Sharing the Gospel with a New Age believer

I decided to go out again and talk with someone else. This time I met a very nice person called Brett, who was busy cleaning his yellow motorbike. After a few comments about motorbikes, I offered him the tract which he accepted.

He was quick to point out that he was a spiritual person and believed in things like that. He told me he was a follower of the New Age movement.

Brett struck me as a really nice person. He allowed me to present my viewpoint on spiritual matters and I brought in the fact that Jesus died and rose again physically, and that God the Father loves him and wants him to come into his family. I also shared my conviction that many of the spirits that are on this earth are actually EVIL – but they disguise themselves as good. Of course, on this point Brett disagreed with me.

He asked about why priests are molesting children, and I explained that these men are forbidden to marry and so have a lot of pent up sexual drive they cannot express in a legitimate way – and also that evil has infilitrated the church. That seemed to make sense to Brett. I wonder how many such questions need to be answered before so many in our culture could take the message of Christianity seriously.

I mentioned how in Christianity we understand that psychic things and fortune-telling is done by the power of evil spirits.

Brett then told me how one psychic lady had given him so many incredible details about his life, his past injuries and sufferings, even if I recall his mother's name. We all agreed this knowledge was due to information obtained from a spirit – but he sees that spirit as totally kind and helpful whereas I would see it as an evil deceiver out to destroy this man.

It was a pleasant encounter none-the-less and we left smiling. I would request people shoot up a prayer for Brett that Almighty God will open up his eyes in ways that only He can.

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