severe depression

I joined this site a few days ago. I guess because im at a point that life seems so hopeless.everything that matters to me seems to be slipping through my fingers and in this present storm its tough to hang onto Gods word. But I know He is the answer. I know He is the beginning and the end. The Alpha. And the Omega. I have very five children that love me very much. And a wife that hopefully does too. Im scared and worried about some legal things im going through that everyone of my christian friends says will be ok. But on the outside it don’t look ok. Please help

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  1. lookingforhope2011 says:

    Annette. Thank you for your prayers. Im sitting here in front of the courthouse this morning. Awaiting mitigations between the state and myself. Im scared to death. But I must trust in Jesus. Thank you again.

    • You are Not alone. Remember. No matter what happens. He wii be with you. Through it all. You are Still in my prayers. You & Your Loved ones. Place your Faith in Jesus!

  2. I will pray for you, because I Do think you are in serious trouble, Not prison or jail, but by a Spirit of Fear. Instead of the fear of God himself. Oh dear MAN. How many times have I done the same as you. I Worried over tomarrow, not even Knowing if I had a tomarrow. Things may feel as though they are slipping through your fingers, because you aren’t the One holding things together, God is! He can create. A. Universe, the world & heavenly hosts, Don’t you realize that he wants you to put it in his hands & that Whatever you may go through, you are not alone. Fear of what could possibly happen is your Enemy right now, But I Would fear not having my savior with me no matter what happens. Your Loved ones, will not leave if they are truely loved ones. I pray that you, & your family get on your knees & pray for deliverence through GOD & that his beautiful Holy Spirit fills you all with peace that Surpasses all understanding. But most of all that No Matter what happens, that God brings you through all things united & in him. Praising & glorifing his Name Amen And may the Lord Christ Jesus, bless you & keep you in his perfect peace. Amen

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