Sensible approach to “sola Scriptura” from a Pentecostal/charismatic POV?

I have often found in speaking to, or reading from things by, cessationist types, that they consider prophecies would have to be things that would be new revelation of the same weight as, and in addition to, Scripture. Also considering some alleged revelations written in Christian books, on the Net etc. I am wondering if we must not accept them if there is anything additional to Scripture? Now my own understanding is that prophecies, manifestations of the gifts of wrods of knowledge, wisdom, etc. will not be saying anything additional to Scripture, but is this necessarily the case? What do people think?

Also form debates with Catholic and Eastern/Oriental “Orthodox” types (particularly the former) online, I have picked up on their arguments from sources outside the Bible, particularly the Church “Fathers”. If the Bible is unclear on a matter, how far should we trust non-canonical references to be authoritative? And how does one answer Catholic/”Orthodox” persons on the matter of the “Fathers” and church tradtion?

Thanks in advance for any help, and God bless.

What do YOU think?



  1. If you examine five solas off reformation, they are best guide ever from heresy! The church fathers? Yes they have some credits on what early christians believe but the question is, where the church fathers ends? Anyway there are some church fathers who were direct apostles’ students and some became their students. I have neo yet encountered something contrary to the bible of very first fathers I have tried to read, though I have not read everything, at least some.

    To Roman Catholics, ask them why did they killed them if they were catholic church fathers?? They were Not roman catholics but were “catholic” meaning “universal”. Roman catholic is really paganism blended with christian terms! There might be christians therein (which ends expelled for denying unbiblical doctrines like in my country), but the institution herself isn’t christian.

    Orthodox? I frankly don’t know what they do believe, may be you can help me if you want to! But I encourage to debate them and If they take you to tradition of the first church, the gospels are full of them and epistles of Paul, some of which predtes writtings of the Gospels are best “traditions”, since the Apostles were there to guide and confront any heresy. Early church fathers are best in defending christianity to unbelievers, since those people don’t believe that the Bible is the same

    Jesus Almighty bless you!

    Tit 2:11-12 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live sober

  2. Hey Ricky ,
    This concept of ‘tradition’ by some of the traditional churches is 50% false-hood.
    A few hundred years ago ,they said that the earth was flat , ….
    and that the world was created 400
    years ago ,……
    There was nothing worse off the mark.

    The concept of tradition has no place in the mind or heart of a true
    It is just another clever ploy by the devil , to take your focus away
    from the One True God , and replace it with some crap , packed in a tin can called ‘tradition’

    I would say ,”Dont get into such arguments / debates”. It will take you no-where and the people you are trying to convince , wont change their mind either.

    “Let them alone ,
    and they will come home”

    Just focus on the Lord.
    Praise Him alone.

    Spent the time , (which you would spend discussing ), with the Lord instead,woshipping Him.

    Dont trust these Orthodox / Cathholic types , at least not their doctrine.
    They cant show any signs or wonders
    as do the Evangelicals.


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