I was just recently saved and I wanted to publicly testify. I was raised catholic and searched many religions and even got involved in Jehovah’s Witnesses but I came to realize that I keep sinning and didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. That is why I couldn’t commitment to a church or a faith and when I realized that was what was missing I said the sinner pray and am now taking new christian convert classes and am searching for a bible based local church until then i attend church online but jesus has saved me and i can feel and see the change in my life Praise god.

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  1. childofjesus says:

    I was also raised in a catholic family, but the hunger and thirst for the Lord kept me searching for who God(JESUS) was. i went from chruch to church to know more about HIM. I thank God, He answered my prayer and took me to the right people, right churches and right websites. Please keep praying so that Jesus leads you to the right church. And above all ,keep your focus on JESUS, cos people, churches, congregations, websites may fail you but your JESUS WILL NEVER FAIL YOU!!!

    With prayers

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