Should we move to Flat Comments – rather than Threaded?

At the moment, (21 Feb 2011) we are using threaded comments on all our pages with comments. This means you can reply to a particular comment and your reply is indented.

I think this can get messy after a while. I am considering changing to FLATCOMMENTS. With flatcomments, you can see the most recent comment on a thread more easily.

You can address your comment specifically to an individual by using the @ symbol.

For example: @michael, I think we should move to flat comments.


What do others think?

If we go to flat comments, we will not be able to easily return to threaded comments.

What do YOU think?


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  3. I personally like being able to respond to a specific comment, shown by an indent, or being able to just post a general comment (non threaded) for the topic. I think it might be harder to read and/or be messy using @'s. Thats where I stand 🙂

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