Signs of the times

These later years seem to be so fast paced,with so many things going on in the world,signs in the heavens and signs in the earth,mass confusion everywhere,sheep without a sherpard,,ask 20 people about the returning of Jesus,and get 20 different answers,,,In the early years of the church,the devils attack was easier to know,because he would try to kill anyone proclaming Christ and his teaching,,,but failed ,it grew instead,,,,but in these last days satan found a better way to steal your soul,,,instead of trying to stop the gospel,he just filled men with so many versions,people either are deceived,confused or quit trying all together,,,The world is looking for a leader and dont care what or who,,,, Israel is being pressed to devide Jeruslem ,because they just tired of war and violence,a thing which is a violation against God….There are powerful people in the world who think if we have 1 king over the whole earth,then we will have peace,,,others who think if we have 1 currency we will be at peace,,,,People are kept so uncertain of tomorrow they fail to see whats going on, watch and pray,we are the blessed generation to see the coming of the Lord in the clouds,amen,


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