Seeing Hell – Another Testimony of Someone Shown Hell by Jesus

Please people let us do all we can, let us pray all we can, so that more people are rescued and Jesus can see more people come and enjoy everlasting Life with Him.

You can sense the compassion and truthfulness in the woman’s voice who relates her experience.

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  1. roosvanraad says:

    Thank you sincerely for your witness. i have not experienced the fullness of your experience but have felt the huge emptiness and immence loss of seperation from God’s love for us. This for me scared me tremendously caused me to believe that this is the major pain of hell.

  2. The testimony by the young lady who was taken and shown hell by Jesus hit right between the shoulder-blades, WOW!!! Jesus can do anything for anyone who seeks him diligently, and his teachings. She describes some rather graphic scenes I just could not phantom, let alone understand, but I take her every word to heart. Testimonies like hers keep me tuned in to Jesus, and I also read two bible verses delivered to me email in-box everyday by the website, I have learned more about Jesus and his ministry through the bible verses via the emails. To say I was moved by the young lady’s story is an understatement. Thank you for giving us your testimony and may we see each other in heaven. Amen.

    • I was the one who went to hell this is my testimony. Jesus is so amazing but it is still so hard to share, the pain is so real from the pain He feels for the lost!

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