptism etc…

What do YOU think?



  1. Why are you here if you believe what you have written????Either you are here because deep down you know the Bible is truth and you are running from God or you are here to plant seeds of doubt upon those who have questions about things of God…..

    When I was searching for Truth, I had many encounters with other religions….When I look back I was trying to fill the void in my life and I was also running from God….You cannot run away from God because He knows you are too valuable to Him for Him to stop going after you…There is no way that He will ever stop loving you…..

    You are either a runner or a hinderance….

    • warrior daughter says:

      This is my post and I posted it before I was logged in…..

      Have you got your shoes tied for you are a runner and it is time for you to stop fighting God with your words that angers others……There is nothing in your life that God will not or cannot change…..You seem to like the rejection that you get from Christians when you speak forth things that are contrary to His children….This rejection just makes you have a reason to hate God so stop running away from God and run into His arms that are wide open to receive you……..

  2. Christianity borrowed or stole bits from other religions. Jesus is an earthly representation of the sun. We celebrate his bithday when the sun begins to rise from its lowest point in the winter sky.

    Mary was ‘developed’ to appease a group worshiping a female diety around the 5th century. Christianity doesn’t have the monopoly on Virgin births either. The flood is in many accounts of the time. It happened but not as the bible would have you believe.

    • Well days like Easter and Christmas were borrowed from pagan festivals. But in choosing whether to believe what you say concerning the gospels or what the eyewitnesses recorded who paid a heavy price for their convictions, I will go with the eye-witnesses.

    • Timothy Luke says:

      You are mistaken. Paganism is what borrowed its roots from the truth and then corrupted it in the worship of Nimrod and Semiramis, who were deified and at the tower of Babel. When the languages were confounded, the names of these two were transferred to differing languages. They became Osis and Osiris in Egypt, They became the other mother and child figures of other ancient religions. How could this be before the documentation of the virgin birth?

      Simple. Satan knew the promise of the “seed of the woman” that would crush his head. He heard it in the garden of Eden. He knew what that meant, because the “seed of the man” was excluded in the bloodline of the savior to come. This meant a man born of the woman, and of God. Satan counterfeited these things early on as he inspired the religious practices that came to be after the flood.

      The flood is in many accounts of the time because ALL families of the earth were impacted by it and ALL nations of the earth came from Grandfather Noah. The same tradition, coming from the same singular event. Different names coming from the confounding of the languages at Babel.

      It makes complete sense….

      • Your truth is not the truth. There are many different truths. Islam is a truth to millions of its followers (praise be to Allah). I have never heard of Nimrod (except as a British aircraft) or the other fellagh. The virgin birth, really! Why bother if you are an omnipotent God. Picking on some poor girl is tantamount to rape. As for the crucifixion, big deal. Dead for two days and then off to heaven to be with his father (who is also himself). Many mortals have given up their lives permanantly for what they believe in. No resurrection, no eternal life.

        As I said in a previous post. Why does god let satan tempt people? He gets more recruits maybe? Good and evil exist in our realities not as existential deities.

        • Timothy Luke says:

          “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

          Your posts are blasphemous now and so I will delete any accusation against God, from this point forward. ANSER NOT A FOOL ACCORDING TO HIS FOLLY, LEST YOU BECOME LIKE UNTO HIM. Your posts will be pulled from this point forward if I personally do not like the attitude you are displaying… and that IS in the forum rules.

          God loves you. You need to come to terms with Him. You will stand before Him and tremble. In your spirit you are saying how bold you will be and how you are going to tell God off, but that meeting will take place in His office, at the time of HIS choosing, and we all know He will laugh you to scorn for the bold display of foolish pride by a gnat before the Creator of heaven and earth and all that is in them.

          Repent sir before it is too late. If you turn to him now there is hope. If you let your life run its curse, you will die and then die the second death reserved for Satan and his demons. For your own sake, repent before you die and it is too late.

          • God loves me but god will make me tremble! Your god is so insecure, he needs everyone to worship him and if they don’t he will send them to hell. What kind of god is that?

            He didn’t do a great job in creating the earth, too much water and not enough habitable land. Half the population doesn’t have enough fresh water and the other half are too busy killing each other because their religion is the best.Then JP II comes along and says that god doesn’t like contraception and the planet is now permanantly damaged by the scars of humanity.

            What exactly has god been doing for the last couple of millenia? I really don’t think he’s up to the job.

          • Timothy Luke says:

            You are making me laugh. Too much water and not enough habitable land… In my mind, I can see people sliding off the beaches and into the oceans due to over crowding…. He has been waiting patiently these 2000 years for people like you to repent. He will not wait forever, so take advantage of his offer before it is too late.

        • Here’s another one for you. How do you decide what is “truth”? You write “Your truth is not the truth”. How do you know that? Do you believe in the existence of absolute truth? By what unplanned sequence of events have YOU been uniquely gifted to determine what truth is “the truth”?

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