Sheep Prove God exists

Richard Wurmbrand, formerly a Jewish Romanian pastor tortured by both Fascists and Communists for his faith in Christ, addresses this question in his book “Umpleti Vidul” (Fill the Void – published in English under the title “Answers to Moscow’s Bible”). He tells us that someone asked this question in a communist meeting in the Soviet Union. It was explained to this person that life had appeared spontaneously and developed through natural selection; that in the harsh battle for survival only the strong or more agile animals could stay alive while the weak ones died off.

But a believer asked: “But how is it that sheep survived and were not destroyed by wolves? The female wolf has 5 or 6 baby wolves per year, while a sheep only has one lamb. The ratio is 5 to 1 in favor of the destroyer, which has sharp teeth, claws, power and is fast on its feet. The sheep is completely defenseless. How can we explain the fact that there are still sheep? Today they are protected by humans. But the animal world existed before the appearance of mankind. Who protected the sheep in those days? Many things can be explained without the hypothesis that God exists. However sheep with four feet could not have existed without Him, just as the little beloved lambs of Christ, who have been defenseless against cruel persecutors from the very beginning of the Church, could not have existed without Him.

The answer which this believer got was … a few years in the Soviet prison.

I’d like to add to this something I read somewhere. If sheep are not shorn, their coats get long, tangled and eventually it can lead to serious problems which can be fatal, like getting fly-blown. This is just another point to strengthen the whole argument.

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