Seeing the Lord while nearly dying

Hello to all. All I can say is Wow God is great! He is my testimony
and it is truly one of a kind just like everyone’s personal walk with
our Lord.

In Novemebr 2007 The Lord personally revealed himself to me in a life
changing way and it took just that to scare me straight! This
incident is still difficult for me to talk about but it’s on my heart
to do so and it’s for HIS GLORY (and a true story of faith/hope).

God chose this moment, this way, under these dark circumstances to
reveal himself to me? I am/was a prideful/hard headed/45 year old man
who was worshiping and chasing false idols for most of my adult life
(money, woman, material things, party life, etc) and it caught up with
me like it will to all who indulge in these worldly things and his
word/commands first!

In November of 2007 (I had a near death experience and was in a 22
minute seizure). I was on the ground (my back) bouncing around like a
fish out of water in a full blown seizure. I immediately felt my body
ready stop working and I had NO CONTROL from then on out. I went into
a full blown convulsion. Without control of my tongue I called out to
the Lord. He appeared above me in a vision (just his face) while I
was seizing. I kept yelling and praying to him uncontrollably. I saw
a bright yellow light which was to his immediate left and a dark grey
area to his immediate right. The Lord was watching me the entire time
and was directly in the middle of the light and dark.

During this incident (which was witnessed by others by the way) the
Lord showed himself to me and his message to me was simple (don’t be
lukewarm). Choose the light or dark PER miracle (because medically
speaking I WAS DEAD).

I haven’t shared this with too many people because I do not want to
scare anyone away from the Lord but bring them TO HIM (I may have
thought I was crazy if I heard this kind story from someone else
before this happened to me). I have always HEARD of miracles and
things but honestly it never hit home so to speak until I called on
is glorious name automatically when I went into this seizure. As soon
as I called upon him, he appeared! He was looking down on me as I was
seizing and he was there with me the ENTIRE time (starring at me, not
smiling or frowning but starring) until he brought me out of it.

It was the scariest yet most amazing incident that EVER happened in my
life (and I have lived in this world and as a part of this world for
25 years). During that time I did a great job of allowing the devil
to sneak up on me in many ways/and in all facets of me and my families
life. I ALMOST LOST/DESTROYED my life here on earth and would not be
able to lead/teach/apply God’s word and principles to my family and or
anyone who will listen! I PRAISE GOD ALWAYS AND HE DOES HAVE THE
FINAL WORD AND VICTORY ALWAYS (just as he says and promises in his
word). Many are called but few are chosen keeps playing in my soul.
I am praying for God’s direction and wisdom always. Please keep me in
your prayers (there is absolute power in prayer) and I look forward to
serving him any way possible.

******* Faith is no longer a question/doubt for me praise God! I
was/and have been a believer (for about 10 yrs or so) before this
incident happened.

This incident/day obviously changed my life FOREVER and I am growing
in him every second or every day praise God. I thank him SO MUCH for
saving and showing himself to ME. Words and feelings cannot describe
what I experienced that day (I am a true miracle) and how excited I am
about the future with him amen!

I want to live/grow in God and remain obedient to him and his word.
He chose to reveal himself to me (the way he did) for a reason (his
reason). For too long I was “lukewarm”. God does not want that and
he does not like that.

Thank God for second chances/and rebirth/rebuilding of all
relationships (it’s only possible and able to happen through our Lord
Jesus Christ). Thank you LORD***

Take care, God Bless,

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