Sid Roth interviews Mary K. Baxter about her Visions of Hell and Heaven

Some, including some Christians, disbelieve this woman but to me her story carries the ring of authenticity. I don’t believe all stories like this, but for some reason I do believe this. It is very good that she is leading so many people to the Lord Jesus.

Hell is a horrible place. Mary Baxter claims to have been taken to see it in 1976 for 30 consecutive nights.

It is significant that backslidden Christians and even preachers are in hell right now. That is the claim. It fits with the Scriptures I read.

In the spirit realm everything is totally real, and very intense. The sensations of fire, worms, torture, mockery – the grief, the wailing, the cries for help and the sense of utter hopelessness is all too real.

Do all you can to pursue God and truly love the Lord. It is the best protection for ending up in this horrible place.

The Bible says, “Hate evil, you who love the Lord.” The fear of the Lord is to hate evil. We need to hate what the devil is doing, and inspiring, because it is all with the purpose of deceiving and destroying precious people that God loves. And yet God’s love does not guarantee that those unwilling to repent and return to God will find mercy. We have to understand that God is a holy God who executes justice on those who just plain hate righteousness and want to perpetuate the Original Sin of trying to be their own god.

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