Signs of the times

These later years seem to be so fast paced,with so many things going on in the world,signs in the heavens and signs in the earth,mass confusion everywhere,sheep without a sherpard,,ask 20 people about the returning of Jesus,and get 20 different answers,,,In the early years of the church,the devils attack was easier to know,because he would try to kill anyone proclaming Christ and his teaching,,,but failed ,it grew instead,,,,but in these last days satan found a better way to steal your soul,,,instead of trying to stop the gospel,he just filled men with so many versions,people either are deceived,confused or quit trying all together,,,The world is looking for a leader and dont care what or who,,,, Israel is being pressed to devide Jeruslem ,because they just tired of war and violence,a thing which is a violation against God….There are powerful people in the world who think if we have 1 king over the whole earth,then we will have peace,,,others who think if we have 1 currency we will be at peace,,,,People are kept so uncertain of tomorrow they fail to see whats going on, watch and pray,we are the blessed generation to see the coming of the Lord in the clouds,amen,


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  1. HR11, you are so right in what you say about this. I have seen people pray on chrystals insead of to the one who created every rock. I have seen those who believe in horrible scopes (horrescopes) believing that they are real. But never looking to the author & finisher of our faith. I know of so so many who have been attacked by the plans of satan that they have come so close to suicide. Yet the lord has been ever so faithful to us all. Will he come back to find his Church well I Sure hope so. But He is all the hope that I have. For by No other Name can we be saved. There is a huge lie out right Now that we can be saved undern other Names. Oprah Winfrey is one person Whom is saying that. So becuse she is on TV people believe her. Any Idiot can be on TV. It doesn’t mean that they are of God. I don’t understand this generation & I don’t fit. And I am Happy that I don’t Fit, because it is confusing and somewhat scary. I suggest that we get in touch with other on-line Christians and Pray for this Generation for if they refuse to turn, they are So Lost & it just iS So painful to see, I just can’t imagine how painful it is for the Lord to see. Thank you for your article HR11. YsiCJ, Annette

  2. Holyroller_11 says:

    Once apon a time.saints or even sinners ,had truthful and trustful words and deeds,and respected the word of God even if they were not saved,,today lies and treachery is running wild,It doesn’t matter how you get what you want as long as you get it ,earned or stolen,,satan has but a short time left,so he’s working hard to fool people into thinking sin is how you look at it (an opinion not a fact)……the old teaching were to anything unclean,unkind,unholy or untrue,is a sin ,now days we hear often,the saying judge not for you will be judged,,,,works good to silence a young christian,,,,but the truth is ,if you see your brother or sister falling for lack of understanding what is right,,,tell them or let them fall?,,,,If the blind lead the blind both fall into the ditch,,,,,The last generation started 1967 when Jerusalem was no longer in the hands of the gentiles,,we are the light of the world,if we fail to shine the light on sin,we are accountable,,,,if you see a brother or sister doing wrong,tell him and may save him from the pit,,,satan counts on us doing nothing,so he can lead one deeped into darkness until they destroy themselves,,,,satan cannot kill us,only fool us into doing it,if he could he would have killed us all a long time ago,,,,do not be unequally yoked with anyone that would cause you to stray from the Bible’s teaching,and condemn your soul,,,,,be ye seperate sayeth the Lord,,,,grab the oldest version of the Bible you can find,K,J.V,,,,study and look up your redemption draweth nigh,,amen

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      nations are gathering around Israel,as days goes by,christians are concidered more everyday as troublemakers and quily of supposedly hate crimes,bibles are against the law in many places,churches are being forclosed on for lack of attendance,,our children are sigled out for any attemp to mention Jesus, money systems are in danger of collape,and people still need to see what the moon looks like today or if my birthday tells me how I’m going live my life,or who I will meet,,,,or how long I will live,,,,,,,,,just as well tie a carrot in front of our face to make us walk the right way,,,,,,The Lord of the harvest is coming,,,and time should be spent getting loved ones in,rather than looking for signs in the sky,,,,,just a thought

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