Sensible approach to “sola Scriptura” from a Pentecostal/charismatic POV?

I have often found in speaking to, or reading from things by, cessationist types, that they consider prophecies would have to be things that would be new revelation of the same weight as, and in addition to, Scripture. Also considering some alleged revelations written in Christian books, on the Net etc. I am wondering if we must not accept them if there is anything additional to Scripture? Now my own understanding is that prophecies, manifestations of the gifts of wrods of knowledge, wisdom, etc. will not be saying anything additional to Scripture, but is this necessarily the case? What do people think?

Also form debates with Catholic and Eastern/Oriental “Orthodox” types (particularly the former) online, I have picked up on their arguments from sources outside the Bible, particularly the Church “Fathers”. If the Bible is unclear on a matter, how far should we trust non-canonical references to be authoritative? And how does one answer Catholic/”Orthodox” persons on the matter of the “Fathers” and church tradtion?

Thanks in advance for any help, and God bless.

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