Seeking Prayer/Freedom/Breakthrough


Thanks in advance. I’m seeking prayer for breaking of strongholds over my mind. I struggle with insecurity/self doubt/being unsure/fearful of others and fear. I’m pressing into God hectictly and have been doing so for a long while. This issue is very up and down. Hard to explain but I’ll try. It’s feels like a spiritual stronghold because I know the truth that God accepts me and loves me, so when I meditate on that truth in my mind, I feel insecure/fearfulness and above issues go away and is replaced with rest and peace. The thing is this is a real struggle when I try to apply/meditate on this truth. It’s like there’s a LOT of resistance to it, and eventually if I really keep resisting and meditating on God loves me and accepts me I break free for a time in a place of rest and victory. But it seems to be short-lived. And there’s a sense of temptation to come out of the place. It really feels like satan REALLY doesn’t want me to be in that protection and security in God for fear of what it may lead to in me standing for God etc.

Its just frustrating because it seems like I can’t get permanent freedom in this area so my sense of security/freedom is very up and down (erratic). I can go from like peace and security to like fear and torment really quickly. I would just ask for prayer for breakthrough and specifically a strength to be able to stand my ground and stand steadfast and established in God’s love and acceptance of me by faith (basically being established and rooted in this truth) and being rooted in His grace.

Ta you so much for the prayer, and if anyone is willing to speak to God and get insight and understanding from the Holy Spirit would be very grateful.

Thanks Again

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